May 21, 2020

Time to rebuild our communities!

LIN's Covid-19 Response Community Fund
LIN's Covid-19 Response Community Fund

Dear friends, 

We hope that you have been staying safe, that the current global situation has been somewhat manageable and that things have slowly been improving for you!

This last quarter has been difficult for everyone, and LIN is no exception. The majority of our plans for 2020 had to be postponed and our goals had to be modified, however this does not mean that we are not making every effort to continue supporting local nonprofits in Vietnam. It has been an extremely challenging time for both nonprofits and LIN, particularly in regards to fundraising due to the financial constraints being faced by companies and individuals alike. Many of the activities we had planned will unfortunately have to be postponed for the foreseeable future, and this has predictably had a significant negative impact on LIN and our local nonprofit partners. 

In the next few months we will have to remain flexible in our approach, however we are planning on continuing our efforts to support local nonprofits that have been devastated by Covid-19 pandemic. Following many conversations with our local nonprofit partners and supporters to understand both challenges and needs in response to this trying time, we recently have introduced our Covid-19 Response Community Fund which will be focused on supporting nonprofits working on specific goals, these being; children & women, education & youth development & employment. The aim is to prevent a major disruption to services in the most vulnerable communities in Vietnam when they need it most. We conducted a survey to identify these needs; for more information about the survey results, please click here

In addition to this, we will also host a webinar for local non profits, focusing on the concept of resilience. The webinar will be titled “Building resilience in the local nonprofit sector in times of crisis”, and will be hosted on the morning of 28th May. The webinar will be based on real case studies, and nonprofits will share their experiences in dealing with challenges during the pandemic, detailing how they have adapted, the specific challenges they have had to face, and the different approaches they have taken to ensure their survival in these extremely uncertain and tumultuous times. 

Things are far from easy for everyone right now, but if we all come together in a small way, we can continue to have a significant impact and rebuild our communities. If you are able to support us in this endeavour please donate to our Covid-19 Response Community Fund campaign on GlobalGiving here or simply spead a word to your friends and family. 

If you have any questions about the Fund, please do not hesitate to drop me an email at Look forward to updating you more in our next report! 

In the meantime, please stay safe and well wherever you are. 


Vo Ngoc Tuyen - Kelly 

Head of Corporate Partnerships & Fundraising 


Mar 12, 2020

Stories of your impact & introduction of Narrow The Gap 2020 - Planet for the next Generation

Community Philanthropy workshop
Community Philanthropy workshop

Dear our invaluable supporters, 

It is that time of year when we have the pleasure of letting you know what the impact of your crucial support has been for the nonprofits through Narrow the Gap Community Program! The unfortunate circumstances surrounding COVID-19 have temporarily impacted many of our planned activities, however we nonetheless wanted to highlight some of the extensive impact which your support has made possible in the past year. 

We are particularly proud of the capacity building workshops we held in the summer which were attended by more than 30 participant nonprofits, who were trained in writing project proposals, working effectively with the community and donors, and building and managing budgets for community development projects. These skills are crucial in ensuring that nonprofits can have a long term impact and not fall victim to so many of the difficulties faced by grassroots nonprofits that lack capacity. 

Ms Thao, representing Teach for Vietnam, attended our event focusing on Community Philanthropy. She told us that her fundamental take away from the session was the realization that nonprofits have to “put community in the center and change from [viewing themselves] as beneficiaries [to viewing themselves] as partners and leader”. Ms Thu, who works for Knowhere Makerspace Educational nonprofit, attended a sharing day on proposal writing told us that she discovered a new approach during the day as “the guest speaker emphasized that to get the grant, [it was not about persuading LIN], but about persuading the community”. 

Much of what the Narrow the Gap program aims to do is create networks and community buy in for the work being done by nonprofits and therefore it is also important to highlight the experiences of the people who volunteered for Narrow the Gap in the past year. Ms Huong who is a member of Grant Allocation Committee highlighted this in her testimonial, saying “It’s so lucky for me to have a chance to read a lot of projects from small, medium, and big organizations in varied areas in the whole country”. Khanh, who has volunteer with Narrow the Gap since March 2019, summarized exactly what LIN’s purpose is: “working with LIN’s staff in many activities made me realize that the best thing I can do for communities is not money [or] material things, it is knowledge, capacity, network, and what [is] most important is belief”. 

