Dec 30, 2019

2019 Year End Report

Medic Outpost, Inc.


Global Giving Report

December 27, 2019





Dear Medic Outpost Family,                                                                                                              


I wish you all a very happy and prosperous holiday season.   I will be sending out a more detailed report in the newsletter after the first of the year but I wanted to update you on some of the news.   Our goals for 2020 are going to be to grow the Medic Outpost base and bring more supporters into the effort.  A focus for 2020 will be to grow our recurring donor program to help provide a more even funding over the course of the year. 


How can you help in other ways?   We need help in just about every area.  If you have time or any skills that would push our goals forward, we would very much appreciate talking to you.  Areas we need help in would include accounting, marketing and fundraising, event planning, medical training, and social media.  How is that for a start?  I will be moving to Houston after the first of the year to work on growing the organization and I am hoping that Medic Outpost will flourish in the “big city”.  




The project is gaining steam with our partnership with the Thraraka Nithi rescue team.  Please see the last newsletter for some photos.  They are a great bunch of men and women and run over a 100 calls a month with one functioning fire truck and no medical equipment or training to speak of.  Medic Outpost has done one week of training with them and the plan is to return with some equipment and provide more advanced training in early March.   We are trying to help them find some donated equipment such as an old ambulance and fire equipment so if you know anyone that I can contact on that please contact me.  The Kenyan government has committed to paying for the overseas shipping on these items which makes this impossible task seem more likely.


Medic Outpost is still working on our projects with Kibugua Health Center and other rural clinics.  We have run into a bureaucratic snag on which direction we need to go to provide the more advanced training we had started.   I will keep you posted on that journey.




Projects in Mexico will be a big focus for 2020.  I will be traveling there this month along with Dr. Garcia.   We will be meeting and coordinating with Doctors from the state of Guerrero to begin a program in a remote and underserved area in the mountains. 


Why Mexico?  A couple of reasons.  One is that Medic Outpost has been pretty successful in acquiring donated emergency medical equipment from organizations in the U.S. . The equipment is much easier to get to Mexico than elsewhere.  We can stretch our dollars and provide more benefit in remote areas than some other places.   Secondly, we have Dr. Garcia to help us in our efforts.  Dr. Garcia will be joining us full time after the first of the year to grow and develop the Medic Outpost programs in the county.  We are extremely lucky to have him on board and are looking forward to working with him in 2020.




As I said, I will be moving to Houston on January 1, 2020.  No administrative costs are being incurred by the move.  There will be small costs of changing printed material but nothing large.  The telephone and emails will remain the same for the present and the mailing address will be the following:


Medic Outpost

110 West 4th Street

Houston, Texas. 77007


If you are a recurring donor….please accept my thanks….and I would appreciate it if you would contact your bank and make that change.   Mail forwarding is in place for the short term so all should be fine.


Dr. Garcia will joining us full time as of January 1st, 2020.  Dr. Garcia will receive a small stipend from Medic Outpost to cover his costs of working with us but he is essentially donating his time.  I hope all of you will have a chance to meet him as we work on some fundraising events in the future.   Dr. Gracias qualifications were given in the newsletter a couple of months ago but if you would like to know more about them please let me know and I will send them to you directly. 


Medic Outpost will continue to use Global Giving and gofundme as our two online based fundraising programs.   Each of these platforms charge fees for usage so we are encouraging anyone who would like to donate directly to do so at our new address or contact me for the best means to do that. 


A simple thank you


I would like to thank everyone who has supported and helped Medic Outpost grow in 2019.  With everyone’s help we have managed to build a small foundation that will grow solid in the future.  I know there are hundreds of organizations out there asking for and needing help.  The fact that you have chosen to help the Medic Outpost is humbling and we will do everything in our power to make you proud of your choice.  It has been an eye opener for me on how difficult it can be to make it to the second year.  Without each of you being a part of Medic Outpost we would not be here now.  We will do our best to keep you informed and updated on what we are doing with your assistance.  I would also encourage you to get involved at whatever level you can.  I am hoping to develop a framework where we can invite you to go along and participate on the ground in the projects we are involved in. 


I wish you all a great New Year and please help spread the word on what we are doing.  Thank you.


