Feb 11, 2019


Discussion with Panchayath President
Discussion with Panchayath President

“This is the best birthday gift that God could have given me” – Santhakumari Teacher, retired educator and President of the Village Panchayath for the last 25 years, could not hide her joy, when we told her that ATMA would be ready to support some deserving families in her village to rebuild their homes. And, purely by chance, the day we met her to convey the news, was her birthday!

It was from the Global Giving network that we first learnt about an unskilled labourer in Kundur, whose house was totally damaged in the flood. Along with his wife, a bed-ridden mother-in-law, and two teenage boys, he has been taking refuge in a room behind a shop, ever since the flood took away their home on 15th August 2018. When Government officials visited, the walls were still standing. Though they cautioned him not to stay there, they could report it only as partially damaged, making him eligible only for a small compensation. Two days after the visit, the walls collapsed. In spite of their best efforts, the family cannot make good of the loss on their own. They are already burdened with the care of their aged mother, and their young son, who is under treatment.

The ATMA Team, looking out for flood victims who may be out of the Government support system, came to know of the family through the Global Giving network. Initial visits ascertained the genuineness of their need. Now, with support from the ATMA Flood Relief fund, the family has started rebuilding their house.

With help from ground-level social workers and LSG representatives like Santhakumari teacher, more such families are being identified, whose need is genuine, and for whom other sources of support are not available.

Though the focus of our relief work is Kuzhur and nearby villages like Kundur, ATMA has also been providing assistance to deserving people all over Kerala, whenever such needs have been reported. We have supported families in Alappuzha and Ernakulam for repair of partially damaged homes, and for purchasing basic amenities to restart their lives.

ATMA Team at the construction site
ATMA Team at the construction site
Dec 6, 2018

Celebrating the 'ATMA Gurukulam Day'

Expressing talents, learning teamwork...
Expressing talents, learning teamwork...

It was time to introduce our children to the challenges and intricacies of event management.

As part of the Leadership Development Programme for the children of ATMA Gurukulam, it was decided to conduct ‘ATMA Gurukulam Day’ on 7th October 2018. The children’s committee had a special meeting in late August, to discuss the nature of the event. Through a series of discussions and brainstorming sessions, and with occasional inputs from ATMA Volunteers, the children developed a programme – where each of them got an opportunity to express their talents or talk about themselves – their achievements, dreams and aspirations. They took the initiative in inviting their friends, teachers, relatives and neighbours. They formed themselves into task groups, with each group taking up responsibility for one particular aspect of the event – programme, reception, food, etc.

On the previous evening, a beautiful Pandal (marquee) went up in front of ATMA Gurukulam, with a small stage. The children, with bubbling enthusiasm and magnificent creativity, decorated the premises with the help of ATMA Volunteers. The ‘stage rehearsal’ of the programme went on late into the evening. C K Suresh, ATMA Foundation Director, patiently guided the young performers, giving suggestions for improvements, helping them to relax, boosting their confidence, enabling them to bring out their best on stage. By the time the rehearsals were over, all the nervousness and performance anxiety was gone, to be replaced by a cheerful excitement.

The ‘ATMA Gurukulam Day’ dawned bright and sunny, in spite of an ‘orange alert’ for severe rainfall that had given some anxiety to the people of our recently flood-hit state. The Gurukulam was abuzz with activity, the children going about their assigned ‘duties’, dressing up, helping others dress, redoing decorations, taking last minute rehearsals... As the fear of rain was dispelled by the bright morning sun, the guests started arriving, and the first ATMA Gurukulam Day was inaugurated by lighting the traditional lamp.

Over 200 people attended the programme. The children donned the organiser role with great joy. The reception team welcomed the guests, gave them a welcome drink, talked to them and showed them around the Gurukulam. The programme management team arranged the venue and coordinated the stage programmes according to the previously prepared schedule. One of the senior girls was the MC. The food committee coordinated the lunch arrangements – they managed the queues in the serving and washing areas and ensured that everyone was properly seated and served well. The children also gave their stage presentations with sincerity and confidence. 3 children gave performances – in Music, Mono-act and Yoga. The others each talked about a particular aspect of ATMA Gurukulam which had created maximum impact in them, what they had learnt, and how they were changing.

Friends, teachers and relatives, when invited to offer felicitations, expressed their immense appreciation for the children of ATMA Gurukulam – their health, their elegance, their friendliness, their readiness to help, their initiative, their confidence, their diligence, their intelligence – the list was indeed long!

For the children, it was a day of joy, and a golden opportunity to showcase their abilities, challenge their limits, and learn some new lessons in management. As for the ATMA team, we revelled in the glory of their achievement – another ‘proud parent’ moment that our children so often surprise us with! It was also a moment of reflection – even as we felt proud of our work with the children, we were humbled by the speed and quality of their transformation!

Every volunteer who was part of the ‘ATMA Gurukulam Day’ went home with renewed commitment to this beautiful work.

