Feb 25, 2019

Progress Report CFS from Nov, 18- Jan, 19

My Art Work
My Art Work

Our Experience at Saath Charitable Trusts CFS Center


Shelter, nutrition, education— that is what we knew about Saath’s CFS project when we showed up to the Bakeri City site on our first day of our internship.


As we began volunteering, not only did our perception of the world change, but our definition of CFS evolved.


October 20: Today was the first day we actually started teaching the kids ince we spent all of last week observing the class. We started by asking all the older kids to write both the Gujarati and English alphabets. Earlier in the week we had noticed that most students were very comfortable with doing this, but (for some strange reason) today, “G” was grossly distorted, “N” suddenly preceded “M”, and “X”, “Y”, and “Z” ceased to exist. So we rolled up our sleeves, and hunkered down, ready to reteach the whole thing. After two hours of mindumbing repetition, we realised that the kids kept looking to the board behind us, someone had written the aforementioned incorrect alphabet.


November 14: Today was picture day— at least partially. Picture day in the states involved a lengthy affair complete with green screen backdrops and fancy clothes. But today, we went to the colony behind the classroom and visited the homes of some of the kids that come to the classroom. Although some pictures were heartbreaking, most of the kids had fun posing for the camera (apparently the peace sign is the coolest new thing on the block).


November 26: We got to the site today and the teachers greeted us at the gate; there was no power. The older girls had to walk to the back and fro the colony to fill buckets of water for the classroom. The air was unbearably thick (as post-monsoon season entails) and the inside of the classroom was like a brick oven without functional fans, so we kept the kids outside. We played tag, duck duck goose, and dodgeball. It was a great day. We’ve decided that our goal should be to show them how to have fun while learning.


December 12: We honestly thought today would be a total training week, but the kids really surprised us. We took the DaVinci car model today that we received as a donation earlier this month, even though it was a little more advanced than the puzzles we usually brought for the kids. On the (unusually) bright side Pankaj, Manoj, Vrinkle, and Sonal loved assembling the car.

These kids might not have the opportunities that we do but they have so much potential.





January 1: We officially launched the Spark a Smile campaign today and visited the site for the last time in the year. These past few months haven’t been necessarily easy, or even easily rewarding, but if just one kid made it, we would say that all of this effort is worth it— it really is.


January 31: We collected 3,209 dollars through GlobalGiving fundraiser. Not quite to our goal, but more than enough to change their lives. It seems fitting seeing as they have changed ours. CFS is not only a place where Saath provides immediate resources and relief to laborers and their families, but also project that helps student secure a future (one that their parents never had the chance to live): complete without nutrition, health, education, literacy, world exposure, shelter, and most of all a chance to be a kid.


It’s easy to be whimsically ambitious about bringing a change. It’s easy to plan and it’s easy to talk big-- but the reality is that until we saw it with our own eyes, we only had an inkling of the real hardships millions around the world face. We realised that it’s not about educating all the kids at once. It's about celebrating their small victories one day at a time, every correctly written

“G”, every comical picture, and every last smile.



Hridi and Hrika (Names changed)

Volunteers (USA)

25th February, 2019

I love my country
I love my country
Brothers in arms
Brothers in arms
Study Time
Study Time
All Smiles
All Smiles

Dec 11, 2018

Progress Report YEP from September - November 2018

Youth in Library
Youth in Library

Employability Programme for Youth in Slums


Unemployment is one of the major problems faced by youth in India. Saath noticed that there are many youngsters in Gujarat who have dropped out of schools to earn livelihood. But they don’t have enough skills, so to get the solution for this issue Saath started employability programs, not only in Gujarat but also in Jharkhand and Bihar. 

Objectives of the Programme:


  • To train disadvantaged youth, aged 18-30 years, between 180 - 300 hours and ensure they are placed and try to support of them in relevant jobs with assurance of minimum wages and opportunity for career advancement


  • To introduce minimum three innovations that would directly impact retention, skill enhancement, and program sustainability


Report Duration: September 2018 – November 2018

Introduction about Programs:


The sector has been divided into formal and non-formal trainings:


1)      Formal training program: Udaan

2)      Informal training program: Nirman

3)      Informal training program for Women: Women at Work



Udaan program provides livelihood training to youth from vulnerable backgrounds and give them an equal opportunity to employability. The courses selected for the programs are also a result of market research and need assessment program from the community itself. The courses that are currently offered in this program are as follows:

  • Beauty Parlour
  • Retail Management
  • Career and Workplace Skills


The entire above mentioned program is for entry level jobs. Placement assistance is also provided to the trainees.


Nirman program addresses the training needs of people in the informal sector. Practical and theoretical training is provided which enhance their skills and capabilities to get better incomes. The courses that are currently offered in this program are as follows:

  • Plumbing
  • Electrician
  • Masonry
  • Welding

SAATH has collaborated with American India Foundation and Ambuja Cement Foundation as they both are well known for their qualitative and effective work. They use their expertise in providing opportunity to impart training about safety standards.

