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Sep 20, 2017

Seeds for Growth project progress, september 2017

Mr. Kamara, program manager, inspecting the fields
Mr. Kamara, program manager, inspecting the fields

On our way to supporting 100 rural farmers in september 2017!

Thanks to your donations and support during the last 4 months, we have reached the milestone to duplicate the impact of our next maize cropping project again! 

When the results of the harvest of the march-august cropping season will be satisfactory next few days, and all 50 farmers repay the loans, we will be able to expand the project to 100 farmers.


August 2017: Weather issues during rainy season in Sierra Leone

As you may have seen and heard on TV, Internet and other sources, Sierra Leone has suffered from heavy rains in august.

Near Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone, a landslide has caused more than 600 casualties and many other people got injured or lost their homes.

Although less problematic than in Freetown, also in the Malal-Mara Chiefdom exceptional heavy rainfall has occurred, and has created problems during harvesting and drying. Due to the heavy rainfall, natural drying of maize on the wet rural grounds was not possible.

Therefore, we decided to adopt the proposal of our program manager mr. M.S. Kamara to rise the loans for this specific project and deliver Tarpauline plastics to the farmers. And supporting them with better drying and conservation conditions for the maize produce (see the Photos below). The Farmers will repay the tarpauline simultaneously with the Maize-loans.


A brief historic overview and the next steps...

We are committed to run this initiative, and are grateful that you and a growing group of people support us in different ways: by means of donations, promotional initiatives and all other kinds of support!

This assures, that our ambitious development plan to double the impact each 6 months is still on track! And we still believe we will achieve the goal of 500 farmers and their families by the year 2020, improving the livelihoods of 3000 rural inhabitants in Sierra Leone.

Here is a short wrap up of our history:

June 2016: establishment of Seeds for Growth Foundation

September 216: first maize project starts to support 20 farmers

January 2017: first maize project produces 60-80% more products  than farmers were used to.

March 2017: second maize project starts supporting 50 farmers (first expansion)

And here we are now....the next steps:

September 2017: completing the 50 farmers maize project (march-september 2017)

September-october 2017: start the 100 farmers maize project (september 2017 - january 2018)

October 2017: Start preparations for the 4th project: expanding to 200 farmers by march 2018.

October 2017 - January 2018:  Researching complementary projects for the communities: Solar power, Water supply, Transport-facilities.

October - December 2017: New funding campaign for supporting an additional group of 100 farmers by march 2018.



We hope to keep you informed by this report. If you might have other expectations, do not hesitate to mail us! we welcome your improvement ideas!


Thank you for supporting this initiative
Ben Bolland, Kapri Turay & Momodu Sheku Kamara.


Sharing this email will be highly appreciated!


Seeds for Growth supports farmers with Tarpauline
Seeds for Growth supports farmers with Tarpauline
Harvesting maize, august-september 2017
Harvesting maize, august-september 2017
Maize drying in the sun, sept 2017
Maize drying in the sun, sept 2017
Jun 22, 2017

Seeds For Growth Project progress, june 2017.

M.S. Kamara inspecting corn field, may 2017
M.S. Kamara inspecting corn field, may 2017

High crop yield, Kapri Turay visits project area.

Your donations facilitated us to buy seeds, fertilizers and other tools to harvest 60-80% higher crop yield on the 10 Hectares maize area. Recently, in february 2017, Kapri Turay visited the rural families: They showed their gratitude, because they harvested more staple foods and so are able to generate a higher income through the project. All “Seeds loans” have been repaid and an exhanced group of 50 farmers have already begun next seasons project, in march 2017. 

On the way to 100 Farmers, help wanted!

Since we started in June 2016, lots of work has been done; the first harvest, project expansion to 25 ha and interest from the Siera Leonean government. Further growth is difficult without reinforcement of people who help us volunteering with newsletters, communication, campaigns, manage new website, finance, and more...  Interested? Mail us:

Seeds promotion on Radio Apeldoorn.

Saturday morning, June 17th, the local Radio station “RTV Apeldoorn” showed interest in Seeds for Growth  ambition to expand to 500 farmers by the year 2020.

Radio presenter Gert Mulder interviewed Ben Bolland, chairman of SFG about the reasons to start the foundation, our ambitions and the newly started funding campaign.

RTV Apeldoorn is the local Radio and TV broadcasting organi-zation for  the municipality of Apeldoorn, a city in the centre of the Netherlands with about 170,000 inhabitants.

Update funding campaign per June 21st, 2017

We are very grateful to all of you, our donors: Thank you for giving, and sharing our cause, you made our small fund grow USD 2500 within the first 9 days!

We hope this progress will continue in the next 8 days until the closing of the campaign on June 30th.


Thank you for supporting this initiative

Ben Bolland & Kapri Turay


Sharing this email and attachement will be highly appreciated!

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