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Aug 7, 2020

Just A Girl

Just  A Girl
Just A Girl
Sometimes there is no value of many pages that you wrote as much as a real story because a story is the best told only by whom lived .
Here is the story ;
"Dear Everbody, 
I'm just a girl out of many girls who lives in the world.  Now I would like to tell you about me how education changed my life, thank to you and your support. 
My story started with the divorce of the mother and father of a 6-month-old girl. Until the age of 7, my mother lived in the same house with my two grandmothers. We, two people remained after my mother's marriage and one of my grandmother's death.
My school life started in a small village school. After completing my primary school life in this village school, I had to go to boarding school. It was not a problem for me to have a boarding school, but leaving my grandmother was a big problem. Because she was and she is my biggest supporter in my whole life .
So I thought many times about leaving school. I loved my teachers very much. Because I think the teaching profession is a very sacred profession. I loved my physical education teacher. She was preparing us for athletics competitions. The biggest reason I did not leave school was my physical education teacher.
Our teacher was very interested in us, sought solutions to our problems. Then I went to Anatolian High School with an exam. I was farming on the weekends to buy a test book.
Most of my relatives used to say that it was unnecessary to work for making money and that I would not have to work if I got married. I always hated this thought when I saw that my mother had to get permission from her husband when she wanted to see me. I did not get additional lessons for the exam. I had to help with household works at home.
Even though I could not get the score I wanted, I succeded to enter into to the university instead of listening to them. even though it was not the department I wanted. Whatever I do in life, it is my greatest chance that my grandmother stands like a rock behind me. Now I want to raise hopeful students for the future.Because I just graduated from university and became a teacher.
Just a Girl "
Many thank to our supporters who help enabling us to finish the stories wlth happly ended stories.
Yours Sincerely,
Buldan Foundation
Apr 17, 2020

Spring Will Come Again

Our Dear Supporter,

As Buldan Education and Solidarity Foundation, we have become a big family with your support. As you know, we are going through hard times because of the COVID-19 virus, which affects the whole world. So we wanted to ask you how you are.

As you know, it is very important to stay at home to prevent the spread of the virus. We realize how valuable it is for you to talk face to face with your loved ones and hug them in these difficult days. But we know that we need to do this for a while longer for us and their health.

These days will definitely pass and we think that we can overcome them in a fun way thanks to the activities that can be done online. Maybe it is the right time for us to listen to ourselves and to release the artist within us. For this, if you have any suggestions as to what the Foundation can do, write them to us. We will try to fulfill them as much as possible.

Please take the necessary precautions to protect yourself and your loved ones, you are very precious for us, stay with love and health at home.  We sure that "Spring will definitely come"


On Behalf of Buldan Education and Solidarity Foundation Management and Advisory Board

Jan 27, 2020


Dear friends,


Today, we would like to share the story of someone who will graduate from the Faculty of Medicine soon. Although a bright future awaits her, her story is a bit sad. But the sad side of this story will end soon and she will be a strong young woman standing on her own feet, getting rid of her difficulties. In short, a bright future awaits her despite the difficulties she have. However, it has not been easy for her to achieve them.  Now we will give the floor to her;


 "I actually don't know exactly where to start. My father drowned at the sea in a city where he went to work as a construction worker in 1997. My mother tried to grow us all alone in a village. Later we moved to another city where we could work altogether. We did house cleaning with my mother, brother and sister. We were not welcomed in this city because we came from outside. Life did not allow us to find peace at that time.

 For this reason, I learned at a very young age what poverty and loneliness are. I understood that unless we get a good education and have a profession, life will not fall to us. I knew that I had to study in order to exist, to live as myself. For me, the most valuable person in my life was my mother. My mother fought against very harsh conditions for us, and I had to do something for her.

 Nevertheless, I couldn't have had anything easy in my life, and of course my university life was not easy. Now I'm fighting to exist alone in a city where I study medicine to be a medical doctor. I try to help my family more than myself. Because my mother has been working hard for years, her health has been deteriorated. She has many health problems in her feet and neck.

 My brother is preparing again for the Faculty of Law, and his tuition costs are too high. The salary of jobs that my sister gets is very low. I have to say that it is very difficult to be fatherless and financially inadequate. However, my mother taught us that no matter what happens in this life, we have to study and stand up for the  difficulties. We do this for our mother.

 Luckily, I will be a medical doctor and I want to touch the lives of thousands of girls like me in the future. Let's fill the world with beauty and goodness so that this world is livable despite everything.”

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