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Mar 22, 2011

Reaching 1000 trees planted

Nearing the end of March, 2011, Camino Verde is pleased to announce that we are getting very close to reaching a few of this project´s main goals.  First, and most importantly, we have planted over 900 trees in the first months of 2011, and are poised to finish planting 1000 trees very soon.  In total, we have planted around 50 tree species this year, many of which we have never planted before.  Part of the area planted is the first part in the development of Camino Verde´s botanical garden.  So far, 40 tree species represented.

In additional exciting news, we are beginning to move on the purchase of 40 more hectares (100 acres) of land on the Tambopata River in southern Peru.  We expect to have finished the purchase process by June or July at the latest. 

In short, our work is moving forward as planned.  We are grateful for your support and looking forward to sharing news of the completion of the next phase in our project very soon.  Thanks again for your interest in Camino Verde!

Dec 30, 2010

At the end of 2010...

After the exciting news that Camino Verde´s first project to appear on GlobalGiving reached 7th place in the Open Challenge (thank you!), we have adjusted and the project´s details to reflect the project´s goals for 2011.  Most obviously, we expanded the funding goal from the original $5,000 (which we far surpassed), to reflect a wider goal for a whole calendar year: $20,000. 

This total reflects several components of the current project, including:

1. Purchase of 100 acres of rainforest.  Of the total $20,000 funding goal, $5,000 will be applied to the purchase price (as the rest of funding for the purchase was secured before the Open Challenge by our supporters).  An additional $1,000 is put aside to cover the considerable bureaucratic expenses related to land purchase in Peru, including any outstanding property back-taxes on the land.  This thousand will ensure legal smooth sailing in the purchase, and leftovers will be reverted to use in the points below.

2. Planting 1000 trees.  As of the current report (30 Dec. 2010), we have planted 500 trees towards this goal.  The remaining 500 trees will be planted between now and April 2011.  We give an estimate cost of $5 to plant one tree, meaning that our 1,000 trees for the year correspond to an additional $5,000 (already in place as of the time of this writing.

3. Caring for over 5,000 trees.  The 5,000 trees Camino Verde has planted in the last three years require constant maintenance in the form of weeding, pruning, and more.  $6,000 of the project´s total is directed to the maintenance of the newly planted 1,000 trees, and the 5,000 that came before.

4. Camino Verde Plant Nursery.  Facilitating our future tree planting campaigns, we will create a plant nursery on site at our Reforestation Center and Living Seed Bank at Baltimori, Tambopata, Peru.  Initially, the nursery will have a capacity for 500 tree seedlings, with an aim to expand to 1,000 after the first year.  This will greatly reduce transportation costs and fossil fuel reliance in the future, as many seedlings are currently carried by boat from third party nurseries.  The cost for the nursery installations is estimated at $3,000, including water systems. 

We are very excited about the success of our participation in the Open Challenge.  Please check back here for future reports and updates.  Thanks!

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