Mar 17, 2021

Healthy Women, Healthy families

The COVID-19 situation in the communities where we work is aggravated as in all of Albania.

The last two montsh (January – February 2021) there was increased number of the people infected and the deaths. From the beginning of the pandemic until today the situation of COVID-19 in Albania is:

  • 118,492 confirmed cases
  • 81,810 people are recovered
  • 2,077 deaths and
  • 34,896 are active cases

During the reporting period (December 2020 – February, 2021) there were limited numbers of the activities organized due to the increased number of cases with COVID-19. 

Due to the situation participation in activities has been reduced and Diakonia Agapes has not been able to travel to the area. In the areas where activities have taken protocol required by the Ministry of Health were followed. During this period the women are counseled online.

Diakonia Agapes intends to start the activities in the coming period. 

The support for the women is crucial and Diakonia Agapes will continue to have in its focus.

Thank you for your contribution. 

Nov 2, 2020

Healthy Women, Healthy families

Moments from the distribution Belsh municipality
Moments from the distribution Belsh municipality

On March 2020, Albania was hit by COVID-19 pandemic. The first case of COVID-19 in Albania was detected on March 9, 2020 and on March 10, all citizens were alerted of the new lockdown policy by text from Prime Minister Edi Rama, who said the policy was regrettable but necessary. On March 11, 2020 the World Health Organization declared the global outbreak a pandemic. 

On March 24, 2020 the Albanian Government declared the “state of natural disaster” across the country for a period of 30 days, which was later extended by two more months and ended on 

23 June, 2020. Albania was locked down which had negative consequences on large parts of the population. The people still suffering from the consequences of the November 26, 2019 earthquake were particularly impacted as many of them had not yet been able to return to their lives before the earthquake. 

The Covid-19 pandemic produced a notable recession of the economy. Within the domestic market, SMEs, manufacturing and tourism sectors were among the most affected. 

During the reporting period was not permitted to have gatherings and due to that Diakonia Agapes staff has not been able to continue the implementation of the Healthy women, Healthy families project

Diakonia Agapes has been able to utilize the funds provided by GlobalGiving for the Albania Earthquake Response. The intervention aimed to assist the needy families that have been affected by the November 2019 earthquake with food and hygiene items and to improve and reinforce the preparedness of DA staff and parishes to respond to the natural and human-caused disasters and emergencies. The assistance provided was also linked to the COVID 19 situation. 

Advantage was given to families with minors, elderly and PwD family members. The families supported had their homes destroyed by the earthquake and some of them were still living in tents and containers. All of the families had at least one person with disability. Some of them still were afraid to return back to their homes and the children were facing psycho-social problems. 

The families were supported with food and hygiene items and other materials. The food packages included basic items such as: olive oil (2 bottles), sunflower oil (4 bottles), flour (25 kg), sugar (3 kg), rice (5 kg), pasta (10 packs), beans (4 kg). 

The hygienic packages included items such as: clothes detergent (3 units), dishes detergent (2 units), detergent for toilet (2 units), floor detergent (2 units), hair shampoo (2 units), toothpaste (2 pieces), toothbrush (4 pieces), soap (6 pieces), alcohol (2 bottles), body towel (2 pieces), face towel (2 pieces). 

The assistance was delivered to 10 families (totaling approximately 60 people) in the Municipality of Belsh. 

Wood stoves were also distributed to 4 of these families according to the needs assessed by DA and the representatives of the local government.

Also, Leaflets (awareness raising materials) on how to cope with the  natural and human-caused emergencies in the future (with a focus on the earthquake) were also prepared, produced and distributed to these families as well as to the communities targeted by the project. Information related to the COVID-19 pandemic and specific guidance as defined by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of Albania was also included in the leaflets. 

10 emergency response kits were prepared for DA office staff. The emergency kit includes a vest (with DA logo), a helmet, a pair of gloves, a flashlight, and a whistle. Equipment with emergency kit gives DA the possibility to have a standardized structure for emergency preparedness and response. 

Even though Diakonia Agapes did not have the possibility to implement the Healthy women, Healthy families project, the intervention that has taken place have women in its focus. 

Your support is needed and Together we could make it!

Beneficiary of food and hygienic package Belsh
Beneficiary of food and hygienic package Belsh
The package
The package
Moments from the distribution Tirana municipality
Moments from the distribution Tirana municipality
Moments from the distribution in Belsh
Moments from the distribution in Belsh
May 7, 2020

Healthy Women, Healthy families

The project Healthy Women, Healthy families started its implementation on January 2018. So far, the implementation of the activities took place in in four villages of Kuçova Municipality (Tapi, Perondi, Magjatë and Kozarë villages). The project implementation, aims to screen for cervical cancers and sexually transmitted diseases for approximately 800 women living in rural areas of Albania. Having early treatment will improve the women’s life and their families. 

 March 9, 2020 in Albania was declared the emergency phase due to the COVID 19. Everything was closed down and no permission to travel around the country. Due to the pandemic situation Diakonia Agapes was not able to reach to the women and continue its activity. Starting from May 18, 2020 there will the possibility to travel to the areas but still is not permitted to continue with the gathering of the population.

Diakonia Agapes will continue the project implementation and we request your financial support to bring a change in the life of the women who live in rural areas in Albania. 

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