May 24, 2021

Children's Literacy Project Update

Children's Literacy Session 1
Children's Literacy Session 1

Masinyusane has hit the ground running in 2021. This is, perhaps, the most important year in Masinyusane’s history. Our children’s education and future is at stake. We are still in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic and this continues to have devastating effects on our children’s education. Schools are currently operating at 50% capacity, meaning many children only attend school two days per week.

To no one’s surprise, it is the poor children that suffer more. Their families have fewer resources at home to teach the children, a lower education base themselves and often lack the ability to hire help if they are off at work. We cannot afford to let our children lose another year of schooling.

At the same time, Stats SA is reporting that half a million South African’s lost their jobs during the pandemic. This on top of our already crippling unemployment rate. Once again, these losses are felt hardest in the more impoverished communities.

Our intervention, which creates employment and focuses on early childhood education, is thus vital at the moment. We are proud to share that we are significantly expanding the size and reach of the project. We continue to build out our innovative model of creating a pipeline of support for children from ages 0 to 10.

We do this by partnering with big primary schools and then the local Early Childhood Development Centres that feed those schools. Over the past 3 months, we have built an additional 5 ECD libraries and literacy centres on-boarding more than 100 children aged 2 to 5.

At the same time, we have expanded our primary school projects to assist more children. We currently operate in five primary schools and 7 early childhood development centres. We are providing 604 children with individual literacy sessions and had 4365 children participating in our library projects in Q1.

Finally, we have already created 84 jobs for previously unemployed local youth. The jobs are life-changing as they provide an income, allow the youth to gain their first work experience and provide them with a sense of purpose and selfworth. We hope to employ 100 by July.

Thank you for making all of this possible. You are helping us give the gift of reading (and thus learning!) to children across the Nelson Mandela Bay in South Africa. You are simultaneously providing dignity, purpose and an income to many talented youth that needed this opportunity.

The return on investment is incalculable.



P.S. Check out the project report attached!

Masi Preschool Literacy Centre
Masi Preschool Literacy Centre


May 23, 2021

Masi Girl's Scholarship Fund: Update

High Schoolers Getting Study Packs
High Schoolers Getting Study Packs

Our Girls Scholarship Fund is off to a great start in 2021. Our high school team has already visited 40 high schools, speaking to Grade 12 classes about the year ahead and what it will take to make it to university. During that process, we identify every single learner that, based on their academic results, could qualify to go to university. We then buy study guides, develop customised study packs of old exams and memos and prepare student profiles to enable us to help apply to universities and bursaries across the country on their behalf.

This year we have appointed a full-time staff member to look after our rural area high schools as we deepen our work in those communities and expand assistance outside of the city. Needless to say, the need is often much greater in these schools. We have already compiled a database with over 292 Grade 12 learners that could potentially attend university in 2022 and will be working tirelessly to help them get there.

On the university front, our team has been working overtime to help students get registered for studies this year. With the academic year postponed due to covid and many courses being transitioned to online learning, the process is confusing for many students. We began by hosting orientations in town for two cohorts of students: 1. Those traveling to other cities and 2. Those studying locally at Nelson Mandela University. Both groups were introduced to their student mentors, provided stipends to help get their year started and given guidance about how to travel, how to find accommodation and how to get registered.

It is a particularly intimidating process for our 1st years traveling to other cities, many for the first time in their lives. Having our student mentors at their side and being introduced to other students attending the same institutions makes a huge difference. Many are also comforted by the fact that senior Masi students are on their respective campuses and always available to help.

Locally, we have identified many of our most impoverished students - those who live 10 to a home, those in wooden shacks, those who are orphaned - and moved them into our Masi Houses of Excellence. Each of these students will be provided with a safe, inspiring and supportive environment from which to concentrate on their studies.

Together, we are creating a generation of female graduates empowered to uplift their own families, solve their own community’s problems and serve as role models to other children.

Thank you for making this all possible.



P.S. Please check out our Q1 Project Report attached. A frinedly reminder that this GlobalGiving project only supports the females on the project :)


Jan 4, 2021

2020 Girls Scholarship Fund Success

Hi Everyone,
We trust you enjoyed your holiday season and that 2021 is off to a good start.
I wanted to share our final 2020 project report (see attached) with you.  We hope you enjoy the photos, stories and statistics.
The project's mission is to create a generation of graduates empowered to uplift their own families and communities and we are happy to report that we hit all major goals and objectives in 2020. All of this, despite the devastating covid-19 pandemic.
Masi Top Learners - 2020 Q4 Update (All Donors) - Email Photos8.jpg
  • Our High School team has been amazing in 2020, achieving all major goals and objectives set. They have been in schools since June, putting themselves at risk every day.
  • We have submitted 1348 university/NSFAS applications to-date.
  • This increased the application rate from 23% to over 88%
  • We continued to run Project Unity, our massive food operation, and are focusing on giving a lot of food parcels, masks and supplies to the Grade 12s.
Masi Top Learners - 2020 Q4 Update (All Donors) - Email Photos12.jpg
  • Our students current pass-rate is an amazing 93%.
  • Our Masi Houses of Excellence remain open, providing free housing to Motherwell's poorest students.
  • We continue to provide support, including food parcels, mentoring and housing to our most impoverished students. 
  • The academic year has been extended through February, so we are doing all we can to ensure everyone can still succeed.
Masi Top Learners - 2020 Q4 Update (All Donors) - Email Photos4.jpg
  • If you missed it last time, please take a moment to hear about Xabisa's Dream here. 
  • You are helping hundreds of learners and students, so it's easy to get caught up in the numbers. We wanted to share a story of an actual kid whose life is being changed because of you.
You are making an enormous difference in the lives of these learners, students, schools and communities. 
On behalf of all of the students, 'Thank You'.


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