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Jul 17, 2018

Global Giving Bonus Day

GG Rewards Bonus Day is Wednesday, July 18th. On this day donations made between 9:00am to 11:59pm EDT* to Superstar ranked organizations (such as AIDSLink) will be matched at 50% (there will be $120,000 in matching funds available). All day long there will be a 100% match on new recurring donations, $9,000 in bonus prizes, and promotional prizes!

We are again going to raise funds for AIDSLink Nepal on this day. Please encourage your friends and family to consider making a donation on July 18th. Click here to see the project.

Last year we raised over $15,000 which has made huge difference to the ministry.

These are some of the things that your donations in 2017 helped achieve.

  • Sixty-six new clients and 196 current clients (from outside Kathmandu) made use of the services offered at the Care Centre.
  • We continue to have a good relationship with the various hospitals and were able to help 1,815 patients (access lab. tests, Dr’s. check up, HIV test, CD4 count, viral load, caring for in-patients needs, counselling about HIV treatment, etc). Of these 382 were new patients whom we helped navigate the hospital system.
  • There are 36 children in the scholarship programme. One child had a heart problem and needed an operation which we helped her mother pay for.
  • We are running three support-groups. Two are outside Kathmandu. We have staff in two areas outside Kathmandu.
  • We held 17 HIV awareness programmes around the country.
  • The death of a co-worker shocked us and there were many question around how to best help her children (their father passed on a few years previously). One of the children (who is himself living with HIV) became suicidal and is staying at the Care Centre until we find a better solution.  

* 9am on 18th July EDT is 2pm 18th July in the UK and 3pm in South Africa. 11.59pm 18th July is 4.59am 19th July in the UK and 5:59am i.n South Africa. 

May 10, 2018

Reality Check

Play Therapy
Play Therapy

In the afterschool programme there 29 children, they and their families are helped physically by providing lunch, fruit and Nucleo four afternoons a week, and handing out food parcels every week. 

By getting these regular meals and the Nucleo supplement, we see the children grow not just physically, but also in their school results, socially and emotionally. 

In the long term we want to see the children grow to be adults who can provide for themselves and their families, without being limited by their health and abilities. That way they can make an impact in their families and communities, and reach out to others that need help.

Reality Check

One child’s father found out that he was HIV positive, after a long battle of trying to get him into the local clinic for testing (due to him being a foreigner). When he tested positive he was immediately put on ARVs, but it was a huge challenge for him to take medication as he had no work, no food and the children are the ones who are taking care of him.

The team managed to provide food and Nucleo for him every evening so that he could to take his medication on a full stomach. However, he continued to get sick since he started medication too late, he later passed away. Because they are foreigners the children don’t have any other relatives here and were taken to a place of safety where they are kept to date, the team continues to have contact with them.

May 10, 2018

There is life after diagnosis

Client at care centre
Client at care centre

Sunil*, an AIDSLink Nepal volunteer, met Kavita* who was in tears at the hospital, after discovering she had contracted HIV from her husband. 

AIDSLink Nepal continues seeking to educate and support persons affected and infected by HIV and AIDS.  Kavita, like many people in Nepal, knew nothing about HIV, except the incorrect idea that you die immediately after contracting the virus. 

Sunil and his team immediately started counselling and educating Kavita, showing her there is life after diagnosis.  Kavita, knowing nothing about the virus or how to care for herself after diagnosis, benefitted greatly from the guidance received from AIDSLink Nepal staff. 

They also took her to a local hospital for treatment, tests, and Antiretroviral Therapy.  Over time, Kavita moved from feeling hopeless, weak and empty, to feeling joy, hope and peace.  She no longer felt like her life was ending, but rather she grew stronger once again with proper nutrition, rest and medical care. 

Even her husband, who once had become too weak to walk, was able to walk again and help around the house. “Through AIDSLink Nepal, I learnt that HIV positive people can have a long, healthy, and peaceful life, full of joy,” exclaimed Kavita.

Making a difference to the children’s education

AIDSLink Nepal continues to make a change and a difference in the education of vulnerable children in Nepal. They were able to provide a good service to 36 children in March by helping their parents with school fees. We are encouraged to press on as we serve each person. 

*Names changed


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