Aug 2, 2017

Empowering youth...Transforming lives

Empowering youth... Transforming lives… Making a Difference…

Thanks to the generous people who believe our project is progressing positively and for helping out our youth in grading themselves as skilled trainees.

This project has provided excellent educational opportunities to the growing youth for holistic growth and development, which will put them on the path toward breaking the pervasive cycles of poverty and also have bright future in their career.

True Stories

Sasidharan is one of the beneficiaries of the project, belonging to the village of Aithaampatti .His father Rajendran is a washerman by profession. His work involves washing of clothes in the water bodies.  His mother takes up odd jobs to support the family with three daughters and a son Sasidharan. 

The  years of extreme drought and drying of local water bodies have been making life miserable for washer like Sasidharan’s father, now a days as he is forced to walk or travel by pedal cycle for miles to find some source of water for washing clothes. This takes a heavy toll of the already poor economic productivity of the family.

Despite the these poverty stricken conditions, the parents of Sasidharan have been able to ensure the completion of schooling of all their children, especially the daughters. They were pinning their hopes on Sasidharan to support the family in the immediate future to relieve themselves from the debts and settling the daughters in marriage which is considered a big responsibility .  But the bleak future most of the rural  youth face in finding employment was a big worrying factor. 

And after becoming aware of the well-paid employment scope in the Hospitality Industries through SPPDs Women SHG of the village he opted to join the two year course. During his course period he was offered free meals, travelling allowance each day which reduced the burden of the family and helped to continue his education without difficulties. With continuous training and of more practical learning he gained confidence.

He appeared for his final exams in June 2016 and successfully passed out. He was appointed in Manipal County, Bengaluruhotel as a Baker. Now he draws a monthly salary of Rs.12,000/-  Sasidharan and his family members are extremely happy. And they want to thank the donors for covering the day to day expenses of Sasidharan during his college days and SPPD for sensitizing them on the course and the continued support.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

We hope to help more youth like Sasidharan. We seek your support to fulfill the dreams of such youth and provide them with an opportunity for a better life.    

Jul 3, 2017

Thank you again to all our donors!

In this report, we would like to share with you the activities that have gone through the past year.  We have seen change among youth who would have been drop outs and pushed into the unskilled labour sector got transformed to become educated, skilled, employed, independent, self-reliant, contributing to their families and communities.

Awareness Programme

We believe that a more informed public will play a significant role in helping us reach our objectives. With the point of increasing awareness on existing vocational education, the community were offered awareness programme where direct interactions was held with the youth informing them on their informed choice of education which is well available at their reach as well as through notices, hand notes, flyers, wall posters, etc. 

157 youth are narrowed down and enrolled to the hospitality trade. The youth enrolled have successfully completed their acadmic year with support of free lunch for five days a week keeps the students more energetic and balances their nutritional diet. Educational material and travelling cost is kept light for the students, which as a net result marks the attendance level on a high scale.  92% of students are successfully placed resulting in reduction of poverty, enhanced productivity and promoted environmentally sustainable development.  This will help them develop their personality and inspires them to come forward and achieve greater successes.


The performance of our students in the examinations was consistently good. The number of students passing out through this vocational courses, records a steady increase. Almost 95% of the students under the support of  have successfully completed their exams.  

Internship Programme

As a part of the regular curriculum, students are sent for training programmes to hotels to be trained on the practicality of the course pursued. Along with certification, the course also provides students with placement and job opportunities. Through such trainings, students set aside a part of their earnings to meet out their partial educational needs, while they also supplement their family’s necessities.

Jun 22, 2017

Thank you for your care and support.

In this report, I would like to share with you the activities that have gone through this year and your support to continue the programme.

The floods of November 2015 have brought life-changing disaster to Chennai tossing up the routine activities of its residents. As a result many have suffered immeasurable destruction, loss, damage and despair. We initiated our immediate action were to the victims of the flood in Chennai, our relief activities were carried out in Teynampet, Chennai, taking care of victim’s dire needs.

In an effort to streamline the relief assistance process,  we teamed up to implement the delivery of immediate relief work like provision of Dress (food and water packets, mats, mosquito nets and bed sheets, Toiletries (Bathing soap, washing soap, towel, tooth brush and paste, hair oil, powder, combs, sanitary pads), Provisions (Rice, cooking oil, sugar, dhal), Utensil kit (cooking pots, frying pan, ladles, tumblers, plates), carbon emission free, smokeless stoves to the flood victims residing in the areas of Teynampet, Chennai.

True stories:

One of the beneficiary , she is a mother of four children. In her own words… “We lost all our things in the flood and are totally depended on the relief items that are provided by donors. We are thankful for providing us this utensil kit which is absolutely helpful to us.”

In continuation to our project activities in Chennai

Educational materials to schools  & Children

Student chairs, staff chairs, mats, file cabinet, games materials were procured and distributed to four schools; Appadurai Corporation Primary School, Panagal Park Corporation Primary School, Vanniyar Corporation Primary School and  Dr.Giriyappa Corporation Primary School.

The most deserving students of these schools as well as children at the household levels from Teynampet area were provided with shoes, socks, uniform, stationery and ID cards.  

Aids to people who are living with disabilities

Crutches, elbow crutches, hearing aids, cot were provided to people living with disabilities

104 houses were renovated

104 families were provided with necessary materials based on the beneficiary’s need. For the construction of roofing tarpaulin sheets were provided with the needed construction materials. The provision of these most basic items had allowed those affected to have an assured shelter for themselves and take care of their family members under proper safe roofing.  

Community awareness and disaster preparedness programme 

2250 community members were oriented on preparedness for disaster management

Five Adult Disaster Response Clubs are formed with 150 lead volunteers from the community.

1320 school children were oriented on preparedness for disaster management

11 Children Disaster Response Club were formed with 165 members (students, teachers, parents/teachers association)

We are continuing our work with schools, and communities by visiting them and how the training has improved the way of life of the school children and the communities.  One comment we hear these days is that “Please continue the good work that you had done for us”, there are more waiting for such preparedness training programs.

Thank you for being a part of our efforts, thank you once again for your continued support to these people . It means the world to us!   We look forward to a continued relationship, Thank you once again.

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