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Oct 2, 2018



We have been uplifting the life of HIV/AIDS affected parents and begotten children to be healthier by the support of donors. The nutritional packs which we provide have an effective impact and help their body to response for their treatment.

Physical traumatic of HIV/AIDS parent are helpless for the source of income. The Nutritional diet lends a hand to increase the duration of life and to be stronger . Therefore we are eagerly seeking the support of donors; to bestow much more effective impact to live a life secure and without hassle.


Vivek (name changed) is studying 11th grade in the Zamindar Higher Secondary School at Thuraiyur. He has a younger brother who is studying 10th class. His father Tharman (name changed) is infected with HIV and he has been undergoing treatment at the Government Hospital, Trichy for the last 10 years. Fortunately none of the other family members are infected. The children of the family are getting profited from the interventions of SPPD since the year 2010.

Vivek‘s (name changed) father owns a small tailoring shop with a single sewing machine. In the monthly nutritional kit he gets a package comprising of 30 litres of milk, eggs 30 nos., green peas 1 kilogram, pigeon pea 1kilogram, Nutritional drink (Horlicks) ½ KG and Datefruits 60 pieces. According to the family members of Vivek has been greatly benefited by the nutritional supplement provided by SPPD all these years. This has gone a long way in keeping the CD4 count on a good level of him with the nutritional supplements.

This has ensured Vivek to be free of any major opportunistic disease. The family members say that considering the poor income of the family, but for this monthly provision of nutritional items, the health and the continuation of education of Vivek would have been in jeopardy. And hence they thank the Donors who have made in possible through GlobalGiving and SPPD profusely.

Jul 26, 2018

Significant academic journey for the rural youth..

Your contribution to our project through Global Giving has a huge impact on the educational support for the rural children of our locality at large. We see this as a new beginning and believe more progress is possible which upshots a future full of promise and hope.

We take this wonderful opportunity to sincerely thank you for your continued support in this project (Educating for 100 poor rural children in India). Your kindness and generosity has enabled to reach out to the students who are in need of our help.

Through our programme we have been able to reach this targeted population, poor, less educated, early school drop outs to progress and change their standard of living in this society.

For the academic year 110 youth are been enrolled to hospitality courses. The funds raised so far through the Global Giving platform have helped us provide students with free lunch, travelling allowance and their required educational material.

True story

Manivasagam’s father passed away when he was three years old. Her mother is working as a labour for a daily wages. His sister is in grade 9. His mother is the breadwinner of the family. Due to financial short comes; Manivasagam was demanded for early employment to support the family. In spite of their hardships his mother was interested in educating her kids.

“I was very interested in pursuing Hospitality Course but the only drawback was the distance from my residence to the institution which I felt will be an added burden to my parent. The orientation given by SPPD team, “Earn while you study” had drawn my interest to this institution, and now I’m pursuing Hospitality Course.

I’m thankful to the donors for their support. The free lunch, travelling allowance and educational material support offered has considerably lessened a part of the educational expenses to be met out by me,” says Manivasagam.

Jul 5, 2018

Nutrition through food

Delightful Path for the longing soul and mind...

HIV/AIDS affected parents and the begotten children, were at the edge of the life cycle not only through illness, physical desolation but also paucity of nutritional food. Physical weaknesses protest the process of income generation.

For recovering the quality life of children who are living with HIV-AIDS, Nutritional kit (cereals, milk, egg, dates, and health drink) were provided to the children through the support of Global Giving.


M.Muthukumar (name changed) is 17 years old he is undergoing a diploma course in technical studies. He lives with his family of parents and brother in a very small tiled house at Pudupatti village. His father a truck driver had got infected with HIV. He has met with the fate as the infection of HIV/AIDS is mainly a kind of occupational hazard among truck drivers in the region as more often than not happen to come into contact with sex workers during their very long drives. His mother too has been found to be infected with HIV/AIDS and hence both of them are undergoing ART.

He has been receiving the nutritional supplement kit from SPPD since his early childhood. Both his parents say that though he and his brother are not infected with the HIV/AIDS. And there was extreme difficulty of managing the children for them as parents being infected and with much reduced productivity.

But without the timely support from SPPD in the form of nutritional kit it would have taken a heavy toll of the health of M.Muthukumar (name changed). And he would not have come this far in his education. Therefore M.Muthukumar (name changed) father and mother express their gratitude to the donors.


T.Naviya (name changed) is 19 year and is pursuing undergraduate degree course in a college at Namakkal. She lives with the other family members, her mother, father and her brother Prashanth in a very small one room tiled house. His father became infected in the year 2006 and has been under ART regimen for the last 11years.

Though T.Naviya (name changed) is not infected, she has to live in extremely pathetic conditions with all the family members having been infected. With the much reduced earning ability the early childhood of T.Naviya (name changed) was miserable, especially the food and was physically very weak.

But since the year 2012 she started receiving the nutritional supplement kit from SPPD, she began developing physically in to a healthy individual. While through the nutritional supplements her brother has been able to keep the major opportunistic infections at bay, all these years, Her mental well being also has been getting boosted up and has ensured her to reach the stage of pursuing a college degree.

Yes, the college studies have been made possible only through borrowings. But the family is pinning its hopes on her, to become financially better, once she finishes her graduation and takes up a job.

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