The River Fund

The River Fund is dedicated to providing physical, emotional and spiritual support, to people living with or affected by HIV/AIDS and other life challenging illnesses and circumstances, as well as their loved ones and caregivers. We serve the poor, those who often are alone and in need - regardless of a person's religion, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender or age.
Jun 19, 2012

Quarterly Report

Training in session. Facilitator
Training in session. Facilitator


RIVER FUND HIV/AIDS FAMILY SUPPORT WOMEN ASSOCIATION is a Community Based organization established in 2006. Its office is situated at Christ the King parish, Kitgum Town Council, Kitgum district, Uganda. It has a total membership of 30 women who have volunteered to help sensitize and restore hope to the traumatized community (orphans, child headed families, people affected with HIV/Aids) as well as improve the nutrition of malnourished children.

Key focus areas of intervention include; Training People Living With Aids (PLWAs) on long term Survival skills, Care of malnourished children through providing food stuff, Counseling of married couples on coping with the Aids pandemic situation in their families, Home visits of PLWA, Educating mothers on providing proper and balanced nutrition using locally available resources and Initiating livelihood and economic strengthening schemes for PLWA that do not demand too much energy.

This report is on activities carried out this quarter (April-June, 2012) in the parishes of Pondwongo and Alango in Kitgum Town council sub-county.

1. Training on Management and best practices of rearing goats.
The River Fund this quarter has been able to train 20 people in livelihood (goat rearing) on management of goats to curb down on the previously reported death of goats. The women were taken through the feeding, disease identification and control. They were further taken through the different ways of rearing goats from which the women anxiously supported the semi intensive system of rearing goats. In this system, the goats are tied out during day to graze and later in the day they are brought back inside their shed for the night. The group can also source for the feeds and feed the goats from their pen without letting them out of the house.
The second component of the training was on vegetable growing. The groups were trained on how to prepare nursery beds for their vegetable seeds before planting in the mother garden. The facilitator took the participants through pest and disease control they were trained on variety of seeds; cabbages, carrots, sikumaweeki, amarranthus, okra, egg plants, tomatoes onions, garlic. The groups are encouraged to practice kitchen gardening (grow vegetables) to improve their nutritional supplement and to complement their household income from the sale of the vegetables. 

2. Distribution of Vegetable seeds and Goats.
The groups trained received varieties of vegetable seeds. Each group received seeds worth one hundred thousand (100,000=) Ug.shs from the River fund HIV/AIDS family Support Association.

Each of the groups also received a male goat. This will increase the number of goats received to 5 per group from last year.

3. Construction of goats’ house.
The groups that received goats last year were constructed goats houses. The houses are to accommodate 10-15 goats each when the goats multiply from the 5 that the groups received in total. 4 given last year and 1 male-goat this year per group. The idea behind the house construction is to enable the goats to multiply faster and to avoid attacks from stray dogs as was the case in the previous report. The houses are made from local materials which are relatively cheaper and easy to get. This can also be acquired by the groups in case of the need for repair in future. 
The hut was erected by the group as shelter for their goat before the construction of the new goats’ shed pictured below.

The land was given by a member of the group as their contribution towards the success of the project.

1. Vocational Skills training
This is a new project that has just been introduced this year. The group has been able to start bead making. The bead making is yet to begin fully pending procurement of materials for the project work.

2. An office space has been established.
With the help of the new Parish Priest, Fr. Anthony Nyeko, we have been able to open up an office at Christ the King parish in the former Guilio Pastore primary School. The office is currently being run by 2 staff; a Programme Coordinator and an office Assistant.

3. Contact with the District.
We have also opened up a file with the district at the District Community Department. This is to help in coordination and publicity of the Association.

The groups
The groups' leaders with some seeds.
Members of the two groups after receiving goats
Members of the two groups after receiving goats
Newly constructed goats
Newly constructed goats' house with local material
Before (hut erected by group members)
Before (hut erected by group members)
Jun 4, 2012

Quarterly Report June 2012

School supplies
School supplies

Expenditures for the OVCs (Orphans & other vulnerable children) so far in 2012
Income Source Description Unit cost Amount
The River Fund & Global Giving

 1. RARUDO 223 OVCs  
 Scholastic Materials  
 Uniforms 119 18,000 2,142,000
 Exercise books 96 pgs/ 148 7,000 1,036,000
 Black books  for 26 OVCs 4,800 1,872,000
 Pens for 223  500 557,500
 Pencils for 223 200 446,000
 Geometry sets x223 4000 892,000
 Foot Rulers 1000 223,000
 Washing soap 4500 2,007,000
Total    9,175,500