Women @ Work:


Saath started new skill development and enhancement program to empower young women and focus on non-traditional job options which will have an inclusion of micro-entrepreneurship, life skills and technology components to aid them in setting up their own businesses if they choose. In the case of adolescent girls below 18 years, there will be a STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics) and Life-skills Module, through which they recreate interest in science stream also this programme, will help them in re-enrolling back to school.

  • Electrician
  • Mobile Repairing
  • STEM


Activities during month of September, October & November:


1)      Counselling of students: Counselling of students was done at Udaan programme’s vocational training centres of Isanpur and Ghodasar. Main aim of this exercise is to know students preferences pertaining to the available jobs also to counsel them to join job. Around 20 students participated in the process.

2)      Exposure Visit to a post office: Under Udaan’s Beauty parlour trade, Beautyparlour students of Ghodasar and Isanpur center visited Rambuag post office on 10th of october to know more about financial management and various types of savings and deposit schemes. Around 20 students participated during the visit.

 3)      Workplace Readiness Session: A session on how to appear for the interview and moc session was conducted in Ghodasar by Volunteer from Canada Ms. Barbara and Monitoring Manager, Mr. Kunal. A total of 25 students participated in the session.

4)      Lifeskills Session: Life skill session on Human rights was taken by our Life skill trainer Ms. Hansaben. A total of 24 students participated.


5)      Expert lecture: An in-depth combine batch (Mason and Electrical) session on how to make water tank and water proofing was taken by Civil engineer, Mr. Hasmukhbhai was organised at Nirman’s Meghaninagar center. A total of 28 students actively participated in the session. Same session was taken by him on 29th November at Isanpur center, where 18 students participated


6)      Teachers training workshop: Under Women@Work programme, two days STEM teacher’s training were organized at Saath Head office on 18th and 19th September with an aim to enhance and build the capacity of newly joined staff so that they can easily implement new STEM project and workbook activity with the adolescent girls.


7)      Exposure visit to Construction site: Under Nirman programme, exposure visit to a construction site (Ramesh Bunglow, Panchvati) was organized in Kalol. Students were exposed to various intricacies of Mason trades. Students also learned about how commercially on a large scale all the process are being implemented. 17 students participated in the visit.


Success Stories


Name: Shubhita Koshti Purushottambhai (Name Changed)

Address: A/8, Surya Darshan Complex, B-H R.K. Bus stop, P.D Pandya College Ghodasar

Age: 32

Mobile Number: 9998601850

Education: 12th Pass

Course: Retail Management

Location: Ghodasar


Shubhita was the housewife staying in a nuclear family with her husband and two beautiful children, aged 9 and 7. Her husband is a freelancer electrician and his average income is Rs 12,000. They don’t have fixed income and with growing children their expenses are also growing. Shubhita and husband were always worried about their income and how to meet their daily expenses.

She got to know about Saath Charitable Trust and the retail marketing course we offer under our Udaan Program through program mobilizers. During the course she learnt basic computer skills, communication skills, basic communicative English, got over stage fear and built upon her self-confidence. She underwent career and job counselling. Presently she works at the United Capital Club as an accountant and earns Rs 10,000 monthly.

Now she has the new perspective to life. She was a housewife and her life revolved around her kids and the household chores. She was under the impression that at her age she wouldn’t be able to get a job and her life would be as it is. This idea of hers changed after the course and new opportunities opened up for her. Now, her interaction with the outside world has increased and the household has a stable income. The future of her children is better secured.

Beauty and Wellness
Beauty and Wellness
Retail Management Trade
Retail Management Trade
Beauty & Wellness Training
Beauty & Wellness Training

Nov 28, 2018

Progress Report CFS from Sep - Nov, 2018

Personal attention
Personal attention

Updates of last quarter.

The typical day at the center starts with morning prayers. Then the class is divided into three groups. Group one which is for the children who have no introduction to education, Group two where children learn basics like alphabets, words, numbers, shapes etc, Group three is where children learn how to form sentences, higher maths, English. Then for 2 hours each group do some studies. After that its snack time, everyday different snack is served as per the nutritional chart prepared by the experts to make sure proper nutrition is given to children. After snacks its play time, children play different indoor and outdoors games. This takes care of the physical activities in children.In last quarter along with Approach foundation, which is an Ahmedabad based organization, Saath has been conducting diverse activities for the psycho-social development of the children at CFS, who are getting exposure of the wider world, which will develop a broader perspective and awareness besides the classroom learning they are acquiring at the CFS set-ups.

