Jul 11, 2017

Progress Report on Training of Rehabilitated Youth

We are so grateful!

It has been nine months since your generous donation began to put Kiambu youths-Kenya, on the recovery path from drug and substance addiction to budding entrepreneurs.

The power of learning

Majority of the 64 members in Kiambu rehabilitation youth project left school at the young age of 15 or, in some cases, even younger. Due to high unemployment rate in the country, youths find it difficult to make ends meet hence engaging themselves in drug abuse and prostitution. Your support provides them with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to catch-up on the skills they need to break the cycle of poverty and ensure their children (for the young mothers/fathers or single parents) have a better life than they’ve had.   

64 of the program members are in the process of completing the 'Training on Enterprise Development' module; even as you read this report, they are discovering how to earn money from the skills or assets they already have, leverage themselves from competition, and set their products' prices at the right market rate, prepared business plans and among other ways of putting them on a competitive edge.

Success story

Emma is 25 years old, a former heroin, addict has a success story to share after four months of rehabilitation and business training courtesy of Hand in Hand Eastern Africa.

Emma says “Entrepreneurship training has not only given me business skills, but has fully changed my mind- set in a country where white collar jobs are scarce, it’s important to create a job for yourself and for others”.

Emma, after learning different business ideas and how to spot a viable business opportunity, started making tomato sauce to sell in local kiosks (small shops) in kibera slum. She is working hard to get approved by the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) which will enable her to penetrate the local supermarkets and therefore access a wider market.

Making Ends meet.

Currently she is earning about $5 per day; this a big milestone in her life since she has never earned that much before, leaving her motivated and giving a ray of hope, choice and dignity in her life. Now she can dress smartly, eat well, enjoy financial freedom and assist her parents to educate their siblings.

Looking ahead.

Emma is looking forward not only to expand her business but create jobs for vulnerable youths and to motivate other reformed youths.

What next.

33 Youths have just completed training and the remaining 31 others will finish their training in the next three months; we hope the community will receive the rehabilitated youths with both hands and involve them in social economic activities.

The PCEA Church - our key partner in implementing the project has secured a piece of land where these youths will settle and be engaged economically through agricultural and other socio-economic activities upon availability of funds to finish the necessary required structures.

Though the funds to continue with the training are running out, we hope that you shall be willing once again to partner with us by giving through this platform, just to ensure that this program continues to empower the rehabilitating youth which is our future generation and leaders to be.

Once again, thank you very much!

Apr 10, 2017

Training of Rehabilitated Youth Project

Kiambu Rehabilitation Youth Project Progress Report:

Since January the project is still doing well, we have been able to increase the membership from 30 to 57 youth in conjunction with some of our stakeholders and partners.  15 youths have been able to finish the HiH EA training and with a change of mind set, they are ready to initiate businesses as a group.

Business planning has been the most enjoyable part of the training, and through HiH EA’s knowledgeable trainer Mark, he has imparted those skills of writing good business plans on to the beneficiaries. “Business training is the most enjoyable lesson for me, I have been able to come up with a business idea and designed a road map on how to implement it” says Prince -one of the beneficiaries.

Our partner - Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT) has also complemented our training on mapping of assets, the opportunity market place, and Business vision and how to know your customers. “Also as a rehabilitation institution, we are very happy by the motivation and inspiration you are offering to our patients”. Says Paul, Genesis Rehab Project Manager.

Hand in Hand Eastern Africa came at the right time; entrepreneurial skills being offered are so relevant and will bring hope and dignity to the reformed.  We have been given 50 acres of land by well wishes in Kajiado County and are planning to relocate the reformed youth to that land to start agribusiness and thereby the entrepreneurial skills will be very key in this transformation” says Njoroge, the Githogoro slum youth mobilizer and Beulah church elder.

The training has benefited the community at large especially because it is a complement to Government’s effort to fight drug and substance abuse in the area.  While many of the youths have embraced the idea of starting small enterprises, they have also learnt of the need to inculcate a saving culture to help them progress smoothly in their businesses while making small savings gradually.

We had an amazing opportunity to interact with Michael Rothwell – the field traveler staff from Global Giving who visited our youths during their training and had a great time sharing, motivating and encouraging them.

Michael also invited us to the Global Giving workshop held in Nairobi at the Arboretum and it gave us a great insights, networking with other Global Giving affiliated organizations and of cause bringing it closer through Mikeys’ visit.

We are truly grateful for everyone’s sacrifice in terms of resources and any contribution made towards the implementation of this project in ensuring Kiambu youths benefit from entrepreneurial skills.

NB: Again it is still not possible to post any photos given the sensitive nature of the beneficiaries but anyone is welcome to visit the groups.

Jan 12, 2017

Training of Rehabilitated Youths in Kiambu

Kiambu Youth Rehabilitation Progress Report:

Drug abuse and alcoholism is one of the greatest menaces within Kiambu County due to lack of employment amongst the youths. In this case, youths and children find themselves at the receiving end because many of the tasks are left unattended especially in raising the children and catering for other family needs. All this becomes a burden to youths which then motivated Hand in Hand Eastern Africa to mobilizing youths to form a formidable force that will be used to leverage their economic and social wellbeing.

Hand in Hand EA has partnered with Genesis Rehabilitation Centers (private) to help in providing solution of unemployment by training entrepreneurship programs to rehabilitated youths. So far 15 youths in Kiambu County, Githunguri Sub-county and Kiairia sub location, approximately 18 Km from Nairobi City have been trained on life skills, savings mobilization and enterprise development.

For instance, the following partnerships have been formed to help reach out to the youth under rehabilitation programs as part of preparation for the HIH EA entreprise development training:

  • Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT) has trained the youth on basics of ICT i.e. online marketing and web development.
  • In partnership with the Githogoro slum community leaders and BEULAH PCEA Church, we are mobilizing and preparing 15 more youths for training scheduled for the month of February.

The project will definitely ensure that youths engage in entrepreneurial activities that will leverage their livelihoods hence improving their income levels.

The Government Agencies, e.g. ministry of youth are very supportive to the project and also National Authority for Campaign against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (NACADA) is helping many youths to realize the danger of second generation alcohol which has already ruined many lives of the youths in the county.

The project is still ongoing and we take this early opportunity to appreciate everyone who has supported HiH EA in any way.  Let us uplift our youth together!

NB: This being a special project, we are currently not allowed to take any photos of the rehabilitation centers or the beneficiaries as it may be interpreted wrongly, thus hurting them.

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