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Jun 11, 2019

Changing fear for dreams

Although many call us heroes, we are mere mortals doing what we understand must be done. When we gave ourselves the task of putting all our efforts into rescuing schools in disuse to give them back to the community, we were moved by a high sense of justice, of commitment with our people.

The process has been more than slow. We had to sign dozens of documents, find many more in different government agencies, provide evidence, sworn statements, receipts and manage insurance. And after months and hundreds of calls and emails, we finally get the news that we are going to receive in the next couple of days, the first key of many we are expecting to be granted.

Now, when we see everything so close, tangible, we feel the immense responsibility that all this entails. A school has many classrooms, sports, and green areas to maintain and care for. It's not just opening a lock, a gate, and a door. No! A school is equivalent to opening many doors and filling those spaces with educational, cultural and health programs that motivate and promote community development, the leader and the individual who will enjoy them. It also involves the recruitment of dozens of volunteers willing to give their time and energy so that everything we have proposed can be carried out.

Yes, we are committed to having closed-unused schools to open again for the use and enjoyment of their communities and we work hard to achieve it. But today, just days prior to receiving our first key and crossing the first of those doors, we also feel the coldness of the challenge we are facing. And it is that although we as leaders of community work and dedicate with determination and heart to provide support to our people in need, we also feel fear and doubts, and it is ok to feel them. The secret to overcoming them is to focus on the future of hope that these centers will offer, feeling the embrace of the hundreds who will benefit from their services and offers.

In the end, we are mere mortals who, like everyone else handle fear by focusing on the dreams we want to achieve; where a healthy, empowered and resilient community will be the real heroes of Puerto Rico recovery.


May 29, 2019

With firm foundation - Donors Report May 2019


While it is true that measuring in numbers the impacts that a nonprofit organization carries out to reflect its scope and effectiveness, I still prefer to do it by names, by smiles, by dreams, to being able to continue feeling empathy with their needs but at the same time being able to continue providing the energy required to help them lift and recovers is what confirms us that our roots are anchored in firm terrain. I could say that Don Tito was given almost $5k in construction materials, but I prefer to say that we bring him the hope that he will have his home back. That Kenny was given 500 blocks and 75 wood panels, but the reality is that what we really put in her hands was the opportunity to return with their children to a safe home, which only remained ruins from Hurricane Maria.

I will write in our report that we put into Vicente and Carmen's house reconstruction over 3 months of hard work, hundreds of hours from more than 55 volunteers, but what we really did was to move out of their misery an elder couple that was living for 10 months in an 8 x 8 space filled with rats covered in mold, to a totally new humble house filled this time with laughter, respect and dignity.

Your donations not only help to pay for the material, transportation, and labor, but you, as a donor and supporter to this project, are helping the people in need right now, but also future generations to have a better quality of life and that is what is going to be your legacy.

Thank you for your support and donations, but mostly, thanks for sharing your heart and generosity with all these wonderful people and for trusting in us as the channel to make it possible.

Sara López
Foundress & CEO
Puerto Rico Rises


May 16, 2019

El Poder de las M - A little about us

Considering violence against women as a violation of human rights that directly affects the health and well-being of thousands of women and girls in our country and around the world, Puerto Rico Rises is committed to educating and empowering women to have an independent future that provides them with emotional and economic security.  Through various workshops and activities, we promote self-sufficiency, we strengthen esteem and offer tools for a better development of their skills.

According to data from the Progress Report of the UN 2030 Agenda, data from 87 countries and collected between 2005 and 2016, 19% of women between 15 and 49 years of age said they had experienced physical or sexual violence, or both at the hands of their partner in the 12 months prior to being asked about this matter.  In Puerto Rico, for the year 2016, women were the victims in more than 80% of the cases of domestic violence reported to the Police.

Violence against women and girls is one of the most widespread, persistent and devastating violations of human rights in the world. Violence against women is the most extreme form of discrimination and, in the most serious cases, this violence can lead to death.

Our program The Power of the M depend exclusively from public donations to offers, among others, workshops on:

  • Self Defense
  • Money Management
  • How to start your own business
  • Computer Classes
  • Be the best version of you

We expect to open 2 new classrooms and workshops area by September and registered 200 women for the new course sessions.

Thank you for your donation and interest in our program.

Sara López

Foundress & CEO


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