Jun 17, 2019

Updates before Summer...

Jean in Huaxin Hospital
Jean in Huaxin Hospital

Dear all, 

we hope this finds you well, thank you so much for all your steadfast loyalty, now up to you to enjoy the fruits of your support:

 1. Clown program 

The program works like a clockwork every week at the Beijing Children Hospital, and every 2 weeks at Beida, ensured by Masterclown Mr. Liu. 

Our French clown, Jean, visits regularly the Huaxin Hospital. Huaxin hospital is smaller and the interaction with the children is on a much more intimate scale, we never really know how many children are present, it can range from 2 - 15. 

Impact does not necessarily always stand for a large number of children reached.  We like the smallness of the Huaxin hospital, and the extra sensitivity required. Contrary to the vast corridors and large wards of the Beijing Children Hospital, Huaxin has only small play room. It comes alive every saturday when our volunteers from Playtime program go to play with the children, often flanked and supported by Jean. Here some impressions. 

Unfortunately Jean will be going away for some travel after summer. We hope he will be back to China afterwards, in the meantime he's thinking to get some training done. The development of a quality training program remains our challenging top priority.

2. Abracadabra

Some years ago we ran a program, called Abracadbra, our Make-a-wish program, to fulfil the heart's desire for hospitalised children. We are now reviving it ,and received the first donation from the Beijing British Club. 

3. Dulwich College Beijing approves students' choice 

The Y 10 - 13 senior school students of f Dulwich College in Beijing (already a generous supporter) have chosen Magic Hospital as charity of the year 2019/2020! The students are particularly interested to support the Abracadabra program, and will also participate in our activities under the Playtime and Outdoorsy Day program. 

4. Sit less play more  - recommendations from the WHO

We thought you may be interested in the latest recommendations from the Wolrd Health Organisation, about the importance of play activities for children. https://www.who.int/news-room/detail/24-04-2019-to-grow-up-healthy-children-need-to-sit-less-and-play-more

5. Other recent activities 

- Team building activities for migrant worker children at Keystone Academy, our third amazing collaboration with Hotchkiss School Alumni club: fun jog chase game, teams competing in jump rope, push up, sprinting, and squats. Everybody just had enough time to catch their breath for the second part: Sharing wisdom. Modeled after “Are you smarter than a 5th grader?”, and “Jeopardy”, the kids shared the stage with the adults answering some of the most interesting questions for ex. What was your biggest fear growing up, and how did you overcome it? Feedback from one of the students: 

Today was the most rewarding experience because I got to share my opinion on things, and truly spoke up for myself. Adults could benefit from listening to kids more because we also have interesting things to say “.

- Thanks to the Beijing Guoan football team the kids from Gucheng migrant school had an amazing experience at the stadium in May:  VIP seats, original Jerseys with autographs and of course yummy dinner before the game made it an unforgettable event

- and the team from MH Outdoorsy Program organised a zoo visit for the children from the Gucheng migrant school, a fun day for 21 children from Gucheng Migrant school…

In the next report we hopefully can tell you also more details about the Magic Beans project and the new Excelerator project...

If you have questions, comments or ideas or simply want to drop a note to say Hi, my mailbox is litterally open 24/7 for you: claudia.vogg@magichospital.org 

None of this would be possible if it weren't for people like yourself, so Thank you for being there. 

Have a wonderful week!






Before the big football Match...
Before the big football Match...
Smarter than a 5th grader?
Smarter than a 5th grader?
It's Pandatime!
It's Pandatime!
Mar 22, 2019

Clown Program update

Jean and staff in Nepal
Jean and staff in Nepal

Dear all, 

we trust this finds you well? We want to share an update with you, that we could have not achieved without you. With your contribution and help we financed 96 clown visits in 2 hospitals during the year 2018. 
Mr. Liu, our hero and “ chief clown” continues to be amazing, you would love him! Ms. Rebecca Archer, a Beijing-based mother and writer, wrote in Beijing Kids Magazine: 
"For some children it is their first time seeing a clown or professional entertainer. the children sit entranced, spell-bound by Mr. Liu. He is Magic Hospital's longest serving clown, with an infectious giggle and aweseome magic tricks!"
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if one day every child’s first words about a hospital stay were: “I saw a clown!”  
In our past reports we told you that we are working on the expansion of our program, it is still in the progress. And we keep you updated about those exciting times ahead.
What else? 
Visiting hospitalised children in neigbouring Nepal
One of our hospital clowns "Jean" travelled to Nepal. He brought with him joy, toys and clothes, the fruits of the "Show Kindness" project back in Beijing. He encouraged children to bring gifts they wanted to share with those less fortunate. And keenly they brought...
Jean visited the International Children Hospital of Kathmandu, and the “Bandipur Hospital”. Jean, the staff, children and their parents he shared magic moments. Many sad faces lit up with smiles. The best encouragement to continue for the artist’s warming heart..
He often accompanies also our volunteers from the Playtime Group. Each Saturday a group of volunteers goes to the Huaxin Hospital to play with children hospitalised for heart surgery. 
New Year of the Pig
On February 1st we visited the Migrant Children’s House in Gucheng, Shunyi, bringing gifts for the upcoming Chinese New Year. 
Our volunteer Shewmay writes: " Then look at this fabulous art craft which we made together: Chinese lanterns and other colourful decorations. We decorated the school with them, fire crackers and auspicious Chinese symbols. A beautiful sight indeed! The real celebration at the end was the best, with a feast of snacks and gifts for all the children. The little ones were filled with smiles and giggles, as they all headed home with faces glowing of happiness and warm wishes for the New Year. A wonderful day I will always remember!" 


Other initiatives
-  we started an MH Music Band! Their grand premiere will be on the 30th of March during an event for Autism day. 
- "Magic beans" project. We did this many years back with a parent group in Guangzhou, whose children had cancer. It was a big success. 
We hope that you enjoy what you receive, as this is also the fruit of your passion and support. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch with me!

Warmest regards


Jean and kids in Nepal
Jean and kids in Nepal
supporting children and their families
supporting children and their families
Satrting the year of the Pig
Satrting the year of the Pig
Dec 26, 2018

Seasons' greeting and Thank you!

Season's greetings to you!

I wanted to send you a heartfelt Thank you. We are so grateful that you chose to be part of the Magic Hospital community this year! 

We have had lots of amazing events this year, and you helped our flagship program Clowns and Co to remain up and running. Your support was so vital to bringing  joy and smiles, and help the children through their hospital stay. 

We can't wait to bring you even more news in 2019.

So, thank you very much for having taken out a moment of your busy life and share your kind spirit and passion with the hospitalised children. 

I wish you and your family joy, serenity and peace for 2019. 

Happy Holidays!

Magda The, President of Magic Hospital

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