That is all for now. Moving forward, we are also excited to kick off this year campaign titled "NARROW THE GAP 2020 - PLANET FOR THE NEXT GENERATION” working towards the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nation. 

Narrow The Gap Community Program 2020 drives towards THE PLANET SET OF SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS (SDGs), including:






In 2020, Narrow the Gap aims to provide 9 grants with a total value of more than $35,000 (~900 millions VND) to local nonprofit organizations which are addressing issues in Vietnam. 

We believe in people effecting change for themselves. By providing financial, capacity building, networking support to local nonprofits who are addressing these environmental issues through Narrow The Gap, we aim to support the community leaders to test and improve the needed solutions for their own communities. 

We hope you will continue to support Narrow The Gap in 2020. Grassroots movements such as these depend on grassroots support, and that's why we really need your help!

There are many ways for you to get involved either donating directly to Narrow The Gap on GlobalGiving or even create your own fundraiser to support Narrow The Gap by clicking here (it is a very simple step by step process)

If you have any questions about Narrow the Gap, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at

Vo Ngoc Tuyen (Kelly) 

Head of Corporate Partnerships & Fundraising


Jan 24, 2020

Ending 2019 with Collaboration and Gratitude!

Nonprofit speakers sharing at November workshop
Nonprofit speakers sharing at November workshop

Dear friends,

We hope 2020 is off to a great start for you!

LIN Center ended 2019 on a high note with many memorable activities and impact that we are very excited to share with you.

On November 21st, we successfully organized our Cross-Sector Partnership Workshop, "Transformation of Community Development in Vietnam."

The event welcomed more than 60 attendees, ranging from leaders in business, non-profit, and media organizations. The event’s success exceeded our expectations. It once again confirmed our strong belief in the importance of each individual's role in creating long-lasting impact in our communities - socially, economically, and environmentally. The sharing session led to energetic interaction between attendees, especially the in-depth exchange with each speaker, which was positively received by all.

One partnership forged from this workshop between SAITEX and Hear Us Now. SAITEX has just hired new deaf employees, and look to Hear Us Now to provide language, writing, and IT skills training to grow its company. Hear Us Now is a non-profit partner of LIN Center, and a great fit to support this project. We also shared that SAITEX was invited to Blanc, a restaurant in District 1 of Saigon that only employes deaf or hard of hearing individuals, another beneficiary of the Hear Us Now project.

"It was beautiful to see them successfully working and being integrated into their environment. The two team members introduced us to their projects and gave us more background on the issue of deaf people in Vietnam and their struggles. They were delighted to hear about SAITEX 's work and gave us several tips. They also shared with us the dictionary that they developed, currently the most detailed in Vietnam. The team at SAITEX is now using it to make posters that will benefit deaf people and those working with them at SAITEX.", Ms. Virginia of SAITEX told us.

On December 27th, LIN Center organized Mandala Night & NPO Networking 2019: "A Journey for All: SPRING STATION." Through this event, we expressed appreciation to our non-profit partners, volunteers, and supporters, who have accompanied us on the journey to building a stronger community in Vietnam.

"The "SPRING STATION" event marks ten years of LIN Center's presence with the mission of connecting and promoting community philanthropy in Vietnam. The very first event was organized with 20 participants. After ten years, LIN was very pleased to welcome 120 people to meet, connect, and share last night. In 2019, a positive highlight of the non-profit community is the participation of young people in social activities.

Vietnamese and foreign enterprises have also actively participated in activities that bring about long-term social impacts through CSR - CSV program, which has led to the change of many organizations in the development of more sustainable mission and operations.

Being aware of the rapid changes in the world and Vietnam, the non-profit community also adopts new tools. Many organizations have taken advantage of the latest social media network, applied crowd fundraising platforms, and design thinking approach, PRA, business model canvas to the design its operations, etc.

Hopefully, in 2020, the non-profits and individual and organizational philanthropists will have a wonderful year of connecting and building an increasingly kind and prosperous community." Excerpted from the message from Mr. Son - LIN Director of NPO Partnerships.

Thank you again for your support and partnership throughout 2019. We couldn't have gone this far without your generous support and donations. On behalf of the LIN team, may I wish your 2020 will be a meaningful and successful year! We will be in touch with more updates in our next report. If you love what we are doing, please consider continuing to support us on GlobalGiving at or help us spread our messages.


Kelly Vo, Head of Corporate Partnerships & Fundraising



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