Aug 26, 2016

Just to say hello and thank you one and all

Dear Friends,

this is just to say hello and thank you one and all for the support you have given thus far. 

Some of you I know personally but the fact is that all of you have voted for us by donating and your vote makes a huge difference to our work.

I dont have a new article to post this time , but please do go visit our updated Harvest of Hope website via the link below -  our micro-farmers are producing such wonderfully top quality vegetables and they are getting better and better at itand creating better and better livelihoods for themselves and their families, rather than remaining unemployed and desperate .  Harvest of Hope is their dedicated niche market and the general public can go online and order a packet of freshly harvested veg every week which is delivered to a collection point near where they live or work in Cape Town 

I hope to post another more informative report soon .

Very many thanks to you , once again

All the very best

Rob Small


May 31, 2016

The re-evolution of Family Farming in SA

Dear Global Giving Friends

I attach hereto an article I have posted before, now updated and published recently in the Odyssey magazine here in SA..

Everything written there is true and spreading like a good virus.

You may be reading about all the problems in SA.

Well, the media just love bad news, as do its consumers, it seems. 

From my perspective as a movement leader, on the ground,  among the common People, inside the very areas where all the poverty and unemployment exist, I can only affirm from my direct experience with tens of thousands of ordinary South Africams, that we have absolute confidence in the future of South Africa as a young democracy- a democracy with possibly even more liberties and freedoms and rights in law than anywhere else in the world.

We only need to focus more, to eliminate poverty and unemployment  in SA , once and for all.

And a large part of that focus will be on what former president Thabo Mbeki called the Second Economy.

This is where Family Farming comes in-  locally grown poison-free food feeding the nation and generating a modest abundance of  hard cash and huge health for all People ,their Cultures and for Nature.   End of poverty and unemployment among the marginalised masses.  End of environmental degradation.  Voila!  Just like that. Simple. Cost effective. Straighforward.

Its a no-brainer .  And its just a matter of time

And if you look around you in your own countries, you will see this marvellous freedom-driven family farming movement blossoming and thriving wherever you gaze, in all directions ! In back yards, in commonages, in allotments, in cities on rooftops, in odd corners, on balconies!   Just look for it and tell me if I am wrong. And it threatens and competes with nothing and no-one.

Enjoy :)

Thank you for your ongoing support and blessings from far and near,

Very best regards, wherever you are.


Mar 1, 2016

ABALIMI News # 42

Dear GlobalGiving Friends one and all

I apologise for a late report.. Our work is thriving!  Please read the latest News via the link below-full of Farmer stories

The theme is Passing the Flame .

The older generation who have developed the Family Micro-Farming Movement among the unemployed and who have created the Harvest of Hope market are now training and supporting the Youth to come on board.

And they are coming!  No young farmers=no farming in the future.

I hope you enjoy and are inspired by the stories and the People in them, who are pulling themselves up by their own bootstraps and making it all happen.

One of our greatest Mentors and the original Founding Father of Abalimi, Peter Templeton, has this to say about this newsletter: "its full of great pics, short little stories, lots of variety, lots of facts” 

All the verey best to all of you , wherever you are



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