 2. RWEN 152 OVCs  
 Uniforms 68 pupils 18,000 1,224,000
 Exercise books 96 pgs/ 129dz 7,000 903,000
 Black books  for  23 OVCs 4,800 1,656,000
 Pens x152 500 380,000
 Pencils x 152 200 304,000
 Geometry setsx152  4000 608,000
 Foot Rulers x 152  1000 152,000
 Washing soap x152 4500 1,368,000
Total     6,595,000

 3. Bugiri Blandina’s group.      112 OVCs  
 Uniforms x 45 18,000 810,000
 Exercise books 96 pgs /99 7,000 693,000
 Black books  for 13 OVCs x13 4,800 936,000
 Pens x 112  500 280,000
 Pencils x 112 200 224,000
 Geometry sets x112 4,000 448,000
 Foot Rulers x112 1,000 112,000
 Washing soap x112 4,500 1,008,000
Total    4,511,000

4Grace’s group 26 OVCs    
 Uniforms x26 18,000 468,000
 Exercise books 96 pgs 14dz 7,000 98,000
 Black books  for 12 OVCs x12 4,800 864,000
 Pens x26  500 65,000
 Pencils x26 200 52,000
 Geometry sets x26 4,000 104,000
 Foot Rulers x26 1,000 26,000
 Washing soap x 26 4,500 234,000
 Fees top up for 12 OVCs x12 80,000 960,000
Total   2,871,000

 5. Rose’s group 45 OVCs  
 Uniforms x 45 18,000 810,000
 Exercise books 96 pgs x30 dz 7,000 210,000
 Black books  for 15 OVCs 4,800 1,080,000
 Pens for 45 500 112,500
 Pencils for 45 200 90,000
 Geometry sets x33 4,000 132,000
 Foot Rulers x 45 1,000 45,000
 Washing soap x45 4,500 405,000
 Fees top up for 15 OVCs x 12 80,000 960,000
Total   3,844,500

Budget Summary in U.shs
RARUDO:                                    9,175,500
RWEN:                                         6,595,000
Bugiri Blandina’s group:            4,511,000
Grace’s group:                             2,871,000
Rose’s group:                          3,844,500

Total amount          UGX  26,997,000             USD conversion = $10,715.3

 Less Bank charges       250,000

OVC children receive exercise books
OVC children receive exercise books
Apr 3, 2012

Quarterly Report

New school uniform
New school uniform

I thank you very much for the continuous assistance you are giving us.

Thank you very much for the money you sent to us on the 9th March, 2012. The delay to acknowledge is due to poor network in my area.  It was Shs. 6,549,000

Let thanks reach all your friends of River Fund and all our kind donors at Global Giving.

Report 123, women, 5 old men and 5 widows, 300 children
How RWEN works

Education: - Through your continuous assistance, we have now covered 152 OVC on scholastic materials, mid-day meals and uniforms.

Health and Nutrition- PLWA:  We have five (5) children who are HIV/AIDS positive. They are still in primary five being the highest class.
They feed at school and we provide all basic needs during school time and holidays and under health care.

45 women who are HIV+/AIDS have been encouraged to go to health centres to get septra (antibiotic used to treat opportunistic infections) and others are on ARVs. Some of them are so weak and cannot get food on their own.             

One epilepsy boy and 5 very old needy are also under day care.

Our activities

We have 300 OVC

Provision of scholastic materials, fees top up, school mid-day meals and school uniforms.

Trained women in basic agricultural skills, improved vegetable seeds, beans, maize, local poultry, keeping goats and planting grass for animals.

Small scale saving scheme like piggery

Our women are now practical.

Long term survival skills

Tailoring and hair dressing is in practice

Lobbying for women income generating activities.


Our children now go to school in a big numbers

Women have become very active and creative to live a better life and they are very hard working.

Improved positive living

Sustainable organic agricultural skills and inputs among women and men.


There is still inadequate support in areas of treatment for people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWA) care and support.

Slow to reach our sick people due to lack of transport.

Child headed families:  hard to care for them due to lack of money.

Lack of shelter for elderly women.

Slow promotion of girl child education.


Exchange of ideas for children e.g. letter writing to friends from abroad to Africa- Uganda, Busia.
Children we support to get friends from schools overseas through you Jay.

Above all, I wish to thank you very much for your endeavors in assisting us.

Sincere thanks to our Partners, River Fund, Donors and friends at Global giving.

God bless you
I love you


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