Feb 16, 2021

Climate-smart farmers and the fruits of their labour

Climate-smart women farmers
Climate-smart women farmers

We are thrilled to report that despite the considerable impact of Covid-19 during 2020, Sridhar and his wife and hundreds of other farmers have started reaping the fruits of their labour. Our partner, Kheyti will help them to receive the best price for their harvest and secure the income necessary to continue feeding their families.

Your generous donations are delivering these positive outcomes. Please be sure to donate as much as you can today and know that you are changing their lives for the better !

Greater empowerment for poor women farmers 

We are also thrilled to report that following the launch of smaller, more affordable climate-smart greenhouses, more and more poor women farmers are also beginning to benefit. Together with our partner, we hope to provide 500 women farmers during 2021 with the climate-smart greenhouses. These will help them to take charge of their farming lives as well as feed their families with greater certainty. 

Women farmers, like Reshma, are provided the introduction, training and support to help them start using their greenhouses to produce healthy crops even in the smallest of farms and in the harshest of conditions. 

The prospect of equipping another woman farmer with her own greenhouse for life is now more affordable than ever before. With every donation of just $500 we can help another family to prosper from sustainable and climate friendly farming. 

The plight of women farmers 

To help provide context for the efforts on the ground and to place a value on your generous donations, we can report that 75% of all women across rural India are farmers. They diligently and passionately pursue their farming heritage despite receiving little or no help from others. They strive to feed their families, nurture their children and protect their farms despite considerable hardships, having no rights to the land they till while receiving little or no help from others. 

With the help of your generous and continued support, our partner, Kheyti's unstinting efforts on the ground, these women farmers are improving their farming practices, establishing their own sustainable livelihoods and gaining equality amongst their peers. 

Please continue to support and follow their journey towards greater prosperity 

Fruits of their labour
Fruits of their labour
Oct 16, 2020

Sridhar is transforming his family's future

Meet Sridhar, a 48-year-old farmer from Telangana who joined the Climate Smart Greenhouse Program in 2019. More on his inspiring farming journey below…

Continuing Progress

Your generous contributions are helping 244 farmers to grow healthy crops, earn valuable income and provide food security for their families despite the Covid-19 pandemic! On behalf of our farmers we thank you and ask that you please continue lending your support.

Together with our on-the-ground partner, various initiatives have been organised to assist the farmers to overcome the Covid-19 challenges. These include maintaining access to environmentally friendly seeds, fertilisers and pesticides, providing proactive agronomy guidance using WhatsApp and securing the sale of their harvests for the best possible income.

Meet Sridhar, who together with his wife has benefitted from your contributions. Sridhar has been able to keep his farm running and provide for his family throughout the pandemic-related challenges. 

Investing in their future

Sridhar and his wife started using the Climate Smart Greenhouse during 2019, designed to protect their crops from adverse weather, pests and climate shocks, all of which had previously destroyed much of their open farming crops.

With the help of your contributions, Sridhar and his family now earn an average disposable income of USD 98 per month throughout the year. This together with the considerably less usage of water, better preservation of their land and soil and an almost zero carbon footprint means that Sridhar is one of hundreds of farmers prospering from their more sustainable farming efforts.

Each day, Sridhar and his wife inspect their plants' health and receive prompt agronomy guidance via WhatsApp. This helps them to deal with any challenges such as pests, lack of nutrients or water or excessive heat. Sridhar and his wife find this form of continual guidance invaluable and actively encourage fellow farmers to adopt the same methods. With the benefit of the additional income, Sridhar is helping his daughter to complete her University education. This will help future generations in Sridhar's family to also continue their progress out of poverty.

Empowering Women Farmers

Following on from our last report, our partner is now busy organising the delivery of the even more affordable Greenhouse Lite for 50 women farmers. This will be the start of an effort over the coming 6-12 months to help educate and assist these women farmers to adopt the use of the Climate Smart greenhouses. When completed, this effort will have helped to improve the food security and livelihoods of these women farmers as well as provide the basis of extending this program.

Please keep following us to learn of their progress through this exciting journey organised with the help of your valuable contributions.

Family tending to their crops
Family tending to their crops
Jun 18, 2020

Climate Smart Innovation under Covid-19 Adversity

Uninterrupted support for farmers during COVID-19
Uninterrupted support for farmers during COVID-19

Climate-smart greenhouses sustaining livelihoods for poor farmers  

We are pleased to report that 223 farmers are now benefitting through their use of climate-smart greenhouses and the plan remains to start enabling another 327 farmers as soon as Covid-19 restrictions are removed.  

Despite the severity of the Covid-19 restrictions, especially in terms of access to and transport from their villages, these farmers have continued to receive uninterrupted guidance and support from our partners,including remote agronomy advice using WhatsApp and help with the transport of their produce to the markets. By enabling and maintaining these important services during these exceptional timesthe farmers have retained their ability to earn a steady income, secure seeds and fertilizers needed to start their next crop cycle and maintain the food security for their families. 

Many of these farmers have however, also lost the value of theiropen land winter crops that normally would have been harvested, transported, and sold to the markets during the Covid-19 lockdown periodbut instead have had to be sold in smaller quantities locally or consumed domestically. 

This has meant that for many of these farmers, their climate-smart greenhouses have proved to be the principal source of sustainable income. 


Introducing the $500 climate-smart greenhouse  

In such times of adversity, we believe innovation can helpWe are pleased to therefore announce the planned launch of the $500 climate-smart greenhouse. These smaller and more affordable greenhouses will help extend the same principal benefits of resource preservation, reduced water consumption, greater food security and environmentally friendly farming to even more poor farmers. 

A donation of $500 will help us to secure a climate-smart greenhouse for a small-holding farmer and her family. 

Through the planned introduction of a broader range of crops (e.g. onions, cabbages, carrotsthese farmers will also be able to rotate their crops, continue to sustain their livelihoods and food security as well as provide greater crop diversity to their local markets. 

With the help of constant innovation to meet the challenges of struggling small-holding farmers, your generous and continued support is helping to improve their food security and sustain their livelihoods. 

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