Concluding the celebrations with a homely lunch
Concluding the celebrations with a homely lunch
Nov 13, 2018

Lending Support to Flood-Hit Kerala

Free Mobility Equipments to Flood Victims
Free Mobility Equipments to Flood Victims

“We are not able to get through to my parents. They are aged, ailing and alone. Can someone please find out?” The distress call was from a worried son in the US about his aged parents living in Thrissur, on the morning of 16th August 2018, as Kerala woke up to an unprecedented disaster.

Our central Kerala district of Thrissur had been so far spared, but the night of 15th August saw torrential rains, leading to all the major dams being opened, and the flood, in its most devastating phase, hit us.

ATMA Foundation Director C K Suresh had arrived early at the office on 16th August, when he got the call. He set out with a team of ATMA volunteers to the nearby densely populated neighbourhood, where the water in its full fury, had knocked out compound walls, submerged cars, and was reaching up to the first floors of houses. The elderly couple were safely rescued, as were so many others. The rest of the day was a flurry of activity - responding to calls, passing information, comforting worried relatives - amidst an erratic power supply and unending rain.

Since then, the ATMA Foundation flood relief project has been in full swing – Relief, Rehabilitation & Reconstruction efforts in a community that has never known, in living memory, a calamity of this scale.

Mobilising Volunteers

In the initial days of the deluge, ATMA Volunteers were actively involved in rescue and relief efforts in their areas. Later, for the different relief activities, ATMA was able to mobilise more than 116 volunteers, putting in over 2700 man hours. A large number of local volunteers were also mobilised in each area where we worked.

Mobilising Resources

ATMA mobilised urgently required relief materials for people in relief camps, and for people going back to their homes in the later stage. Till date, over 36 lakhs worth of relief material has already been distributed, reaching out to more than 22,000 families in 30 villages. This includes –

  • 90,000 L of drinking water distributed to 17,800 families, worth over INR 9 Lakhs
  • Water purification kits given to1000 families to provide pure drinking water for 3 months
  • Relief materials such as grocery items, utensils, beds, tarpaulins, floor mats, bed sheets & school bags worth over INR 8.3 lakhs distributed to more than 1100 families
  • New clothes given to all children of the LP school in Parakkadavu, a place where people suffered heavy material loss.
  • Hygiene kits, cleaning materials, mosquito nets, etc worth over INR 12.7 Lakhs distributed to more than 1065 families in worst affected areas like Thottippal, Kodassery, Vynthala, Kuzhur, Injamudi, etc. 


Group Counselling and personal counselling for flood victims were conducted in 8 places, benefitting over 1200 people. Free counselling continued at the ATMA office.


Primary Health Care Rural Camps were conducted in 18 remote villages in Thrissur & Ernakulam districts, benefitting over 1700 people. Medicines worth over INR 2 Lakhs were distributed free of cost.

Free Mobility Aids—Assessment & Distribution

Assessment Camp & Free Distribution of Mobility Equipments for flood victims was organised on 22nd& 23rd September, 2018 in association with Mobility India, with a follow up programme from November 1st – 3rd. Over 45 people with disabilities were provided with wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, walking sticks, rollators, etc. worth INR 3.35 Lakhs.   Brief training sessions were also given to them and their caretakers by expert physiotherapists, enabling them to make the best use of the received device for maximum mobility.  


Sewing machines were distributed to 4 families in Ernakulam district, costing over INR 40,000.

Mobilising Funds

Fund raising projects were set up in online platforms including GlobalGiving, and donation requests were sent out to friends and well- wishers. The response has been overwhelming. Now that the relief phase is over, the remaining funds will be utilised for a long-term reconstruction project.


ATMA is gearing up for a long term reconstruction project, by adopting a flood-submerged village in the Kuzhoor Grama Panchayath. We are sourcing expert help to develop a suitable plan, and involve local volunteers to rebuild. In the true spirit of ‘Building Back better’, ATMA is committed to the long-term holistic development of the village, and shall play an active role in improving health, education and psychosocial aspects of village life. The project involves a range of initiatives from River management and sustainable energy to economic betterment through effective harnessing of community resources.

Phase 1: Research & Planning

ATMA volunteers have visited different areas in the Panchayath, interacting with different stakeholders. With the active involvement of the local leadership, a volunteer group is being formed there from within the community to support rebuilding and reconstruction efforts.

As part of the planning process, the ATMA team had an interaction with Smt. Sandhya Suresh – a professional with over 20 years’ experience in the development sector, including Tsunami relief. Sharing her experiences and insights, she gave the team a practical and realistic outlook into the possibilities and challenges of a long-term rehabilitation project.

The ATMA Research team is now preparing for an exhaustive field survey, the results of which will form the basis for Project Planning and Implementation. A preliminary data base is being compiled, with data available from agencies like Kerala Institute of Local Development and the Flood Relief wing of the District Collector’s Office.  

Health Camp & Free Medicines to Flood Victims
Health Camp & Free Medicines to Flood Victims
Primary Health Care Camps
Primary Health Care Camps
Free Mobility Aids Given to Flood Victims
Free Mobility Aids Given to Flood Victims
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