Aug 29, 2019

Report on the reintegration of 7 teen mothers

Teen mothers & their babies ready for reintegratio
Teen mothers & their babies ready for reintegratio

We are happy to share with you the report of the activities done during the last three months at Marembo rehabilitation centre. To ensure that our works are progressing from one step to another, all due rehabilitation process should be respected and followed according to the model we follow.

This time, we reintegrate 7 teen mothers and their babies.

We reintegrated children who have been under rehabilitation program and ready to be reunified with their respective families and reintegration as independent living.

Teen mothers reintegration needs to carefully processed given that they need particular care and follow up. It is challenging to reintegrate them in their families, given their life conditions of motherhood and their affecting background that relates to their prior violence situation when their offenders most of the time are not identified to be brought into courts. This is why Centre Marembo opted to reintegrate them in independent living where we follow up them and their babies.

The reintegrated children were provided with reintegration kits. Before then, they have been empowered to the extend they can start doing small things to earn money so that they are able to finance their basic needs.

Centre Marembo follow up the reintegrated children especially working with their family to facilitate them in their studies and vocational trainings as well as providing financial supports to enable them to start small businesses.

We want to conclude this 8th progressive report by expressing our huge gratitude to all of our donors, friends and partners in this important on going work of rehabilitating and reintegrating kids and youngsters back into their families, both socially and economically.

with their family on reintegration day
with their family on reintegration day
Aug 5, 2019

Fifth progressive report

This is to present the fifth progressive report on the project of reintegrating teen mothers who have been under rehabilitation program at Marembo Center for girls and achievements within these three months.

This time I am writing about participation in sports event by our young girls, teen mothers and they babies. We could renovate our old playground with small funds collected.

For better and effective recovery from trauma, drug and sexual abuse which most of our girls have faced, participating in sports activities have been helpful to help our beneficiaries to build habits, confidence and discipline and instilling the spirit of striving for goals, handle mistakes and cherish growth opportunities.

Nicolette story: My Day of Impact (The creation of Centre Marembo)

My story started in 2 decades when I was an employee in the City of Kigali, the main city of my country, Rwanda. It was on 28 March 2003, when I was walking with my workmate from the office to the handcraft shop near the Hotel Mille Collines to buy the gifts of the visitors of the City of Kigali.

Near the market, I found an eleven years old teen mother breastfeeding her baby as well as begging whoever passed there. I spent around 10 minutes thinking about the young girl and the life she had been through. I asked my colleague to take the gift to the office and I stayed there talking with the young mother. I asked her many questions. I was eager to know her life conditions, especially her names, ages, about her parents, where she lives and about her baby.

We spent much time together and she finally allowed me to visit her so-called home with other street girls and boys. I was shocked to find where she lived. It was an old house destroyed during 1994 genocide against Tutsi, and it had neither roof nor doors and windows. Other 11 young girls were sleeping there and 3 boys who were badly sick at the moment. After discussions in that destroyed house, I asked the young mother to come with me, I provided her with some foods and the needs for the baby but was not enough to change her life. I promised her to meet me at the office so that I could help her, but at the time I could not take her at my house since she also needed rehab treatment.

From this visit, many ideas came into my mind: ¨ It is useless to give money to street children, because it does not sustainably address their problems. You give them money for food but they use them to buy drugs or they go for gambling. ¨ From there I learned that me and anyone who sees these children and continue without helping them is also a partner in crime. These are the children that, we the community have abandoned, and we need to take responsibility. ¨ From there I start to work hard for child protection. I became an activist for child rights, and from there we created Centre Marembo Organisation.

After three months, I cooperate with other 2 ladies interested in helping street children and we created two homes. One for boys, another one for girls. Unfortunately, after 4 months; the home for girls shut down. The girls require many efforts and standards which we could not meet at the moment. We kept on with the boy’s home until 2012 when we resumed the program of the girls.

Since 2012, more than 260 former street girls helped by Centre Marembo to regain lost dignity and hope for their bright future. Some we helped are police officers, accountant, teachers, etc. In fact, we started with almost nothing but now we are proud of our achievements and positive changes we have been bringing to the community. From our effort, now the street children can get the health treatment from our youth clinic. In this walk of life, I learned that it is through each and everyone’s effort and commitment that we could address the problem our vulnerable children are facing.

Jun 3, 2019

Thank you: We bought nappies & diapers for babies

Some diapers for babies
Some diapers for babies

Centre Marembo as a home for young girls and teen mothers with their babies, we have to provide them with special needs in terms of nutrition and health and wellbeing care. Within these three months, we could buy some nappies for the babies whose mothers are the survivors of rape and other types of violence they encountered before joining rehabilitation program at our centre.

Everyone knows how critical diapers are to the well-being of a baby. Babies generally need to have their diapers changed many times per day. Without consistent diaper changes, babies run the risk of infections, diaper rash and other significant health problems, and that’s one of the basic needs and babies and toddlers need for their perfect health conditions.

We recall you that our priority is to affect a positive and effective change to the lives of the young girls whose background has been marked by the bitterness of the street life lot of traumatic issues and situations. Some of them are continually struggling with the aftermath of that background, some being teen or pre-teen mothers. The work of Centre Marembo does not only consist of meeting the victims’ needs but also extended to transformative approaches and care for their descendants.

Apart from nappies for babies, we could provide teen mothers and young girls with health problems with special diet to unable quick recovery and in post-operation care for those who have complications during and after delivery.

As usual, we kept on working on health education. We weighed in on nutrition to help the mothers keep their babies safe from malnutrition and stunting after reintegration in the community and family. Most the children we receive have problem in nutrition because of lacking of proper food and nutritional skills. So we worked hard to raise this awareness not only to our children but also the rest of surrounding communities whom we work together during community outreach program.

During health talk with our children
During health talk with our children
Awareness on nutrition
Awareness on nutrition
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