Dec 30, 2019

Best NEW YEAR gift .....

During the last three months since our reporting in Sept’ 19, the comprehensive intervention comprising of nutritional kit distribution and counseling for the victims of the dreaded HIV have been going on as usual .

At present, a total of 100 children living with HIV receive the nutritional kit every month. There are more than 500 children living with HIV are in immediate need of the nutritional and other interventions that form part of our activities in our region.

We are able to make use of the benevolent support of Global Giving to appeal to individuals and others, pleading for support for those children who are in need. And we approached a few cooperate agencies and could ensure similar help to some more needy children living with HIV. But for the benevolent donors of Global Giving, this yeomen service for the hapless child victims of the dreaded HIV would not have been possible

Individual Attention to the most needy child

The life of the little girl Sumathi a typical example of the kind   of extremely pathetic life the children living with HIV have to undergo here. Sumathi (name changed) belonging to the small village of Musiri district of Trichirapalli district in Tamil Nadu state ofSouth India. She is 13 years old and studying in 7th grade.

Her HIV condition is known to almost all in the school. Barring some teachers, none of the   children moves with her for fear of contracting HIV. The   stigma is found in each and every one of the social occasions and get-together such as marriage and in the schools in which the children living with HIV, study. Her own brother, the only sibling of hers curses her often to die, as it is embarrassing for him to live with a sister living with HIV.

During the monthly peer group meeting for the victims of HIV held at our community centre , Mr Andrew McElroy and Mr. Robert from the USA visited our SPPD campus at Musiri and took part in the Nutrition kit distribution event on A total of 35 children living with HIV together with their parents (most of whom are HIV infected) participated in the meeting.

The visitors also interacted with the children and their parents. Sumathi (nmae changed) was very frail and puny for her age of 12 years. She is studying 7th grade and has been very good in studies. Mrs.Anitha described to the visitors the humiliating stigma the little girl has been undergoing in her neighborhood and also in the school. At that time, on noticing one child Sumathi ( Name changed) being in highly emaciated condition, Mr. Robert wished to help the girl as much as he could.

Later our team members took her to the hospital at Musiri and made her undergo complete health check up. Upon finding her CD4 count being extremely low the doctors advised to take care on her nutritional intake and gave other prescriptions. And as Sumathi’s health is being closely monitored by our team members, she is improving very much and her CD4 count has recorded substantial increase now. Such individual attention also have become possible due to the aid received from Global Giving.

Therefore, again we wish to thank Global Giving platform and all its individual donors for making this intervention to the children living with HIV possible.

Wish you all A Happy NEW YEAR!

Let the year2020 be bright and fruitful for every one!

Nov 20, 2019

Road to success......

SPPD has been involved in a number of interventions towards empowering rural children especially through education.

The SPPD takes special care on the students, who are not able to continue their studies after completing grade 10th std 12th. Such discontinuance of education is caused by poverty coupled with illiteracy and the widespread addiction to alcohol prevailing the region.

The above educational qualifications do not help the rural youth here to look for jobs other than the highly unpredictable traditional local agriculture based work. Hence SPPD strives to help those poor rural youth by with training in skill oriented works and education. The obstacles that stand in the way of their securing such vocational skill training are greatly minimized by our interventions. By offering mid day meal, bearing travel expense from their homes to the institutions, uniforms and other study materials SPPD has been able to help the rural students to get equipped in various vocational skills.

Only with the support of Global Giving SPPD could carry out the same. We thank all the individual donors on through this communication for their generous donations towards this cause.

Success story of beneficiary

Name: P.Prakash Father’s Name: Palanisamy

Mother’s Name: Maheswari Village: Paithamparai

Prakash is doing B.Sc Catering & Hotel Administration course (I year). He lives in Paithamparai, a small hamlet in Trichy district. He has one sibling. The younger sister is studying in 9th grade. His father was a daily wager had passed way due to severe alcoholism.

After his father’s demise, his mother has been supporting the family with her meager earnings   working as a working as a farm hand. As the unpredictable income from such agricultural labor is hardly Rs.200 a day. And fulfilling the various needs of the family by this is an impossible task. The family has been living in the house of Prakash’s uncle. Prakash was very average in his studies during the school days.

As he was not very bright in studies, one of his teachers advised him to take up hospitality course for a good career. He got him admitted in this academic year 2019.

This particular institution provides low fee structure courses for the benefit of poor students. Since getting admitted here he has been receiving free lunch, travelling allowances during all working days, and uniform clothes etc. The staff have been giving special attention to make him overcome his mild learning difficulties. The make him offset the same by ensuring him to focus more on practical that is central to catering courses. Now he has got internship in a renowned hotel and earns stipend during this learning period.

Through this monthly stipend he is able to meet his course fee along with helping his family. This is the gift of a lifetime for him indeed!.

Sep 30, 2019

New hope......

We take this wonderful opportunity to sincerely thank you for your continued support in this project .Your kindness and generosity has enabled to reach out to the students who are in need of our help.

True Story:                                             

Devi (name changed) is 15 years old and is studying grade 10. She had lost both her parents her father Sasi (name changed) and mother Setha (name changed) . Her father while working as a truck driver had contracted HIV infection due to casual sex. But he had not disclosed this to his wife and other family members. Devi’s mother having been transmitted with the infection by her husband died ten years back and her father died seven years ago, leaving his little daughter behind.

With all the relatives from her father’s side having abandoned her Devi’s maternal grand mother takes care of her with the poor income she is able to make as a coolie. Devi too had been found to be infected with HIV five years back and since then she has been under ART therapy.  As the ART therapy leaves the HIV victims extremely weak and their resistance to diseases decrease due to low CD4 count, Devi was struggling very much.  Her grandmother with her very poor income could not provide her the required nutritional food to help her cope with her health condition.

In such a situation, the help from SPPD in the form of monthly nutritional supplements has been helping her to recover from her poor health status and to focus on her studies. For this great help Dei and her grandmother wish to thank the donors of Global Giving and SPPD for  facilitating the same.

Details of Nutritional Kit provided for a child for a month:-

Milk                                         :           Twice - daily

Eggs                                        :           One daily

Dates                                      :           Five days in a week

Health Drink                           :           500 gms tin

3 type of Cereals or Pulses  :           1 kg each


Impact of the project :

To improve the quality of life of such children, such support was extended to them. Records have mentioned that the weight of this child has increased.  Where three meals a day was uncertain to this family, this support has brought remarkable change in the health status of this child.   

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