Dec 6, 2018

Essential resources MapYourVoice offers survivors

Season of Giving
Season of Giving

Dear MapYourVoice supporters,

I want to take a moment to share a bit more about the resources provides to sexual violence survivors.

While it may not be immediately apparent when visiting our site, offers the most comprehensive 1-stop source of resources avalilable to survivors that exists...anywhere in the world.  When we designed MapYourVoice, we decided (for safety-purposes) to make all street-level resources only visible from within a survivor account.

So when survivors are logged into their free member accounts, the 'My Resources' map is populated with local services based upon their zipcode. A survivor can zoom out as far as 200 miles to see all services available in their local region. From there, they can click on any of those resources to immediately call or navigate to the location of the desired service provider - just as easy as it is to do a Google search.

Our global team of volunteer programmers have captured all police stations in the U.S. that are equipped to handle a sexual assault report.  We've also included all U.S. hospitals that have the capacity to process a rape kit. Our extensive database also includes ALL of the main U.S. survivor-specific local services including: rape crisis centers, shelters, safe havens, legal aid centers and many more.  In total, there are more than 100,000 resources available to survivors on MapYourVoice.

Within their My Resources tab, survivors will also find regional and national resources such as suicide hotlines and other emergency-based referral services.  Our goal is to eventually populate MapYourVoice with the same level of resource availability that exists in the U.S for survivors throughout the rest of the world.

In this Season of Giving, we are asking for your support of our micro-fundraiser to help us fund the printing of handout materials to give to survivors in need across the United States. We hope you will consider donating to this timely and important campaign today. 

Here's the link:

There are many reasons to support MapYourVoice and we appreciate your continued commitment to this project!

Season's greetings! 


Sep 10, 2018

Combatting victims of institutional sex abuse

Jeni Ambrose, PhDc
Jeni Ambrose, PhDc

Hello Supporters!

We wanted to update you on our efforts to support survivors of sexual violence and end sexual violence worldwide.

As many of you may have observed in the news, we are discovering more and more about how the institutions that are supposedly there to protect students, young athletes, and children have been harboring sexual perpetrators who are preying upon young people. 

I'm talking about universities that have harbored mass perpetrators such as Larry Nassar. I'm also talking about the revelations coming out of the Pennsylvania grand jury investigation into sex abuse perpetrated by priests within the Catholic Church.

The MapYourVoice team has taken up the banner of advocating for these young people to let them know their voices are important and that we support them.

We have started a Twibbon social media campaign that allows people in the public to show their public support for students and athletes - you can find it here.

We've also been using our blog and email Action Network to keep people informed and engaged on the issue.

We invite you to connect to us via Twitter, InstagramFacebook and to let your networks know about the great work MapYourVoice is doing.

You can also visit The Map and click the support buttons on the reports survivors have made to let them know you care.

Thanks for your continued support!

Jeni Ambrose

Founder, Executive Director

Brave survivors of Larry Nassar sexual abuse
Brave survivors of Larry Nassar sexual abuse
Join our Twibbon campaign!
Join our Twibbon campaign!


Jun 12, 2018

UPDATE: Summer of sexual violence awareness in Colorado

We are excited to update you on the great progress your contribution to the MapYourVoice "Help support 1 million sexual violence survivors" campaign has made possible. In the roll up to Summer, our team has been gearing up for a targeted sexual violence public awareness campaign that will take place in the state of Colorado.

Colorado is a perfect place to demonstrate the recources MapYourVoice can bring to a community because (unfortunately) Colorado is home to the gamut of sexual violence issues MapYourVoice is designed to address - domestic sexual violence, child sexual abuse, sexual assault on campuses and throughout communities, and the fragile state of sexual victimization many undocumented migrants experience. And you may not have known it, but Denver International Airport is among the highest ranked airports for human trafficking.

This summer, our core volunteer team and a group of talented university interns from around the United States will descend upon Colorado, spearheading a statewide campaign to raise awareness and connect the dots between all forms of sexual violence.  Our efforts will include collaborating with street-level survivors support and prevention organizations and bringing the public and private sectors onboard through sustained news and social media campaigns. 

Our goal?

To support 2000+ survivors in Colorado on the MapYourVoice platform. 

Plus, we plan to raise $50,000+ that will be donated directly to street-level organizations in Colorado to infuse their efforts with needed capital as we send more survivors their way through this campaign.

We will make sure to keep you up-to-date on how things go!


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