Jun 25, 2018

Success Story of a Child at DESIRE Society

The 13yr old baby Sushma (name changed) is a special girl child was born to HIV positive parents in India. It is a mother to child transmission incident so she turned out to be a HIV positive by birth. Her mother got to know about HIV status of herself during pregnancy, but she was helpless in regard of saving her baby. After demise of her both parents due to AIDS, this girl and her elder brother were staying at their relatives place for few days.

The baby is on ART(antiretrovial treatment) medication so she needs special care in terms of nutritive food and medication on daily basis. Because of HIV stigma,  she was not invited by her neighbours and closed relatives.

Being neglected by her guardians, her brother lost hope and not able to find any place for her survival. During her ART medicines collection, she happened to met our Program Facilitator atgovernment  hospital.

Later her brother brought the baby to DESIRE Society as it has a care home for such destitute HIV/AIDS children. DESIRE Society has pledged to provide her basic core needs with a self respect and hope for future. The required nutritional diet which was given to this baby helped physical growth in no time. This has motivated our team to render complete services to baby Sushma. 

ART drug adherence was practiced 100% for this baby and she responded with signs of health transformation. The result of CD4 count was improved reasonbly which is very vital for futher survial of a person living with HIV virus. The health wise improvement of this baby has motivated other inmates of the care home.

Earlier , her schooling was in Government school and now she got enrolled for Private school for a quality education. The over all development of the baby has inspired all other inmates and team DESIRE Society.

 This transformation is seen today as baby Sushma"s dream of becoming a "TEACHER “ in future. DESIRE Society, like other children of special needs has committed to enable a sustainable future with a dignity.

Jun 19, 2018

sucess story of special girl


The special girl 6yrs, belong from Raigad District in Maharastra. Her father is used to work as a peon in commercial factory in Mumbai. When her father discovered that he is HIV Reactive, he did not disclose his status to anyone except his wife, who was already pregnant and tested HIV Reactive.

Due to fear of discrimination, boycott from the community and village and with shame he never disclose his status and he never took his wife to the government hospital during the delivery. He forced his wife to give birth at village home in Raigad District.

Today we have advance ART medicines for prevention of HIV from mother to child but due to ignorant, fear and shame, Her parent could never take the advantage of available medicine to save her daughter. Thus she was born with HIV reactive.

She has elder sibling sister who has also gone through similar fate like her and born with HIV reactive.

After her parents death there was no one to take the responsibility of both the children.  It was not just loss of parent but her health condition was also completely neglected. The villagers with gap of 2-3 months use to fetch medicines for her from the city hospital at Sion. Due to poor health facilities and malnutrition she developed skin disease all over her body.

When one of the villagers learned about DESIRE Society from Sion Hospital they immediately admitted both sisters at DESIRE Society, Mumbai.

After admission at DESIRE Society, we priorities on her health condition, even at midnight when she was seriously ill, we admitted her at SionHospital . With lots of love and care she has recovered well.

She is a very pretty and cheerful now she is going in 1st at Maharashtra Vidyalaya English medium School.

Apr 3, 2018

progress of care home special girl

girl at care home
girl at care home


Baby Moksha (name changed) was born on 31st December 2001 in Mangalore village near Udupi, India ina poor family. When she was studying Sr. KGin school she fell from the stairs and she got hurt on her backbone. Doctor told that she needs complete bed-rest for three months. After that incident, her parents had taken care of her at home.Whenbaby was in 2ndstandard her father got sick in 2009 when they showed the doctor. Doctor said that he is suffering from TB and liver infection.Moksha’s father was on medication. But her father died on 21st Nov 2009. Till next 4 years her mother was taking care of her. In 2014 in summer vacation Mokshahad suffered with asthma problem. After that incident she was hospitalized in Sion hospital, Mumbai. When doctor tested her blood, doctor got to know that she is HIV positive.Doctors had started her ART (antiretroviral treatment) medicines. After few months passed, her mother was unwell and that time she got admitted in Sion hospital. Her mother was not able to take care of Baby and herself so she decided to go to village. Her cousin sister met to counselor in Sion hospital. She had suggested her cousin sister about DESIRE Society to take admission for her. After two months Baby Mokshacame to Mumbai and she got admitted atDESIRE Society.


What we did:

We had put her on drug adherence with special nutritious diet. The dedicated care and love extended by team DESIRE and balance of nutrition and medication in time has drastically improved her life pattern.Today the girl is very happy being at care of DESIRE Society and her smile on the face indicates that she is at very right place and is in the safe hands.


Future of Baby Moksha:

Now the baby is very cheerful while having peer group of inmates at care home of DESIRE Society, Mumbai. She isstudying in 8th standard in Ravindra Bharati school English Medium. She wants to become a scientist in future. DESIRE Society thrives to make realize of baby Moksha’s dream through the support from Global Giving platform.

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