Sep 4, 2019

Autonomy and Independence for blind people in Brazil

Actions developed, in the period, to fulfill the object: In the last quarter of the project (March to May) the activities happened as planned.

Children and young people continue in specialized care, some have already completed the process, others will continue beyond the project. In general, they will or will pass through all technical areas after being individually assessed. Young people are mostly cared for in groups, understanding the innumerable gains resulting from their own life stage.

Thematic Group - Developing Talents

The second group of Developing Talent Youth is in its final stages. The young people together with the teacher and psychologist develop a fables playwright based on their life stories. The work is developed through theatrical and body games for their development. The purpose is that they develop themselves discovering their talents and abilities. The activity is part of the process of youth rehabilitation and preparation for the world of work.

In addition to interventional care, we carry out the following socio-educational activities:  05/03 - Storytelling and book release

We participated in the launch of the book "Como Dorinha vê o mundo” (How Dorinha Sees the World), and we prepared a storytelling with drawing activities for the children. In addition to presenting the book created by Mauricio de Souza in honor of Dorina Nowill, we encourage children served the habit of reading through playful activities. The characters Monica and Dorinha also visited the Institution and animated the party!

05/04 - Launch Book Release (Narizinho)

About 40 children and young people with their families participated in the Launch of Mauricio de Souza's “Narizinho” Book at the Villa Lobos Library. In addition to knowing the book firsthand, the children attended a breakfast at the Dorina Foundation and at the event received from the hands of Mauricio de Souza a thermostat relief design along with his signature. Everyone had fun to worth!!!

Reach within the reporting period

From March to May:

  • All the 140 Children and 85 Adolescents received specialized care. (Throughout the project).
  • Counting 325 individual or group calls for children and 827 calls for young people
  • 25 children and adolescents are in the process of literacy of the Braille system.
  • Another 04 schools were oriented on the literacy process of the visually impaired person.
  • 200 family members or caregivers oriented on issues related to visual impairment and participants of the process of including your children.
  • About 200 family members received care and participated in the entire qualification process (Throughout the project).
  • Counting for 517 visits to family members of children and adolescents (last quarter).
Jun 5, 2019

Autonomy and Independence for children and adolesc

Achievement report and execution of the object

Project: Autonomy and Independence for children and adolescents with visual impairment

Actions developed during the period to achieve the objective:

In the third quarter of the project (December / 2018 to February / 2019) activities occurred as planned.

Children and young people continue in specialized care, according to the demand presented by the subject. In general, they go through all technical areas, after evaluated individually. The young people are, mostly attended in groups, understanding the innumerable gains arising from the life stage themselves.

In this quarter, the number of service was lower, due to the collective vacation period of the Customer Service Team.

In addition to the interventional interventions, we carried out the following socio-educational activities:

12/05/18 - Affordable movie session and deliveries of Christmas gifts for children

About 115 children and their families were to watch the movie "The Grinch" with Audiodescription feature. After the morning of film and popcorn, the staff of Dorina Foundation and Telecine surprised them delivering gifts, as requested in the letter to Santa Claus. Everyone was happy with the surprise and celebrated.

12/15/18 - Fraternization Party - Clients and family

As usual, at the end of the year, we held another party to reconvene with the attendees and their families the achievements achieved during 2018. It was a very lively party and about 250 people attended of all ages, participated in the celebration, including children and young people.



I am Livia's mother, she attends with physical therapist Tatiana and while she is treated, I go to the psychologist Rita. Both Livia and I love to be here. I always learn something every time I come. I feel that the professionals who serve us are qualified and have a lot of attention with Lívia. She will enter the day care center next year. I want to talk to the teacher about the conversation I will have at school. "

Nadia de Pontes Ruzon Hingst - mother of the baby Lívia de Pontes Ruzon Hingst (2 years)



Goal fulfillment

From December to February:

 -114 children and 60 adolescents received specialized care.

 - Counting 250 individual or group consultations for children and 681 consultations for young people.

- 30 children and 20 adolescents are in the process of literacy Braille

 - Another 02 schools trained on the literacy process of the visually impaired person.

- 60 family members received care and participated in the entire habilitation process;

 - Counting 397 care for relatives of children and adolescents.

Mar 11, 2019

Autonomy and Independence for children and adolescents with visual impairment

Dear Donor,

During the first semester of the project (June to November / 2018) activities occurred as planned.

Children and young people enrolled for the project started attending from the beginning, participating in the entire Reception process and then going to the specialized service, where they are evaluated in an individualized way by the technical area.

From the context raised, the child and the young person are referred for individual or group assistance. The majority of the young people are assisted in a group, understanding the innumerable gains arising from their own life stage.

The theme groups are still ongoing, supporting the development of the young people served.

Thematic groups have also been held to support their development.

- Developing talents: workshops in groups having as a working tool the corporal expression through the artistic language, like theater, music, dance, among others, being defined from the profile and interest of the group. 06 young people participated in the workshops, built an interview scene where everyone had roles, and the main theme was: What are my talents?

