Nov 30, 2020

Upcoming 2020-21 Leader with a Vision Prize!

2020 Beca Lider Con Vision Retreat
2020 Beca Lider Con Vision Retreat

As we approach the end of 2020 and look towards the Summer break for Peruvian students, we are focusing our fundraising efforts on the “Leader with a Vision” prize for high achieving youth leaders from our partner schools. This prize and leadership development program is awarded annually to 4 teams of students from Visionaria’s partner schools and covers all costs and mentorship for them to develop and implement projects to address the problems they see in their communities. This prize and leadership program is a huge motivator for teachers and students alike to complete the year-long Visionaria for Schools program curriculum, and is an extra-curricular offering that makes the Visionaria for Schools program so special for under-served and under-recognized youth leaders in Peru. 

We have now raised our goal of this campaign by $4,000 from the current amount raised, which will cover all costs of 4 teams in the 2020-2021 ‘Beca Líder con Visión’ (‘Leader with a Vision Prize’) during the months of January - April, 2021. 

Help us hit this goal on Tuesday, December 1! All donations on 12/1/2020 will be matched by GlobalGiving (up to $2,500)!

The Leader with a Vision Prize (‘Beca Líder con Visión’) is a Leadership Program for high-potential student teams who are eligible to apply after they finish the 1-year Visionaria program in their school.  It’s a program we created so that the 10-20% most engaged and inspired students have an outlet and opportunity to grow and develop their ideas in the Summer months. 


  • 3 day workshop by Visionaria facilitators
  • Travel, meals materials, and certificates
  • A Team Budget (~$300 USD)
  • A Team Mentor (for 4-week project plan)
  • Speaking and presentation opportunities with local officials and innovators


Some more Visionaria Updates from 2020!

  • Extended and continued work with 2019 “Leader with a Vision Prize” winners [post]
  • Provided the Visionaria for schools curriculum and support program for teachers and students from 12 schools in the Calca, Anta, and Cusco provinces
  • Established ‘Visionaria Peru’, a sister non-profit to Visionaria Network to sustain and grow Visionaria programs with the support of Peruvian institutional partners and funders. 
  • Adapted the ‘Visionaria for Schools’ curriculum to online learning, following Ministry of Education guidelines.
  • ‘Visionaria Peru’ joined the Cusco state advisory board as an academic partner
2020 Beca Lider Con Vision Retreat 2
2020 Beca Lider Con Vision Retreat 2
2020 Beca Lider Con Vision Retreat 3
2020 Beca Lider Con Vision Retreat 3
Dec 11, 2019


In 2019, Visionaria reached over 1,200 students and supported over 100 teams of students in 30 different partner schools in Cusco, Peru.

By supporting this project, you allowed us to add 2 more partner schools and reach 88 more young leaders. By bringing Visionaria to these students in public-secondary schools, they were asked - many for the first time - to reflect on their goals and visions for themselves and the world around them.

Our local team continues to aggregate and process data from each classrooms and student teams (the school year ends next week!), and we will be preparing reports and amplifying their calls to action in the coming months to influence district government officials and other key stakeholders identified by students. 

These young leaders are serious, and standing up to some serious problems.

Like Janet, for example, who leads a team focused on combatting domestic violence. She knows her neighbor is abusive to his wife, and is concerned about the impacts it has on young people and bullying. With Visionaria, she was able to explore existing anti-violence projects and inform her peers about options and ways to seek help from local authorities.

Or Ruth, who leads a student team focused on human-caused forest fires in the hills that were particularly dangerous this year due to a growing drought. “One of my friends was seriously affected this year – his house burned downed, his animals were killed, he was left with nothing.”

 Thank you for making this project and transformation possible. Students are not taking the opportunity for granted – and they are beginning to see their potential thanks to innovative programs like Visionaria.

ALSO, you should know… Not only did you transform education for these 88 young leaders, but you helped to build a movement with educators to transform education for all students in Cusco with Visionaria. It’s happening, with more demand from teachers and educational authorities than we have capacity for we are hard at work planning our program and strategy for 2020 that looks towards long-term adoption and local investment in our teacher training and student-leader support program.

Watch our 2019 program video and hear from teachers themselves about what Visionaria means for public education and young people in the Andes.

Visit to learn more about how to help more Andean youth lead in their lives and communities. 


Paul & the entire Visionaria team


Nov 22, 2019

Energized Civics classes, team projects are next!

Percy in Umachurco (Calca Province)
Percy in Umachurco (Calca Province)

Percy is a civics and history teacher in Umachurco (Anta) who is getting great results from Visionaria for Schools program.

For the first time, his 9th grade students are looking beyond their current difficult circumstances to think about their positive qualities, their futures, and are achieving high marks in the civics class as a result. It turns out that asking students what they want for themselves and their future can be fun, and get them focused on what matters.

Percy can focus on his students more too, knowing that  Visionaria grading tools and training have helped Percy to justify the higher grades to his skeptical principal who has a hard time believing that students with poor marks in math, reading, and history, could be getting high marks in the “personal and civic development” course. It’s no mystery, Percy credits the Visionaria curriculum and support he’s received to uncover the potential of his students, and substantiate his teaching quality in the process.

Visionaria grew out of the realization that women and girls who are supposed to benefit from international development projects are too often left out of their design. So we wanted to bring the design questions to students in schools, by creating a movement WITH teachers. As our Regional Director Paola Saldivias commented, "it’s important to be able to achieve a 'mindshift' among even the most skeptical teachers and parents. They often want students to focus on math and science, and not these ‘softer’ skills. But we show them the importance of developing youth leadership and addressing potentially harmful gender norms in the process." Percy's classroom is a great example of how Visionaria can really energize classroom hours and students who are ready to pursue their potential!

Umachurco from Above
Umachurco from Above


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