Jan 14, 2016

Goals Achieved!

Our way to BE THE CHANGE

With the help of Global Giving and all of YOUR support we actively worked towards preventing bullying, homophobic bullying and mental health problems of LGBTQ students in Chile!

Our goal this year 2015 was to work in schools, with teachers, students and parents, creating awareness on the issues of LGBTQ students. With the help of our friends from GLSEN, Todo Mejora translated the Safe Space Kit to Spanish, helped teachers become allies, and opened discussions in schools for students to debate and talk about bullying and homophobic bullying.

Why do we need teachers who want to be allies? For the LGBTQ community, an ally is a person who supports and stands up for LGBTQ rights. Allies help students loose fear and attend classes even when bullied, defending their identity and giving an example of respect to the whole community.



We completed workshops in 3 schools: 1 public school, 1 private school, and 1 subsidized school in Santiago, Chile.

  • 91 Safe Space Kits have been handed out, and revised with each teacher.
  • 20 students NOW have a Safe space at school!
  • 45 staff members (teachers, school administrators and psychologists) where trained to protect, respect, and strengthen LGTBQ youth rights.
  • 9 allies are now committed with LGBTQ students and their rights, as well as educating others on these issues.
  • 1 visibility campaign was successfully launched to show success of the project and reach policy makers!
  • More than 300 students are now being directly benefited from the new information their teachers have acquired.


YOU are part of us BEING THE CHANGE

            To be the change, we need people and organizations to BELIEVE in us. Therefore there is no other but YOU to thank for this opportunity to keep working for Chile’s youth. Decreasing discrimination and suicide rates, promoting inclusive and respectful school environments and preventing homophobic and transphobic bullying is a challenge accepted and a goal that we are working for, with the strength and certainty you have given us!

Thank you all, and until the next report!

Sep 30, 2015

Thank you for your donations!

Dear Donor, 

We wish we were there right next to you to show you in person our deep appreciation for your support! Although a digital hug along with happy noises won´t make up for an actual hug, we do hope you know how much we value the confidence you have in our project. 

In the coming weeks we will be implementing the education project that you helped fund. We are planning to train over 50 teachers and reach out to more than 400 students through workshops and activities. We will keep you posted and we hope that you will feel proud of this achievement. 

Once again thank you!

Monserrat Sepúlveda
Development Coordinator
Fundación Todo Mejora Chile

Sep 3, 2015

Prevent Suicide & Homophobic Bullying in Chile: "BECOMING A CHANGE"

Santiago, Chile Sept. 2015

Our program is created to give an overview about the need to implement assess of the real environment that Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and transgender / transexual youth are living. The ifea become a need as we wereworking on a pilot program in which participants felt the importance of working with LGBT as an “urgent need”, the participants in this pilot were young students and future teachers. This experience motivated us to create an intervention program in several schools sses this real situation in the hope of implementing future programs and interventions in LGBT - Students - Topics.

Our way to BE THE CHANGE:

This program is build to Know the need of promote non  - discriminatory policies and practices in Chilean Schools that provides a better environment, specialy, to Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender/transsexual youth. to achieve this goal it is important to become aware of:

1.- Knowing LGBT YOUTH;

By giving definitions and statistics on LGBT community in other countries and regions and share experiences about LGBT in Chile.

2.- LGBT YOUTH; Educating the grown ups:

Discusses ways to teach teachers, students and scholl staff about about the difficulties of living in a hostile environment and constant harassment both in the lives of students and academic goals of schools.

3.- Becoming the Change:

Be the change.

Motivate change. Knowing the importance of studying and teaching everyone about the importance of promoting safe places for learning and care for LGBT youth. knowing that create safe spaces for diversity is a” win-win situation” for everyone at school. 

It is a need

“Chile has poor interventions related to the LGBT community in schools and formal studies on homophobic bullying does not exist today, then the need to create opportunities for conversation is the necessary first step to a higher, better education.” Says Ignacio Hernández, director of the program “When people face the reality of suicide rates in our country, being the highest in Latin America, up to 4 times higher than in other countries it is that we realize that these interventions are urgent for us all.”

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