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Dec 5, 2018

Renovation of Damaged house

Thank you for your generous support!

The great support from #GlobalGiving on the job to rescue, recover and rehabilitate the most affected people Wayanad, Kerala, due to mammoth flood. The following success story which is an explicit example facilitated by our team. 

The small dwelling units (max. 50 to 100 sq.ft) of these residents belonged to the oldest form of design with thatched roofing (with dried coconut/palm or used plastic carry bags collected from garbage’s) added to overcrowding and congestion. Without proper roofing, during the rainy season they were forced to seek shelters in the nearby colony which has well constructed roof, which left young children and elderly people without a safe and protected ambiance. The heavy rain has worsened their situation leaving them in damaged shelter. The current financial strain has left these people unable to rebuild the damaged shelters.

SPPD’s preparedness deploying its team for identifying the most vulnerable communities as segregated below, viz

  • Woman headed and poorest family
  • Girl children families
  • Differently able house less
  • Unreached community like Tribal and lower communities
  • Age old and alone people

One of the recent rescue recovery and rehabilitation success story – post recovery support

The provision of these most basic items will allow those affected to have an assured shelter for themselves and take care of their family members under proper safe roofing.

The photos taken before and after the provision of construction materials will help you have a clear vision of the needs of these people. We will keep you updated of our activities.

True Story

Mrs. Jansi (Name changed) , led her family as woman headed home and having 4 daughters. 36 years ago, her husband passed away due to illness. She had and has practice of hard working nature in coffee estate. Out of her very less remuneration, all 4 daughters are married to the poor son-in-laws. Mrs.Mary is alone now. During the Kerala Flood, her thatched hut house was totally damaged without any rescuers either from her relatives or from the society, she essentially required such support to renovate her house. At the crucial juncture, SPPD reached out her and facilitated to renovate her house. Her voice," without food we can bend, squat and sleep in the house as a safe mode of residing. But, without shelter, i could not imagine such situation. With God blessing, the team has rescued me from ill, panic and pathetic position. Very Thanks to the donors and the team ".

#SPPD has not expressed its work done in Kerala Floods, nevertheless, SPPD has explicitly and positively expressed its intervention experience for further assistance and support from the donors of #GlobalGiving#

Nov 26, 2018

Renovation of Damaged house

Glad to make public the outcome which is going on through your charitable support. The tragedy collapsed their lifestyle and the hardship they had undergone, were unable to express through the words because its worst and painful.

Through the bighearted people we could able to continue our work among tribal’s by renovating the damaged houses.

Once again, we convey our gratitude on behalf of our beneficiaries and we assure that by your unity we could restore their happy and peace in life.

Next post will be coming soon to make you know the significant impact….


1. The name of the beneficiary is Mrs. Ramya (name changed). She has two children and her husband is an aged man. Already they are in the captivity of poverty. Their children education was support through sponsorship programme.

They were residing in a thatched roofed house, the flood and rain has ripped out their roof and damaged their walls .Our team supported the family to renovate their house which could save them from continues rain. With overflowing emotions they thank and bless the donors. 

2. The name of the beneficiary is Mrs. Hema (name changed). She is working as an agri - labor. She has three daughters, their father deserted the family. She resides with her mother along with her kids.

Their house was completely ruined in the flood and rain. They were financially helpless. Our team along with the family renovated the house and they are encircled in the safe environment with the kids. From the bottom of the heart they thanked the donors.

Nov 5, 2018

The Way of Awareness

Since 2015,our team has been performing a scenario to overcome the difficulties in the journey of life among the rural community people.

Systemic and effective manipulation through the methodological training that implants the fundamental outlines of lifestyle leads to be safe and healthy.Every dawn, springs up by gaining the knowledge of deliverence among the children,youth,adult and an aged people.

So long your contribution helps us to launch our intention.We would like to inform that even more generous support could forward our mission effectively. Once again, we thank each and everyone who has been travelling long with our vision and mission.

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