Mar 5, 2019

End of February 2019 Report.

End of February 2019 GlobalGiving Project Report.

It has been a training recap and follow-up period with the members in the program. The objective during the period was specification in enterprises created and enhanced. The beneficiaries have been doing business scale up and finding ways to expand them. Despite the various challenges encountered, we are happy to report that the enterprises have progressed very well.

The beneficiaries from all the training centers were happy to report of having gained marketing skills which had elevated their daily, weekly and monthly incomes and this was very encouraging especially to the HiH EA Officers who trained them with a lot of zeal.

The project closes by the end of March 2019 and as part of our exit strategy, we have planned the following;

  • Drug and Alcohol sensitization activity which was ongoing.
  • Savings mobilization and actualizing the revolving fund amongst the members in every center; this will serve as a stand-by kitty where members will access micro loans.
  • Documentation of business profiles that had been created and enhanced since inception.

Additionally, we are pleased to report that;

ü  Kaeni Sober Centre has a group project namely Poultry Rearing Project.

ü  Mashujaa Group has a group project - Soccer-balls Making Project.

 Graduation of the beneficiaries:

The graduation ceremony will be held on 4th April 2019. During the event, we shall have the beneficiaries exhibit their enterprises and as well recognize their efforts by issuing entrepreneurial certificates.

 You, our valuable donors, have walked with us in this journey, though your donations, motivation and encouragement; others have visited the groups/beneficiaries and encouraged them.  Indeed your presence motivated them towards changing their outlook of life hence helping them re-discover and love themselves! We sincerely appreciate any role or part that you played since the project started.

 You are most welcome on 4th April 2019 in the culmination of the project. Just to state that, we are not done yet. If we get more funds, we shall initiate other special projects like this one of rehabilitating the vulnerable youth affected by drug abuse!

Dec 6, 2018


  End of November 2018 Global Giving Project Report:

The project is running on well. We are glad to report that the uptake has continued to be positive and forthcoming and currently the membership stands at 110. Continuous life skills and entrepreneurial training has been ongoing in all the different youth centers that we work with.

For the last two months, the youths have registered interest in entrepreneurship skills and different clusters have been trained on baking skills, bead work and liquid and bar soap making.

Each cluster is currently in the process of value addition training, i.e. growing expertise in the skills, identification of local markets and branding of the products.

This cluster approach has brought about sub-groups (cluster) activities where each sub-group undertake a common and self-boosting activity for income generation.

Each sub-group has an elected chairperson and a treasurer for sub-group management whose responsibilities include record keeping, financial management and stock control.

      Way forward;

  • The sub-groups are to buy and sell their own products during their agreed time.
  • The sub-groups are to submit an agreed amount of savings to the main group. The main groups’ leadership shall manage the savings with an aim to lend back to the sub-groups at an agreed interest in a span of one month.
  • We have engaged partners- Elewa Ulevi, who through their expertise will help to sensitize and create awareness in alcohol-drug abuse addiction.

After sensitization, (stage 2) willing beneficiaries shall engage in alcohol and drug tests (toxicology) with an aim to recommend the youth’s health status in running businesses in a larger market.

Kindly Note; this is an expensive exercise and a provision of more funds will cater for the implementation.

We are happy for your support in this and we are certain of a continued positive impact as we progress.

Sep 11, 2018



So far so good. The objective of the project is getting achieved as we are progressing. So far we have 10 new beneficiaries adding up to 74 members. We anticipate to have more members join the center and also to register with HiH EA other rehabilitation centers for entrepreneurial training and development. The Mashujaa group is currently undertaking a refresher entrepreneurial training.

Like many other youths, 31-year-old, Timothy Ndung’u from Kiambu County dreamt of securing a well-paying job and thereafter settling down. Timothy soon discovered that unemployment was a reality in Kenya with only a few absorbed into the formal sector, while a majority expected to create self-employment or venture into informal sector

The story of Timothy Ndung’u starts in Githogoro Slum in Kiambu where the young man a father of three lives with his wife. After completing his education and unable to find a formal job, Timothy was forced to depend on casual jobs to support his family. Due to the irregularity of casual jobs the young man often found himself idle and without any thing to do. The idleness led to Timothy’s depression and dependence on alcohol and drugs for consolation.

Using his savings from charcoal sales, Timothy has a plan to have his shop fully stocked by October 2018; he is currently earning a profit of Ksh.140 a day from sale of charcoal and Ksh.1,200 per week from his casual job.

A vision of an empowered community through creation of sustainable enterprises and jobs to the beneficiaries is real and we foresee a great transformation and realization of self through this project.                      

As a sustainability measure, we intend to train and equip the beneficiaries with entrepreneurial skills e.g. beadwork, cake baking and urban farming skills etc. which they can diversify as self-enterprises or group activities for income generation.

An evaluation on the existing enterprises was ongoing in order to boost the enterprises for expansion and diversification.

Thank you very much for having a heart to transform and make lives better through your contribution!

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