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Mar 10, 2019

Distributing Dignity

Loraine, our Diaper Drop Liasion in Puerto Rico, shares the following experience from a recent Diaper Distribution to help furloughed government employees: 

In all the cases that presented themselves to receive a kit from Jake's Diapers in Puerto Rico only some captured my attention. You can see the line forming and some are talking to distract themselves but others are silent and with worried lines in their foreheads.

"Next" I called out and a woman of fifty something sat down.  I looked besides her or behind her to look directly at the young person I had to talk through and give them examples of how to use the diapers and so on.  There was only her.

She started fidgeting in the chair silently and kind of ashamed and while looking at her hands she said, "I don't know if you can help me and as a Federal employee we are considered to never have lack of anything because of our income but is hard and more so since the shut down"

I kept silent and respected her time to explain.  She took a deep breath, "My mom has Alzheimer and I have not been able to eat or sleep thinking of her diapers or everything"

I have to admit this is not rare for me to see,  the silent ones are the ones I always find to be yelling the hardest and needing help.  So I just gave her my biggest smile and said, "let's see how we can help you out". She nodded and rearranged her purse and told me her mom was already a size small on disposables.  I showed her the cloth Diapers from Jake's for special needs and asked her if she though it would fit her mom. A single tear slipped and she nodded "yes" while her chin was trembling.  Her stubbornness reminded me of my mom but the despair in her eyes followed by relief was all I needed to see.  She presented evidence of her mom and thanked every once in a while about the diapers.

Thank you for providing dignity and hope for families in Puerto Rico. I encourage you to reach me at with any questions you may have. I'd love to hear from you. 


~ Stephanie

Mar 8, 2019

Hope after Florence

The impact of diapers goes so much further than a diaper. Thanks to you, hundreds of families devastated by Florence have one less worry- how am I going to diaper my baby? 

One Mom recently shared her story:

I am so thankful that you helped us during our hour of need. I never expected to be in that situation, and Florence was a doozie for many, including us. I am so thankful that the stress of diapering my children was lifted off my shoulders while we were dealing with home repairs, having a new baby, and finding a place to live. You really were a godsend. Thank you a million times over. 

Mar 8, 2019

Thanks for helping babies!

It’s a pretty typical scene: a young child in a family with two working parents. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, but of course, things can always change … and change is often abrupt.

“My husband had to find a new job and my hours were cut all in the same week,” the mother wrote to us. “We knew we were counting down the days until our last disposable diaper, so I went to a local thrift store and found 2 cloth diapers. There were in pretty bad shape so we have been dealing with soaked clothes every couple hours.”

When the diapers weren’t through the wash in time, she said they’ve found other innovative ways to get by, such as wrapping a kitchen towel around a cloth prefold.

Thankfully, this family found out about our Individual Aid program launched in late 2018. We provide cloth diapers on loan, with the expectation of the family using them as long as they need to and then returning them. We then sanitize them, repair them, and pass them along to another family. 

“We never thought that we would have to choose between food or diapers, but we did,” she wrote. “I find comfort knowing that Jake’s Diaper’s box is on its way to rescue me from this awful last two weeks of diapering.” 

As a bonus, she told us she’s at least happy this experience opened her to the world of cloth diapering … something they hadn’t considered when everything was typical just weeks before. 

It’s because of wonderful supporters like you that we’re able to make this individual impact. Thanks for helping Veterans and their babies! 

~ Stephanie

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