Mar 31, 2020

Response to support HIV Children to fight COVID19

Your response to support HIV/AIDS Children to fight against COVID -19


Always, we are grateful to GlobalGiving and all the donors who are supporting the cause. Every day, every hour, every second and every minute, we are offering prayer to them and their family.

These children were fortunate to have support from Scientific publication Service Ltd (SPS) until last Dec 1019, they supported nutritional kits to 100 children each month. GlobalGiving had difficulties in disbursement of donation to us.

Moreover, a 12 years, girl has got lifelong support from Mr.Patrick (name changed) , California from USA . He has stated to support her food, health and education.

Meeting with the children

We had regular monthly meeting with the children and their parents in Jan and Feb 2020, in the meetings we conducted personal counselling, how to come out of depression and help them to achieve their dreams every day. The children enjoyed their nutritious lunch with egg curry.

At present , we are unable to support these 100 children, All though we are spreading and educating them on positive energy and love among themselves. We hope that all these children will continue to receive support from you.

Responding to COVID-19

We expect your response to support these children to fight against the virus.

Global disaster of Corona virus outbreak has started taking its toll in India. The 1000 (one thousand) families live in the districts of Trichirapalli, Perambalur and Karur. A vast majority of these families are headed by widowed women. And the survival of members of these families the adults and children are is in peril as the parents mainly the women who support the families with meagre income earned from locally available odd jobs itself is stopped.

Being under ART regime their they are dangerously exposed to infection as well as vital nutritional support to keep their CD4 count in balance.  

Feb 18, 2020

Thanks to your generosity!

Your contribution to our project through GlobalGiving has a huge impact on the educational support for the rural children of our locality at large. We see this as a new beginning and believe more progress is possible which upshots a future full of promise and hope.

For the academic year 198 youth are been enrolled to hospitality courses. The funds raised so far through the GlobalGiving platform have helped us provide students with free lunch, travelling allowance and their required educational material.


True story


Name of Student:  R. Damodharan     Age: 19 yrs  

When he was hardly two years old his father had passed away.  His relatives from his paternal side had driven away his mother and his younger sister from the house where they were staying. His mother Dhanalakshmi was left alone to take care of his baby sister and himself. His mother took it in to her strides by staying in a small rented house and managed the family with the income she could make as a tailor. Maintaining the family was very hard for his mother as the income was very minimal.

Upon Damodharan completing his school final of 10th class, a women SHG member belonging to the village recommended him to take up the course in Hospitality. For this extremely poverty-stricken family the free lunch provided at the institute, uniform set and travel reimbursement all had proved to be God sent. During the first year of the course Damodharan got opportunity to work as intern at a star hotel at Mysore. Similarly, he worked as an intern at a reputed hotel in Kerala as well.

Thus, apart from the such above mentioned helps the stipend earned by Damodaran went a long way for the family to make up for the fees paid for the Institute.  Hence his mother along with his sister want to convey their gratitude to SPPD and GlobalGiving for this big help. His mother says proudly that while many of the school mates of her son are still either studying or jobless, but her son has had the wonderful opportunity to come up early in his life.   

Name of student: S. Manikandan   Age: 20 yrs

Manikandan belonging to the village of Thathampatti is studying 3rd year of Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality trade. Their family consisting of his parents and his younger brother are residing in a small tiled house. His father was working in a teashop in his village earning meager income. To add to their woes, his father had developed varicose veins which is an occupational hazard afflicting person having to stand for long periods of time.  His father being a worker making tea, he had to stand for long time and hence had suffered the condition. Together with this, his father’s alcoholism had led to pancreatitis. Due to these conditions he had to quit job and remain at home. Hence during the last couple of years, only Manikandan’s mother had been single handedly taking care of the family with the little income she could make by taking up the odd jobs in the village.

Under these circumstances, his mother got him enrolled to hospitality course. During the last 3 years of his course, Manikandan has had the opportunity to do internships at reputed hotels in places like Kerala, Coimbatore and Tirupur.  In this final year of his course the hotel at Tirupur, where he had been doing his internship absorbed him as a full-fledged staff member during the internship period itself by offering him salary of Rs. 8500/- per month instead of stipend. He is given the privilege of taking leave to fulfill the mandatory academic obligations to complete his Bsc. Course.

Manikandan’s brilliant performance during internship has ensured this position.  Now with the money earned by Manikandan, her mother has been able to take care of not only his course fees but other expenses of the family including his father’s medical treatment.  And hence his mother and Manikandan profusely thank GlobalGiving and SPPD for enabling their family to attain such far better financial position.

Dec 30, 2019

Best NEW YEAR gift .....

During the last three months since our reporting in Sept’ 19, the comprehensive intervention comprising of nutritional kit distribution and counseling for the victims of the dreaded HIV have been going on as usual .

At present, a total of 100 children living with HIV receive the nutritional kit every month. There are more than 500 children living with HIV are in immediate need of the nutritional and other interventions that form part of our activities in our region.

We are able to make use of the benevolent support of Global Giving to appeal to individuals and others, pleading for support for those children who are in need. And we approached a few cooperate agencies and could ensure similar help to some more needy children living with HIV. But for the benevolent donors of Global Giving, this yeomen service for the hapless child victims of the dreaded HIV would not have been possible

Individual Attention to the most needy child

The life of the little girl Sumathi a typical example of the kind   of extremely pathetic life the children living with HIV have to undergo here. Sumathi (name changed) belonging to the small village of Musiri district of Trichirapalli district in Tamil Nadu state ofSouth India. She is 13 years old and studying in 7th grade.

Her HIV condition is known to almost all in the school. Barring some teachers, none of the   children moves with her for fear of contracting HIV. The   stigma is found in each and every one of the social occasions and get-together such as marriage and in the schools in which the children living with HIV, study. Her own brother, the only sibling of hers curses her often to die, as it is embarrassing for him to live with a sister living with HIV.

During the monthly peer group meeting for the victims of HIV held at our community centre , Mr Andrew McElroy and Mr. Robert from the USA visited our SPPD campus at Musiri and took part in the Nutrition kit distribution event on A total of 35 children living with HIV together with their parents (most of whom are HIV infected) participated in the meeting.

The visitors also interacted with the children and their parents. Sumathi (nmae changed) was very frail and puny for her age of 12 years. She is studying 7th grade and has been very good in studies. Mrs.Anitha described to the visitors the humiliating stigma the little girl has been undergoing in her neighborhood and also in the school. At that time, on noticing one child Sumathi ( Name changed) being in highly emaciated condition, Mr. Robert wished to help the girl as much as he could.

Later our team members took her to the hospital at Musiri and made her undergo complete health check up. Upon finding her CD4 count being extremely low the doctors advised to take care on her nutritional intake and gave other prescriptions. And as Sumathi’s health is being closely monitored by our team members, she is improving very much and her CD4 count has recorded substantial increase now. Such individual attention also have become possible due to the aid received from Global Giving.

Therefore, again we wish to thank Global Giving platform and all its individual donors for making this intervention to the children living with HIV possible.

Wish you all A Happy NEW YEAR!

Let the year2020 be bright and fruitful for every one!

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