Mar 6, 2015

Keeping up

Greetings once again dear Global Giving Friends!

This is just an quick check in to make sure you dont think I / we have dissappeared.

Also to thank you One and All for remaining interested and supportive and for your amazing donations ,given so freely and with such trust, from your hard earned cash. 

Progress in brief (see Journey of a Beetroot newsletter link for detail):  the Abalimi Movement is now over 5000 strong and growing by 1000per annum. Our Harvest of Hope CSA is now selling an average of 450 veg boxes to members every week while creating reliable monthly cash incomes for around 200 family micro-farmers

This kind of Gifting is the actual driver of the real human economy. Everything that is truly original, creative, culturally new, starts - * without exception *  - with a Gift.  This fact has largely been forgotten by our mainstream economists, but thank Goodness there are those who still have a feeling for this fact. Or else ,truly, our world culture would have no hope and no future.

Please remember:  I will never initiate contact with You directly unless you first contact me. I do not wish to chase you or in any way pursue you. But I am very pleased when you do contact me with questions or comments, and I will respond.

If you have not done so, please read the Story of a Beetroot in our latest newsletter.  Its still very much current. Link provided again below for your ease of access.

I will post more articles and news when it becomes available. Watch this space:)

All the very best to you all, for 2015 and beyond.

Rob Small  (Ndoda Mcinci- Small Man: this is my isiXhosa nickname. Yet I am 6ft 2in tall :) 


Dec 16, 2014

Story of a Beetroot

Hello dear GlobalGiving Friends- please see the story in the link attached. The Story of a Beetroot :)

How many of you know exactly where your food comes from- how it is grown, how nature is treated, how labour is treated, who grows it and what they think about their work? 

Labels have replaced knowledge and delinked us from nature and food. And each other.

Many people find it no problem to sit in a comfy chair and eat their burgers grown from factory farms where animals suffer  and watch while other people in the world fight, starve or die.

You are clearly not thosekind of people.

Thank you for trying to make a differenceby helping us.

As a result we can and domake a difference.

May your Christmas be joyful and your 2015 be peaceful


Oct 13, 2014

new movie on our work

Greetings dear GlobalGiving Friends

Todd A. Somodevilla & Marysia Makowska ,USA moviemakers, came to CapeTown and made an award winning movie about our work!  Their website is

See the movie via the link below! 

As you may already know, we are not a "begin-end" project.

We are an intergenerational programme, a permanent golden thread weaving among unemployed people in their thousands, who  can thereby find their way to become food secure at home and to create cash secure micro-farming enterprises that last.

This is enabled to happen because people like you help us to make it happen.

There would be no hunger in the world if more people created family micro-farms.  There would be no need for unemployment if those with money chose to buy their food from family micro-farmers.  Family micro-farming is cost effective and sustainable. 100m2 can feed a family of four or five year round with all the fresh veg they need.  500m2 can generate an income of up to ZAR 3000.00 (about USD270) per month with relative ease and feed a family of four or five. ZAR 3000 does not sound like a lot to those of us who are used to middle classlives. But its significant for the 50% of the world's population who are excluded from the first world economy.

Thank you,as ever,  one and all for your ongoing interest and amazing support.......


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