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The BARKA Foundation's mission is to serve as a catalyst for achieving the SDGs in Burkina Faso, West Africa. Our methodology is community-led, grassroots and combines indigenous and modern technologies to develop a set of best practices in areas of clean water accessibility, sanitation, irrigation, sustainable agriculture, women's empowerment, education, healthcare, and renewable energy. BARKA's work is ultimately about co-creating a culture of peace.
Apr 3, 2013

Happy Spring from BARKA Foundation

BARKA Staff in Burkina
BARKA Staff in Burkina

Dear BARKA Foundation Supporters,

For the past several months the BARKA staff has been hard at work planning the details of Phase Two of the project you've already donated to here on Global Giving.  BARKA's new Country Coordinator, Pauline Ducreux (see photo below), is forming partner relations on the ground in Burkina Faso and helping us to detail the expenses for the project's forthcoming activities which include:

  • Installation of an irrigation system for a village market garden to bloster food security and grow surplus crops to sell at market (the system will connect to the new well we drilled last year)
  • Women's empowerment through small sustainable businesses (village women are currently forming an association to manage and operate a "multi-function platform" which has a wide range of time-saving technologies including milling grains, polishing rice, crushing shea nuts, welding, and more)
  • Generation of electricity through solar power to charge batteries and cell phones which are becoming more prevalent even in the bush of rural Africa
  • An evening literacy program made possible by solar-powered lights (it is estimated that 1 in 1000 people in rural Burkina can read; Burkina is the most illiterate nation in the world)

BARKA's two award-winning country-based partners include Association Chant de Femmes (The Association of the Song of the Women, which works with over 250 villages in eastern Burkina) and Tin Tua (which runs literacy programs in local languages and distributes the Multi-Function Platforms).

We anticipate returning to Burkina later this year to begin implementation on this next phase of the project.  We are estimating its impact to reach beyond Tantiaka and positively benefit at least 2500 people. 

We look forward to keeping you abreast of the latest developments and give thanks to you for your continued support of this important work.  We can't do it without you!  Together, we are changing the world.


Ina & Esu and the BARKA staff

Women's Meeting @ Tantiaka
Pauline Ducreux with the local king of 44 Villages
Pauline Ducreux with the local king of 44 Villages
Dec 31, 2012

Clean Water & Latrines- Done. Food Security- Needs Your Support

Dear BARKA Supporter,

We wanted to reach out to you to share some wonderful news: BARKA has received two major gifts totaling $5000.  We'd like to specifically acknowledge an anonymus donor and The Frederika and Wardner Gilroy Foundation and its Trustees Glen and Lesley Niemy for their generous contributions and unyielding faith in the work of The BARKA Foundation.

We're excited by these extraordinary acts of generosity. With your help to match these funds, we will be able to return to Burkina Faso to drill a 2nd well and begin Phase 2 of the Project in Tantiaka.  Now that the village has clean water and improved sanitation, the next step is to bolster food security through irrigation, and to empower women through time-saving technologies.
We thank you for your generous support to date which has made our accomplishments in 2012 possible.  Now, as we look forward to goals and objectives in 2013, we ask you to consider helping us to match $5000 to continue what we've begun.  Together we can help the village of Tantiaka become more resilient in the face of a worsening food crisis.  Together we can change the world.
Sending you joy and blessing for a happy and healthy new year!
Nov 13, 2012

Capitalizing on Success; Envisioning the Future

On Your Mark, Get Set, Go! Bangor, ME, 10/7/12
On Your Mark, Get Set, Go! Bangor, ME, 10/7/12

Dear Friend,

The situation in Burkina Faso has worsened since our last project report. Political instability to the north in Mali,  increased climate variability, a rapidly growing population, declining soil fertility and rising costs of agricultural inputs have led to predictions of catastrophic famine and food insecurity in the Sahel.  Your support of BARKA's work in Burkina is now more important than ever.

After the successful implementation of the WASH project in Tantiaka earlier this year, which you helped us to accomplish, we are preparing for next steps.  Phase 2 of the project in Tantiaka involves the women of the village.  They asked BARKA to help them secure a machine to grind the millet which will save hours of labor each day.  Not only is this a time-saving technology, it will also lead to the creation of many small sustainable businesses providing social and economic independence to women for the first time in their lives.

In addition, we've identified a new village which desperately needs a well.  Women of Lampiadi, a rural village close to Tantiaka, walk 7km every day for water.  Can you imagine?!   The village is so determined to address this dire need that villagers organized a water & sanitation committee on its own and even raised $1000-- an enormous sum in a village where the average income is roughly $.50/day. 

BARKA is currently raising funds to return to Burkina to implement Phase 2 in Tantiaka and Phase 1 (clean water & hygiene education) in Lampiadi.  Won't you join us as we move forward and deepen our work and commitment to the people of Burkina?

Meanwhile, there's lots going on at home in the US:

  • Hundreds of people gathered in both Bangor, ME and Marblehead, MA to run or walk the 5k "Peace, Water & Wisdom Race/Walk" which was organized entirely by students of John Bapst Memorial High School and Marblehead High School.  Photos and press coverage of the events below.
  • Got reciprocity? BARKA established a sister-city relationship between Great Barrington, MA and Fada N'Gourma.  This was officially kicked off in Massachusetts on September 19 in honor of the International Day of Peace. See news stories below.

Thank you for walking this sacred path together with us.  We are honored to walk alongside you. We send early holiday greetings and blessings for vibrant health and deep peace for the new year. Barka!

Student organizers from Bapst HS led the event.
Student organizers from Bapst HS led the event.
Students from Marblehead HS Carry the Burkina Flag
Students from Marblehead HS Carry the Burkina Flag
Organizers from Marblehead HS Interact Club
Organizers from Marblehead HS Interact Club
Inaugurating the Sister City on Peace Day
Inaugurating the Sister City on Peace Day


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