Larry Hill


Medic Outpost

Sep 16, 2019

Medic Outpost October Update

Dr. Eloy Garcia MD
Dr. Eloy Garcia MD

Hello Medic Outpost Friends,


I would like to give you a quick update on what is planned for the next few months.  You will be getting the newsletter in a few days so some of this will be redundant.   Medic Outpost would like to welcome Dr. Eloy Garcia to the Medic Outpost family.  Dr. Garcia has years of experience in emergency medicine.  He worked with ERUM in Mexico City which is the premier EMS service in Mexico.  He has extensive experience in rural medicine and remote healthcare.   Medic Outpost will be developing projects in rural Mexico by the end of the year and Dr. Garcia will be the Medic Outpost medical director for those projects.  We are very lucky to have him on board.


Dr. Eloy Garcia MD


Project Updates


I will be returning to Kenya at the end of September for training and relationship building. We will be training at Meru National Park and are working on scheduling Samburu National Park as well.  


Medic Outpost will be working closely with Alex Mutindi our partner in Chuka, Kenya to indentify potential clinic partners.  Medic Outpost will be developing hospital-based emergency training at Kibugua Health Center and Kiereni Health Centers.  These facilities provide basic emergency care to a large number of people.  We will also be working with them to explore a community first responder program at their hospitals.


Dr. Garcia and I will be traveling to rural Mexico in November to survey a very remote area in the mountains that has no healthcare at all.  We will be looking to establish a rural first responder program and evaluate the rural transportation system for emergency patients.  There is another exciting component to this trip but I will save that until I have more information.


On the equipment side of things.  I will be taking Combat Casualty Care equipment for Meru National Park and Samburu National Park.   Getting equipment to Kenya is always one of the biggest Challenges.   Currently, I am bringing the equipment overseas in my bags which is the most cost-effective option.   We will be providing laryngoscopes and endotracheal tubes to Kibugua Health Center along with the necessary training during this trip.  


Fundraising Efforts


  • Medic Outpost is continuing to work with Global Giving and taking advantage of fundraising programs they are offering.    
  • Medic Outpost is beginning our LifeSaver recurring donation program in October.  We are looking for a few good men and women to commit to a monthly donation program for Medic Outpost.   These recurring donations are the life blood for Medic Outpost.  We need them desperately to maintain our programs. 
  • Medic Outpost is in need of a volunteer to help with social media efforts.  Those of you over 50 should be able to feel my pain on this. Anyone knowing someone who is accomplished in things social media I would be forever grateful for the help. 
  • Medic Outpost is moving forward and needs your help.  Please consider becoming a LifeSaver donor and help us help those in need.  Everyone deserves healthcare no matter how remote they are.  Come be a part of it.  

Many Thanks,




The founder guy

Medical Field Kits
Medical Field Kits
Jun 6, 2019

Training Preparations for September

Dear Medic Outpost Family,

I thought I would drop you a note and let you know about what we are planning for the September training trip.  I know you get a newsletter from me but GlobalGiving would like this report sent out also so please take a look.  

September Training in Kenya

  • I will be recruiting local healthcare professionals to assist in helping Medic Outpost train.  We need to keep the training going year-round to be effective.  These trainers will need a small stipend for travel, food and time.  The expense will be very small as nurses make around 20.00 USD a day working at hospitals and clinics. 
  • Medic Outpost will be partnering with Faraja Community Center in Chogoria to teach teens about first aid and recruit future Medic Outpost responders.  Faraja is a wonderful place for youth to meet and we will focus on 17 to 22-year-olds who have not been able to find a university placement.  Our goal is to develop a basic healthcare response system back in their villages and continue to expand it.
  • We will have 2 National Parks on the training schedule for the Medic Outpost Combat Casualty Care course. These courses train rangers to provide lifesaving medical care when in a hostile situation.    They are being killed and injured at an increasing rate and need our help.  
  • Kibugua Health Center will also be receiving advanced emergency training and equipment on our next trip.  We are hoping to identify and train more regional healthcare professionals to instruct in the programs and grow the knowledge base.

What we are doing with your donations

  • we are putting together basic first responder kits for community first responders. Mainly basic supplies for topics covered in our basic first responder program.  Examples would be bandages, splints, blood pressure machines, thermometers, pulse Oximetry devices...etc...
  • Medic Outpost Combat Casualty Care courses will create tactical medic kits for game rangers. See the photo below.
  • We are also purchasing more modern training manikins and supplies such as lung sound trainers and IV training aids to teach those skills.  These products are expensive but they are extremely important.  We are also purchasing neonatal resuscitation training aids to help teach clinic staff and midwives how to resuscitate newborns.

As you can see Medic Outpost has our hands full.  We cannot make this work without help so please spread the word and do what you can.

I will have more info on needed supplies and plans in the next newsletter.  

Thanks for being a part of Medic Outpost, 


the founder guy

advanced training
advanced training


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