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Jun 3, 2016

Nafasi's New Chance is taking shape!

The new roof taking shape.
The new roof taking shape.

Nafasi’s New Chance is taking shape!

Under construction: Nafasi’s new home has nearly got a roof!

1 Roof taking shape

Thank you for taking the time to look at this report, read on to hear how you are helping change the lives of abandoned and destitute babies in Uganda.

Last October we shared the exciting news about our major initiative to build a new home for the abandoned babies of Kampala. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, the Dutch Evangelical Broadcasting Company Construction work was started two weeks before Christmas.

The land was cleared, the dimensions of the foundations for the house were marked out with stakes, and excavation work began.

The crew worked really hard under the hot African sun, often 30c or more.

Everything is done by hand. Shovels and pickaxes at the ready, no bulldozers and JCB’s here!

 2 Staking out the land     

3 Digging the foundations               

The walls have all been built and the roof trusses are now in place. If all continues to go well the roof should be finished by the end of June.

 4 Building the walls.  

5 Roof inside view.

The perimeter wall is also being built simultaneously so that the whole site is secure.

 6 Perimeter wall.

The board of directors visited in March and were very pleased with the progress that had been made since their last visit in November when the land was being surveyed. They also arranged for the staff of Nafasi to visit the new building site and see, with their own eyes, their new future workplace!  They were very impressed and amazed just how spacious it will be. "So many rooms!" someone said. Dora the cook was delighted with what will be her new kitchen! They are now counting the days until the move as are we!

 7 Staff visiting new building.

We hope that the building can be completed by September so that all the babies and children can begin to move into their new purpose built accommodation where they can receive the love and care they so desperately need.

The new facilities will be so much better and will provide a modern, spacious and safe environment for each child to thrive under loving care. There will be increased opportunity for the staff to work on a one to one basis and plenty of bright and airy play areas purposely equipped for fun and development. There is a special isolation room for a sick child and a separate room where a mother can sleep with her child, this will double up as a multifunctional room for group activities when not in use. We will have safe pure drinking water from a bore hole and are looking into the possibility of having solar power/energy in the future if sufficient funding can be found. A new cooker has already been donated from gifts from a retirement party. You can help us to make all this possible by supporting Nafasi with a donation; as you know, building and equipping a home costs a lot of money and there will always be a shortfall. We are very carefully controlling the budget but inevitably there are price rises and unforeseen costs.

8 Building Plan.


Stop Press:

We have been awarded a Global Giving Community Development Grant!

Our organisation was chosen out of many to receive a grant for our work in East Africa. This grant is ring-fenced for the provision of emergency care, social work investigations and the community support program for teenage mothers. As you can imagine we are over the moon! We would like to publically take this opportunity to thank not only the Funder but also the whole GlobalGiving team who have made this possible… THANK YOU on behalf of the Nafasi children and team.

 9 Jumping for Joy!


And there is a chance for some extra funding coming up!

Please look out for the flyer we will be circulating soon about the GlobalGiving Rewards Bonus Day that starts at 2pm on 15th June 2016 when donations can be matched. Thanks to everyone’s prior support our project has ‘Superstar’ status which means that we can receive an extra 50% to donations made during the Bonus Day.

Please help our project even more by sharing the Nafasi story our GlobalGiving Project Page, Website and Facebook Page with your family, friends and contacts.

Better still become a regular donor from as little as £5 a month.

We are very grateful for all the support we have already been given from all our donors and especially our GlobalGiving friends. Thanks to you we can carry on this vital work of caring for the vulnerable babies and young children in Uganda.

In the words of Nelson Mandela: “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

Thank you again for your support.

For more information go to: or

or send an email to

Staking out the land.
Staking out the land.
Digging the foundations.
Digging the foundations.
Building the walls.
Building the walls.
Roof inside view.
Roof inside view.
Building the perimeter walls.
Building the perimeter walls.
Staff visiting the New Nafasi.
Staff visiting the New Nafasi.
New building plan.
New building plan.
Jumping for Joy!
Jumping for Joy!
Mar 10, 2016

New Chance for 2 Baby Girls:

Mary and Annet’s new chance.

Mary is a healthy little 10 month old who loves to smile and chuckle. She was admitted to Nafasi shortly after her 16 year old mother tragically died due to complications following childbirth, when Mary was only two weeks old.  Mary’s father then disappeared, but Nafasi stepped in to help.

