Aug 23, 2018

Club competition in Townley Grammar School and Docklands Center

I am very pleased to report that at the end of the year A & V Rhythmic Club run several Club competitions and 1-3 Grading in Docklands Settlement/Canada Water and Townley Grammar School/Bexleyheath. More kids had an opportunity to show their skills and be inspired to reach to the top. 

Gymnastics is the one of the most beautiful and dynamic sport for girls. Many of girls will tell that their ultimate dream is to be an Olympian gymnast.

Gymnastics is the type of the sport that once you commit to it, it's in your blood forever. There is no " grey area" it is very black and white in the sense that you either do it or you don't. Preparation for the competition instils a sense of purpose and duty because the athlete works for herself and for the team. From an early age kids can learn the value of doing a "job" and a sense of duty. In this demanding age parents often dig their hells in to this type of motivation how ere having a sense of accomplishment is a wonderful thing for a child. All of the toys and sweets and "things" you can give a child could never replace outlast for that kiddo to know how good it feels that she is doing something well.

Aug 23, 2018

Benefits of Gymnastics


Gymnastics is widely renowned as a sport that can improve overall fitness, strength, balance and body control, as well as helping to improve athletic performance in any other sport.

However, what many people don’t realise is that extended participation in gymnastics classes also provides many additional cognitive and psychological benefits that will continue to benefit an individual throughout their life. These include:

  • Social interaction and discipline;
  • Improved mental focus and concentration;
  • Education and an understanding of physics;
  • Flexibility, balance and co-ordination;
  • Numerous health benefits.

Gymnastics provides a unique and valuable social education and experience. It provides an ideal opportunity to learn about teamwork; sportsmanship; fair play and dedication. The time required to master the fundamental skills requires a great amount of patience, dedication, perseverance and planning. Regular gymnastics therefore helps people learn to work hard for objectives that can take years to achieve.

Participation in gymnastics does not only offer physical gains; it is beneficial for improving concentration and mental focus – an important aspect of anyone’s life. 

By training the body to perform independently as well as interacting with moving equipment, the ability for faster development of spatial awareness and body control is achieved. Children will also experience better hand-eye coordination and improve various communication skills. And as well as taking enjoyment from participation, gymnastics provides a way for young people to test their mettle against themselves and others. Gymnastics can therefore provide opportunities for physical development, character development and education that are hard to find anywhere else.

Education is perhaps the most important part of gymnastics. When an activity is naturally orchestrated to provide participants with unique and valuable learning experiences, it serves the participants better than any book, television show, or website. 

Flexibility is a big factor in gymnastics. In order to achieve the various positions needed to perform moves, suppleness is of vital importance. Increasing flexibility can also be an effective aid to the reduction of injury, preventing people from forcing a limb to an injurious range of motion. By learning movements and combining them in a routine, the gymnast can attain greater flexibility and greater control of the body.

Gymnastics can also improve co-ordination. Gymnasts do not react with as large a “startle response” to sudden imbalances as non-gymnasts. By applying this conditioning outside the sport, people become better equipped to avoid hazardous situations by quickly identifying them and naturally correcting body alignment when walking, standing or jumping etc. 

If you’re still not convinced, I have saved possibly the most persuasive benefit of gymnastics till last. It’s really good fun! Learning how to handle  rhythmic gymnastics equipment and yourbody is possible anything but boring. There is always another step to learn; it is possible to learn something new every single class you attend.

There are so many diverse and wide-reaching disciplines involved within the sport that it is accessible to all ages and abilities and there are benefits at every stage. So what are you waiting for? Come and join us! Support our gymnasts!

May 29, 2018

Successful International London Spring Cup - 2018

Medals found their owners at the end!
Medals found their owners at the end!

I like to say huge thank you to A & V Rhythmic coaches/judges/volunteers and gymnasts who helped through  - London Spring Cup 2018. A lot if issues has been solved so well and professional that I believe no -one even noticed them. Everyone worked so well, Club had phrases from many International and London teams who were participating in London Spring Cup!
All of us together we did it. 

267 gymnasts from 34 clubs representing 17 countries took part in London Spring Cup:

Famous Barny Thierolf ( and Marc Schuirmann (  covered London Spring Cup in photo and life video was also broadcast live on Youtube.


All A & V gymnasts has done amazing performance, I am proud for every girl.


Award ceremony
Award ceremony
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