 Activities conducted during the last quarter include-

  1. Five mehndi making workshops were conducted during the months of August and September. Children from different centres participated in a huge number.
  2. Children from          CFS classes took part in a session on how to operate camera. One such session was organized in a park and children learnt to use the techniques of clicking pictures. Even children from a regular school accompanied them with their own camera.
  3. Navratri is one of the most colourful festivals of Gujarat and the Garbas are in the blood of Gujarati people. Resource persons from aProCh Foundation taught them Garba steps at Law Garden. Two such sessions were conducted, the other being at Vastrapur Lake.
  4. End of October was the month of Diwali celebrations. During pre-Diwali period, diya decoration workshops were conducted twice at Parimal Garden. 25 children from three centres participated.
  5. 78 children from five centres were taken to Cinepolis at AlphaOne Mall for an animated movie “Motu-Patlu” with support from aProCh Foundation. This brought an immense joy as they usually do not get a chance to visit multiplexes. Children from construction site classes and slum classes, who assist their parents in economic generation activities, participated.
  6. Woollen work was taught to interested children. Twenty children from two classes participated.
  7. Employees from the Novotel Hotel conducted a clothes donation drive for the students of slum class in the locality on 20th October.
  8. Another paper craft activity was organized in Prahladnagar Garden.
  9. As part of employee engagement activities, KPMG visited one of the centres and taught the children craft items. They also celebrated Diwali with children during pre-Diwali days. It was celebrated on the 28th October.
  10. Yet at Godrej Garden City centres, children engaged in creative aspect and prepared Rangoli in the class.
  11. On the 30th October, children from some of the centres were taken at a venue where they can have practical shopping experience. Donated clothes were piled up and new stationery items such as colours, compass box, lunch box, etc. were displayed. They were given false currencies through which they could buy whatever they wished. A few parents also participated in the event.
  12. Through donor’s support, 20 shortlisted children have been enrolled to an art activity centre named Sky Blue. The short listed children are from the slum classes for a specific reason. They will be going to art classes for a year or two. Though there are good talents in children of construction worker, their stay for long term is not ensured. They go to the centre once a week for two hours. They learn innovative arts and crafts activities that would enhance their skills to greater heights. A van has been arranged by the centre to pick from and drop them to the class.
  13. Interns from Nirma University conducted various activities across the centres. They taught children science concepts through innovative methods, painted walls of the classes, made cardboard desks for children for class work, showed them animated films, did art activities, etc.
  14. A new centre at Savvy Swaraaj site was started towards the end of November. About 75 children from 0 to 12 years attend the class regularly.
  15. The Marriott group organized a ride for the children on the occasion of ‘Joy of Giving Week’. They took the children out for a joy ride in a big car.

A new CFS centre at North One was set up and currently there are 15 children coming to the class.

  1. Further exploration for setting up new sites is taking place.
  2. Teachers’ monitoring meeting was conducted at Saath Head Office on December 8th. Teachers shared and discussed their class specific challenges and learnings. This becomes a platform for them to share the grievances as well.
  3. Again in December on the 17th, 15 children were taken to Cinepolis at AlphaOne mall for the movie Jungle Book. Total 59 children from across the centres participated.
  4. A medical check-up was organized at Savvy Swaraaj site.
  5. A drawing competition was organized at Courtyard by Marriott for children on the 27th December. The selected paintings were then converted into New Year cards by the Marriott group as official greetings for their clients.
  6. Another medical check-up was organized at the two Labour Colonies of Godrej Garden City in November. As per the need of children, supplements were provided.



Education Matters!

Here is one more instance where education among labourers has proven to be a differentiating factor for a smooth process of development. When there are many parents unwilling to send children to the centre on site, there are a few exceptions who can appreciate the set up and system and happily enroll their children to the centre. These are the parents having some, though limited, background of education. One such instance happened at one of our Centers. Khushbu Darji (name changed) a four-year-old child, whose parents have studied up to primary education. They visited the class and themselves approached teacher for their children’s enrolment.

The Darji family moved to Ahmedabad from Sultanpur of Uttar Pradesh in search of better livelihood. Back home, there was only the father who used to provide for the family through masonry work. But the frequency of work availability was inconsistent and the money earned was insufficient. The mother had to stay back home to take care of three children, Khushi and two younger children. After enrolling their children to our centers, mother also started working and the family income has increased.

Khushi used to study in class I back home and was good in grasping activities. After coming to our class, she has become more active and her siblings are learning a great deal from Khushi. She maintains discipline in class and is one of the cleverest children in class. She knows numbers by heart and teaches other classmates in free time. She is a super confident child. She maintains proper hygiene independently, pays attention to each and every activity, and mingles well with all with an ease. She is so likable that everyone enjoys her company. Her parents are very keen of sending children to school and are request the teachers to help them with admissions and all the other documentations.

She observes her teachers keenly and dreams of becoming one like them.

All Smiles
All Smiles
CFS Students
CFS Students
Education Matters
Education Matters
Diwali Celebration
Diwali Celebration

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