We are confident that due to the care she has received at Nafasi and the progress she is making, both physically and developmentally, Mary can be resettled successfully with her paternal grandparents in the near future.  Another New Chance for Mary in her short life. The Nafasi social work team will continue to monitor and support the family once she has been resettled.

Annet is also 10 months old. When she arrived at Nafasi in October 2015 she was 6 months and weighed only 2.5 kg – that’s nearly 5 kg less than the normal weight for a healthy 6 month-old baby girl.

We don’t know what she weighed at birth, but we do know that she was suffering from severe malnutrition when she arrived. Annet’s mother has learning difficulties and struggled to care for her.  Several aunts cared for her for short periods, but underestimated how much care such a young and fragile baby needed, and how much time and money this involved. Eventually, Annet was bought to us at Nafasi, and she immediately received the emergency medical treatment she needed.  We put her on a special diet to build her up, but without overloading her weak body.

Annet is now catching up with her peers, but will need the dedicated care of Nafasi staff for several more months before we can consider resettlement, as we don’t want her to suffer a relapse! In the meantime, our social workers are looking for a foster family in Uganda who can take care of her in due course.


We believe that every child has the right to grow up in a family.”
Nafasi means Chance, the chance of having a safe “home” in the care of a loving family!

New Chance for teenage mothers.

Last December, twenty teenage mothers took part in a 2 day training program run by our Nafasi staff and a volunteer from The Netherlands. We continue to develop this program so that these young mothers can be empowered to better care for and support their young children.
By supporting us you can really help Nafasi continue to help these vulnerable children and their underprivileged teenage mums, and provide them with a support network that they so badly need and a New Chance in life.

Bonus Day!

On 16th March, there is a GlobalGiving Bonus Day in the US ( 09:00-23:59 EDT) and UK (13:00 - 03:59 GMT) held concurrently! This will help donations go even further. For more information on the campaign please refer to our website or Facebook page. If you would like any more information about any aspect of our work, do not hesitate to contact us on

You could help us even more:
• by taking just a few minutes to promote the story of Nafasi Welfare Home,
• by sharing our Global Giving Page, website and Facebook page with your friends and contacts,
• by telling them why you decided to support our work,
• by becoming a regular donor or by making further donations.

You can make a vital difference to the lives of helpless babies and young children in Uganda.

In the words of Nelson Mandela: “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

Thank you again for your support.

Dec 21, 2015

A New Chance at Christmas

Margaret's Home
Margaret's Home

Christmas… For unto us a son is given!

It is December. It’s the rainy season in Uganda. Many houses are affected by flooding.  Sometimes the water level rises so high that the water from the sewage gets into the homes with disastrous consequences’: Diseases, infections, diarrhoea and malaria. To name just a few.

Margaret's Home

This is Margaret's 'home', one of our teenage mothers. She lives here with her one-year-old son David. Sadly it is typical of the state of many of the houses found in the slums of Kampala. She tries to dry her clothes on the roof…. Everything is dirty, damp, cold and smelly.

Margaret is 17 years old. She comes from a very violent family. As a child she was repeatedly abused and sacrificed by a “Witch Doctor”. These horrendous rituals have left her physically and mentally scarred for life.At 16 she left her family hoping for a better life in the city. But at her work she was raped and got pregnant.

A few weeks ago Margaret got an infection which became so serious that it nearly proved fatal. David was severely malnourished, very weak and hardly had any clothes to wear. Fortunately Nafasi was able to help them. Both mother and son are recovering well, regaining strength and receiving the help and support they so desperately need. We will continue to care for their welfare until a solution to their problems can be found. Nafasi wants to help to give them a Happy Christmas and New Chance in life in the New Year.


When we think of Christmas, we remember the birth of Jesus Christ.

A savior, given to us, to bare the sins of the world.

At Christmas, we also think of family, friends, and children.

Gathering together, eating together and giving gifts to each other.


Nafasi Welfare Home would like to give these teenage mothers and their children a Happy Christmas.

Their New Chance is only possible with your support.

Will you help give these underprivileged children something extra this Christmas?

Please donate through Global Giving.


To help us even more: consider a regular donation! This allows us to plan ahead knowing that regular monthly income is on the way!

From December 1 to December 31 2015, Global Giving are offering to match any new monthly regular donations. This is a one-time match given after the 4th donation.

Thank you so much for your support this year. 

 For more information or we can help in any way, please email us:’ or look at out face book page.

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