The group was very involved, even created a bond of friendship and complicity among young people. The profiles of the students are very different and the evolution of the students is evident in several aspects: personal positioning, participation, excitement, involvement and availability in the activity, as well as self-perception about their own difficulties. Some still have difficulty with reading, speaking or not putting too much. Young people prepare for the final presentation.

- Digital inclusion workshops: It is a basic requirement in the world of work, so we offer the course with emphasis on student employability, which in addition to learning the Office package, learns to use the accessibility features and assistive technology of visual impairment.

We highlight the testimonies:

"Even with great demand I had the opportunity to take the course quickly, which motivated me to go back to study and continue the use of the computer. "

"The teacher takes all doubts and is professional trained; the teacher is always updated, giving us important information ";

"The difference is that the computer course gives more opportunity in the job market, especially to people with visual impairment."

In addition to the interventional interventions, we carried out the following socio-educational activities:

1. Week of the Professions, which had a series of activities aimed at young people with visual impairment, where issues related to seeking guidance on the universe of work, career development and professional growth were addressed. Among the activities we highlight:

• Conversation wheel, on the choice of profession, conducted by professionals with visual impairment: Maria Regina Lopes (Social Work), Monica Barros (Psychology), Marcelo Panico (Law) and Marcos Nakagawa (Technology and geek universe);

• Workshop and Dynamics on non-violent communication conducted by the consultant Ismael Almeida Iba of the company DorseyRocha;

• Career Protagonism Workshop (Curriculum, LinkedIn and Job Interview) conducted by the Lee Hecht Harrison Team.

1. We held the second Professions Week of 2018 containing: immersion in Accenture company, lecture with Elizabeth Sequeira, from Leforte Hospital, with the theme: The expected position for the World of Work. Chat with psychologist and educational inclusion consultant Danilo Namo and with actress, singer and writer Sara Bentes, both visually impaired, who talked about their life stories, perspectives and careers.

2. Sailing experience with Adaptive Sailing - Through the Sailing Sense project, customers were able to drive the boats, were responsible for both the helm, giving direction to the sailboat, as well as the cables and sails. With these actions we were able to work on essential points in the holistic development of Dorina Foundation clients.

3. Visit Brazilian Paralympic Center - We take a group of 15 children and young people with their families, to know the space and to experience all the activities offered. Everyone was delighted with the accessible space, trained professionals and the range of possibilities of inclusion in the Sport !!!

4. Visit the Louis Braille Library - taking advantage of the school holidays, we carried out a Socio-educational activity in partnership with the Louis Braille Library at the Vergueiro Cultural Center, with the aim of presenting and encouraging the use of accessibility related resources for reading the children; 14 children and their families participated. Guaranteed, yielded good stories!

5. Reading Week (in commemoration of the National Book Day)
The National Reading Day is celebrated on October 12 and on the 29th of the same month the National Book Day and to celebrate these dates, we organized the second edition

6. Curriculum vitae led by Lee Hecht Harrison - young people were advised on how to design a resume, how to register on search sites, interview tips and selective process simulation.

Testimonials collected during the visits and activities of some young people:

Rodolfo, also in a context of how he imagines the future, told us: "To have the freedom to hunt for your dreams of survival, that's how I feel things today. to live in the middle of this forest.There is so much inside the people that want and need to explode.In the future people would have more posture, could face the masculine world knowing how to position themselves in relation to what one wants.It is not easy being you."

Nikolas:" Sometimes I think I was born to be tragic, not everything is flowers today. The future will be what we do today and live within the reality Collaborating with the other, independent of that other being a person with a disability or not People have to be more patient with each other Understand the limitations of each one. For example, people need to be patient with the blind. Know and understand their limitations. What we face day to day.

"Speaking of potentials and limitations, Marlon quotes:" Each is a vital organ in this great organism life. This life that sometimes begs us to fuck ... I've already broken things, I felt revolted; but I've learned something from the theater course I'm doing. The difference between life and theater is that the theater ends up being a rehearsal for life. In the theater things happen on time and you can change. But in life everything needs some time. This time comes from the past and leads us to the future. The present is just an interval, where things suddenly happen."

Gabriel:" People often do not see someone else's power because that person does not see."

Felipe:" I think it's all a matter of allowing ourselves to be who we are. Life is like a dance, every step, a discovery that the very movement of life takes us. We need to let ourselves be led by that flow. To believe."

"I think the way we are received here at the Foundation is perfect; everyone is to be congratulated."

"The complementary activities were great because it was an apprenticeship and an opportunity for the job market".

"They were enriching experiences for both those who have notions and those who do not."

"I feel ready to come back active after being aware of accessibility."

All these actions can only be done through you, who supports our work, providing autonomy and independence to thousands of children and adolescents in Brazil.

Thank you so much!

Alexandre Munck

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