May 22, 2019

New Chapter

When we started introducing ourselves, there was 30 young faces looking at us, some with confusion, some with empty gaze, others with interest and hope. By the time we got to explaining what the organisation does, we saw more and more faces light up and in the end when we shared our goals they started to share their dreams...future psychologist, engineers, a singer, a nurse, designers, architects, etc. The ones that didn't know what they want, also had an expression of hope which gave us more motivation to start the program expansion.

18th of may we officially inaugurated our new chapter in the city Penonome, region Coclé which is located 2,5h from Panama CIty. This is our first “outside” the city orphanage. After an extent assessment center, interviews with the psychologist and the program coordinator, we have chosen 30 participants that will participante in our regular 2 year program and will be guided by our team of 4 people.

Our target is that 80% of the participants graduates from the full program and achieves a successful transition. So the question is what is a successful transition? 

To sum up the experience of working with adolescentes from different environments, what we have concluded is that the base is the same: guidance, opportunity to know what is out there - their possibilities and a plan how to do it. 

We are aware of the challenges that lye a head, such as learning how the institution works, distance from the main office, different culture, mindset, different opportunities…but as they say, we cannot be limited by our challenges but rather challenge our limits. 

Penonome participants
Penonome participants
Assessment center
Assessment center
Feb 21, 2019

New Challenges

Therapy through theater
Therapy through theater

"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy."

Martin Luther King, Jr.

This year our activities started in February and we have more than 30 participants. During next month our activities are focused on getting to know them and especially get to know their potential. In order to give them the best chance to fulfil that potential, we have to strengthen and expand our psychological department, which will be one of the main challenges and focuses for 2019.

Apart from that, we are continuing our expansion to other institutions and possibly regions in Panama.

Each year we are growing a bigger community of our ex graduates who are willing to stay part of the organisation and helping others, which is one the most exciting activities we have; alumni program and inclusion.

As one of the biggest challenges that our participants face; employment and economic independence, we have decided to "invest" more time in subjects such as giving them tools to find a job, preparation for interviews and to close the cycle, how to thrive in working environment.

And last but not the least, as we promised in our last report, we can proudly say that our graduation and theatre play, made for the first time on a real scene was absolutely the best decision we could have made. Our participants shined and thrived with self-esteem after conquering their fear of stage, talking in front of people and preforming so it is one of the good practices we will continue.

Your TaV team

Graduates 2018
Graduates 2018
Our facilitators
Our facilitators


Nov 26, 2018

Another great year ending

"A learning organization is an organization that is continually expanding its capacity to create its future."

Peter Senge

Two years have passed since we joined Global Giving, and during this time we have worked hard to understand and learn how to implement our program in different types of orphanages and substitute homes. We have successfully accompanied 30 young people on their path of self-awareness and preparation for independence. Some of them are soon to be graduates from technical careers and others are discovering what is their vocation. 

This year has served us to learn where do we want to go as organisation, what our limits are and how to overcome them. Starting next year we are taking all those learnings and preparing to support one new institution.

In 2018 we have spent 1000 hours investing in our participants through different activities, more specifically:

  • 276h in Workshops 
  • 229h in Mentoring 
  • 197h in psychological follow-up 
  •  300h on Individual follow-up

We are finishing this beautiful year by preparing a theatre play "The Garden of Friendship" which was chosen by the participants. The play is representing their time in the program where they first had to pass through a path of self discovery in order to be able to create real friendships.

Hopefully we will be able to share the success of the play in the report, until then all the best for the upcoming holidays.

Sincerely yours, 

TaV team


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