Nov 19, 2019

Summing up the year

Our back office: Board of advisors & Volunteers
Our back office: Board of advisors & Volunteers

"Year's end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us."

Oprah Winfrey

There are still some big things ahead us, such as the end of year theatre play, graduation, planning, recruitment for the next year… but one of the biggest events we had had this year is behind us, participation in the show ”Heroes of Panama”. It is a project that seeks to pay tribute and support those Panamanians who work day by day making a difference. Heroes for Panama highlights extraordinary people who support various sectors of the country and for our founder, it was a great honour to participate.

We had the opportunity to present our work and raise awareness about the effects of institutionalisation and all the challenges that come with it, as well as the importance of educating at-risk youth so the society would be able to progress.

The next big thing for the organisation and for the participants will be the graduation and the play. For the end year play the participants prepared a musical called Panterita Mariposita,  based on real events. The story follows a little girl in the process of adoption and teaches us the value of love, companionship in difficult times and the secret of how not to give up. 

This year we had the wonderful experience to work with 51 participant. Each one of them with different story, different interest and different character. The majority of our participants are entering last year of high school but some of them are finishing 1st or 2nd year of university. We have future musicians, teachers, technicians, chemists and other careers…some technical, some bachelor, but the most important is that our participants understand the importance of education and it keeps them motivated.

Right now we are planning recruitment for 40 new participants so more information to come!

Your TaV Team



Aug 20, 2019

That little extra

Our participants and team
Our participants and team

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is in small things, bits of extra effort in the right places that we put in. 

Our extra bit for this year is adding two members to the team, a coordinator for the New Chapter of Penonome and a part time psychologist in Panama that will be focused on attending the participants.

Expansion in Penonome is developing according to plan, even though we started the program implementation a bit later than planned because of an unexpected challenge. The person responsible for the implementation resigned, but we managed to get back on track so all the activities are being delivered on time.

We understand our participants better regarding their abilities, dreams and situation, and we created a work plan for each of them. Then we decide on the development areas that will push them to continue their education and become economically independent.

Each year, around july – august we organize an activity to keep the motivation high. This year it was a two-day seminar - Potenciate.

This was the first year that Potenciate reached the number this high. 60 participants from the orphanages we cooperate with all gathered in the same place, and for two days we talked about leadership, communication, how to resolve conflict, how to talk in public, and the importance of networking. We also touched basis with personal subjects, such as dependency of other people and how to recognize if it is a healthy relationship that is developing. 

It was fulfilling to observe how participants connected, shared their experiences, saw that they are not alone and realized how many opportunities can open up for them if they stay open for change.

Their sense of hope gave us more energy to continue with our work and to do the best we can to wrap up the year motivated.

Baile tipico - traditional Panamanian dance
Baile tipico - traditional Panamanian dance


May 22, 2019

New Chapter

When we started introducing ourselves, there was 30 young faces looking at us, some with confusion, some with empty gaze, others with interest and hope. By the time we got to explaining what the organisation does, we saw more and more faces light up and in the end when we shared our goals they started to share their dreams...future psychologist, engineers, a singer, a nurse, designers, architects, etc. The ones that didn't know what they want, also had an expression of hope which gave us more motivation to start the program expansion.

18th of may we officially inaugurated our new chapter in the city Penonome, region Coclé which is located 2,5h from Panama CIty. This is our first “outside” the city orphanage. After an extent assessment center, interviews with the psychologist and the program coordinator, we have chosen 30 participants that will participante in our regular 2 year program and will be guided by our team of 4 people.

Our target is that 80% of the participants graduates from the full program and achieves a successful transition. So the question is what is a successful transition? 

To sum up the experience of working with adolescentes from different environments, what we have concluded is that the base is the same: guidance, opportunity to know what is out there - their possibilities and a plan how to do it. 

We are aware of the challenges that lye a head, such as learning how the institution works, distance from the main office, different culture, mindset, different opportunities…but as they say, we cannot be limited by our challenges but rather challenge our limits. 

Penonome participants
Penonome participants
Assessment center
Assessment center
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