Oct 5, 2017

There is still hope


The violence we are living around the world discourages us at times, and tragedies where innocent lives are lost cause us much pain and sadness, but ... THERE IS STILL HOPE.


The “Sonidos para la Vida” program has one of its main objectives being to enable our communities to find new ways of living together and new ways of doing things right.


We recently did our GRAN CONCERT ASSEMBLY, where about 250 children and young people who represented the different Schools where “Sonidos Para La Vida” works participated.


This GREAT CONCERT ASSEMBLE becomes the only opportunity for most of these children, where they can present the result of their dedication to learning a musical instrument. Many of these young musicians have never had the opportunity to step onto a stage and feel the excitement and joy of being in front of a crowd of hundreds; and that is why this event is so important because there every child can realize that he is able to achieve great things, achieve his dreams, work and dedication.

The collaboration that you give us is also invested, in this type of events where the main thing is the children and their music.


These 250 musicians are only a small part of the thousands of children and young people that make up the great family of Sounds for Life and that pushes us to continue working, so that all these children have the same opportunities.

Thank you for your contribution, for your confidence and for believing that the joy of music in a child's life can make a difference in society.

Jul 7, 2017

A special child

THE SMALL GUITARIST is a 10 year old boy who lives in a rural community, in one of the many hills that adorn our beautiful Guatemala.

He was diagnosed with Mental Retardation and with problems of language, situation that has caused him many problems to be able to advance in his studies and in the development of his life in general.

His family must be very careful with him and, because of the social situation of the community where he lives, they should also care for the discrimination and marginalization he suffers from his neighbors and all those who do not understand that he is different.

Sounds For Life also works with children with different abilities because music is for everyone, absolutely for everyone and children and young people like our Little Guitarist also deserve the opportunity of music in their lives.

When you help Sounds For Life is helping children with all kinds of needs, but especially with the need to know that they are able to achieve their goals and that they are able to live with joy and optimism.

That is why Sounds For Life today, thanks to the help you give us, has been able to reach more than 3,300 children and young people from different communities, especially in rural areas of Guatemala.

With your contribution we can continue to grow and help many more children. And it is on behalf of all those children that we thank him deeply.

Apr 10, 2017

Music for everyone

Trabajo duro
Trabajo duro

The most beautiful gift that music can give you is that it’s for everyone. “Cerro de San Felipe” is a community that lacks of education and health because of its poverty. Here you can really appreciate music and the gifts that brings with it.


Within this community we work with a small group of students that meets weekly. Amongst them is Maria (fictional name) and little Michael (fictional name), the first being 75 years old and the latter only 5. Nevertheless, they share the same interests, the same love, and the same need to do things that give them happiness and that allows them to live with a new hope to achieve a different life.


Like this community there are many in Guatemala and Sounds for Life works hard to keep taking joy and opportunities to all of them. When you do a contribution to our organization you are collaborating to create straight, dignity and wiliness to fight for our country. So Guatemala can reach the conditions that every human being deserves.

Thank you for all your help.

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