Mar 5, 2020

Meeting 3 essential sexual trauma recovery needs

Providing 3 essential needs
Providing 3 essential needs

For decades, experts in the field of psychology have understood there are 3 basic necessities for recovering from sexual trauma: safely telling, getting help, and connecting with others who understand and care. Designed by trauma therapy specialists, MapYourVoice provides universal access to these essential recovery steps to survivors in every city, town and village across the globe.



Often when survivors tell about their assault, they are met with a less-than-supportive response. This can add more pain and isolation to an already traumatic experience. MapYourVoice provides a safe, anonymous, and therapeutic process for taking the first essential step of telling. And because it can feel unsafe to speak up in-person, survivors benefit from the distance, anonymity, and security of our web-based platform.



Our ever-growing network of support includes 1000’s of “street-level service organizations” to support survivors with their specific needs. Be it police protection, emergency medical care, counseling services, safe havens, suicide prevention, legal aid, child protection, crisis intervention and more, MapYourVoice gives survivors the easiest and fastest route to pinpoint and access appropriate local support.



Sexual violence is a very isolating experience - survivors are left feeling very alone with their trauma. By witnessing the stories of other survivors, and being witnessed, each survivor can gain the cathartic experience of knowing they are not alone and that others indeed understand what they have been through. This can help to re-infuse life with meaning and give a more accurate, less self-harming perspective on the assault.


Thanks for being a part of our global network of people who care about survivors and act with MapYourVoice to end sexual violence worldwide.



Dec 6, 2019

Our gratitude during this season of giving

Dear MapYourVoice supporters,

This year has flown by with so many great developments and new connections being made. A big part of our work at MapYourVoice is getting the word out about the important public service we provide to survivors of sexual violence. That means reaching out to survivors and potential collaborators, including those in government, advocacy, public health, technology, and more. 

We are happy to report that as people find out about MapYourVoice, they are responding positively and want to find out how they can help.  It feels great knowing the world is so full of people who care and want to act to make a difference on the issue of sexual violence.

During this season of giving, we hope you'll remember that your tax-deductible donations to our organization help us march forward on our mission to support 1 million survivors worldwide.

A safe and happy holiday season to you and yours!

Sep 5, 2019

Being safe enough to speak up

Support buttons
Support buttons

Periodically we like to connect with our supporters to let you know how things are going with our mission to help sexual violence survivors reclaim their voices and lives from sexual trauma.

If you’ve been following current events, you’ve likely watched as sexual perpetrator, Jeffrey Epstein, has finally being apprehended by U.S. federal agents after decades of sex-trafficking and sexual assault of minors.  And over the past few months, details have continued to emerge about the pervasiveness of child sex abuse of boys by over 300 leaders in Boy Scouts of America. 

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a cascade of shocking stories of abuse and assault become public.  While these abuses are just coming to our awareness, many represent long term, systemic abuses.  Public figures, institutions, trusted leaders preying upon those who trusted them…often harming the most vulnerable among us.

MapYourVoice provides a pathway for survivors who haven’t felt safe enough to speak up, to have their voices heard, be supported and access the help they need.  Through our secure, anonymous assault report, survivors can safely share what they’ve, often painfully, kept locked away inside.  Site visitors can click the “support buttons” to encourage survivors and let them know they’re not alone.  And through our extensive, user-friendly map of local support resources every survivor finds in their online account, that first step to getting help is made easier than ever.

With as many stories of sexual violence as are being revealed, there are still so many more left untold.  With your continued help, we can continue to encourage and reassure survivors across the globe that their voices matters…that they matter. 

Thanks so much for supporting this important endeavor!


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