Green Empowerment

Green Empowerment provides villages with clean water, electricity from renewable energy and sustainable solutions.
Oct 5, 2011

Global Exchange of Design Concepts

Senior staff from our in-country, NGO partner in Colombia (APROTEC) went to receive training and exchange design concepts on ram pumps with AIDFI (in-country, NGO partner in the Philippines). At the same time, AIDFI learned about APROTEC's work on low-head/high flow river turbines, and more.

Our partner in the Philippines, AIDFI, was named recently as one of the recipients of this year's Ramon Magsaysay Award, Asia's equivalent of the Nobel Prize! Among AIDFI's technical expertise is the hydraulic ram pump which won the BBC World Challenge in 2010.

an active member of the "Network of Biodigesters for Latin America and the Caribbean" (RedBioLAC), also promoting biogas in Columbia as another source of renewable energy.

Connecting our partners and networks creates opportunity to replicate innovative projects on a regional and global scale.

Aug 22, 2011


This just in from Shen Maglinte, our Project Contact in Dlumay.  We will add photos/videos as they come in, and the more detailed report Shen references as it becomes available:

Hello, apologies for late reply.  Yes, meantime am happy to report the MicroHydro Plant and multigrade corn mill has been finally commissioned and inaugurated last August 11 in Dlumay attended by more than a hundred people.  Finally, we were able to strike clarifications with the LGUs and concerned agencies and the project was completed  lighting up the streets the plaza and running the multigrade mill at 10kW capacity after all those issues of militarization and intrigues sowed on the project. I am preparing a  detailed report on this just came down last August 14 from the project site. ...

Jul 7, 2011

Exciting News from Our Reuss Fellow in the Philippines

Dear friends, colleagues and supporters,

It's been 6 months since I left with my family to work in the Philippines with Green Empowerment to scale up our renewable energy and water projects in rural villages. We are now in the final round of evaluations for a $1.5 million proposal that would provide 22,000 people in 50 villages access to clean drinking water-- using an ingenious ram pump technology that requires no fuel input! But the main donor - the US Agency for International Development (USAID) requires a private sector donor to cover part of the material costs.

Will you please approach your company to help sponsor a water tank? We need 1 - 50 water tanks at only $660 each.

In villages, it is the responsibility of women and children to fetch water 2-3 times a day, walking up to a kilometer or more carrying 40lb buckets. This prevents them from going to school and is literally-- back breaking work. Our program will install ram pumps, storage tanks, and provide a communal tap. Our in-country NGO partner is the BBC World Challenge winner AIDFI, who has installed 170 ram pumps throughout the Philippines and other countries.

I need to submit the final proposal by July 15. 

Here is an overview of the different sponsorship amounts:

  • 1 complete installed ram pump system to bring portable water to a village of 300 people = $13,000 
  • 1 ferrocement water tank (10,000 liters) so women and children do not have to carry water from a far away well = $660 

The proposal targets 50 ram pump installations total over the next 3 years. 

I'd be happy to speak with others at your company if they are interested and need more information, Please help us make this exciting program a reality.


Dexter Gauntlett