Sep 1, 2021

Eyes on the Future

Dear friends,

The last time you have had an update from us, we have told you all about what we have achieved in the last period. In this report, we are doing it differently and we want to look ahead with you. Literally. 

We would like to share with you that the Pediatric Eye Care Outreach is about to go live any day soon. This is a project that is a close collaboration of Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre (KCMC), FT Kilimanjaro and, our foundation, which aims to reduce preventable blindness and resolve severe vision problems of children in Lower Moshi. 

In Sub-Saharan Africa, 1.24 out of 1000 children are blind, while 50% of such childhood blindness is preventable in areas like Lower Moshi. Therefore, early intervention is essential. And that's where our Pediatric Eye Care Outreach steps in. This outreach delivers yearly pediatric eye clinics to villages in Lower Moshi for children aged 0-14 years. When severe eye problems are detected, children will be referred to KCMC so they will receive the care needed. Moreover, we will provide relevant education to villagers to generate awareness and help in the early detection of eye diseases. 

We will start with a pilot after which the results will be analyzed carefully. After that, we can take the next steps, and service a broader area with the outreach program. We look forward to sharing the results! 

Kind regards,
Team Driving Nurses

Apr 19, 2021

Our accomplishments in a Nutshell

Dear friends,

We hope you all are doing well and that you and your loved ones are in good health. We hope that the world will gradually open up again and that we can slowly start to look ahead again. For now, we would like to let you know that we have uploaded our annual report for 2020. In this, you can read about all our projects and accomplishments of last year. With the ease of mind taken to heart, some of our accomplishments are described below in a nutshell:

  • Driving Nurses Foundation has distributed an educational children's book about Corona over an area of 80,000 inhabitants.
  • In 2020, almost 4,000 expectant mothers, newborns, and young children have been checked on and treated on the Mamabus in Lower Moshi. 
  • 167 ultrasounds have been performed on our Mama Bus in Lower Moshi. This helps problems to be recognized in time and the date of delivery being predicted accurately. 
  • Emergency kits have been distributed in ChemChem, a village that is completely cut off from the outside world n times of rain. These packages ensure that women from this village can give birth safely, even during the rainy season.
  • 683 vaccinations have been administered on the Mama Bus.

Curious about the full report? Read it through the following link:

We feel PROUD and grateful for what we have achieved last year. THANKS to our Veronica Tamiro, the nurse on the Mama Bus, our partners FTK, TPC, Mount Meru, Aisha & Friends, the sponsors, and of course YOU! Thank you for your staunch support. In good spirits, we will get busy again for our foundation in the upcoming year. We will keep you updated! 

Kind regards,

Team Driving Nurses

Dec 22, 2020

Reaching Karatu

Hi staunch supporters,

2020 has been a tough year for all of us. Despite these challenges, we as a foundation are still very proud of what we have achieved. Among other things, we have expanded our area, we have distributed a childrensbook about Corona in area of 80.000 inhabitants and ultrasounds were fully implented to our MamaBus. Unfortunately, laws and regulations around ultrasounds are on the verge of being severly changed in Tanzania. This might imply that Veronika is not allowed to perform ultrounds anymore on our MamaBus. While waiting for the finalized version of these new laws and regulations, we have decided to put fundraising for ultrasounds on a hold. 

Such setback won't stop us. In 2020 we will be focussing on expanding our area once again. We have started a close collaboration with the Lutherian Hospital in Karatu. In 2020 we will start here with a completely new project in which we will connect 100,000 inhabitants to adequate care in rural areas. Moreover, we are involved in improving the mental health strategy throughout the entire Tanzania for the upcoming period. Driving Nurses has an advisory role in improving mental healthcare for women with severe postpartum depression and trauma of domestic violence and rape. We are thankfull for this opportunity. 

We wish you all a merry christmas and the best for 2021. That 2021 may bring us more joy, health and happiness. 

Kind regards,
Driving Nurses foundation

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