Jan 18, 2017


Once again, we here at APRAMP, have the pleasure to update all of you, our generous donors, on the work we have been doing over the past 3 months and share with you the impact your support has had on the actual lives of women and girls who have suffered severe trauma. While these individuals have had extremely rough circumstances, YOU have helped transform them into SURVIVORS who are beginning a NEW life FREE of exploitation.

Our team at APRAMP is tremendously grateful for all of the support you all have shown over the past 3 months. Since our last report in October, we have raised an astounding $3,763.86. This is BY FAR more than we have ever received during the three month periods. This money has changed our work in ways you may not be able to imagine.

Due to the immense success in fundraising in the last period, APRAMP’s Rescue Mobile Unit, the group of recovered sex trafficking victims who have chosen and been trained to detect, identify and rescue others CURRENTLY being trafficking or exploited, has grown very quickly! The money raised has allowed us to finish the training process with 4 survivors and begin training with 3 victims who are currently receiving care from APRAMP and who are living in its protective housing and rehabilitation center.

We now have SEVEN new faces in the office – faces that have gone from emitting pain and sadness, to emitting hope and joy. The role these women play in APRAMP, as part of the Mobile Rescue Unit, is life-changing both for them and for the hundreds of girls and women who they will come into contact with on a DAILY basis, helping them to understand there is a way out.

One of our staff, who has witnessed first-hand the recovery process of all of these 7 new members of the Mobile Rescue Unit shared:

“Wow. I am truly in awe. It is incredible to see the changes in each and every one of these brave women. Seeing how their demeanor and personality change from the time they enter into contact with APRAMP until their incorporation into the Mobile Rescue Unit, it is as though they are almost two different people. It gives me pure joy to see how far each of them has come; it is actually my motivation. It is what keeps me going, and what gives me the fuel to continue working with such a heavy issue. A survivor’s smile released after so many years filled with fear, sadness and pain is one of the most precious sites I’ve ever seen”.

On behalf of all of the survivors who now can enjoy all of their rights, I say, thank you for your financial support. We greatly appreciate your donation and willingness to help support our project. Please pass on the information of the website: globalgiving.org, Project “Rescue and Empower Sex trafficking survivor”. We really want to reach our financial goal so we can continue to help change lives!

Again, we cannot say it enough...THANK YOU!!

Oct 26, 2016


Maria sharing her story
Maria sharing her story

In this report, we have the privilege of sharing that we have been able to, once more, help accompany a girl who has suffered such violence, exploitation, and trauma, and who has been identified as a victim of human trafficking for the purposes of sexual exploitation, in her recovery process, supporting her as she transforms into a SURVIVOR!

Earlier this year, Maria (for data protection purposes, this is a fictitious name) came into contact with APRAMP after being identified as a human trafficking victim. She was brought to Spain by her “boyfriend”, who she later discovered was just using her and who had simply been “preparing” her for what she was to find in Spain: being forced to work in prostitution. During this time, Maria was required to work long hours -no matter the weather conditions-, to do as the clients desired, and was given very little money to eat, receiving none of the earnings of the services she was obligated to give. She suffered physical, sexual and psychological violence and abuse on a daily basis, had little contact with the outside world other than the hours she was “working”, and was alone in a country where she didn’t know the language.

Once Maria began to come into contact with APRAMP’s Social Agents (the trafficking survivors trained by this very project), she began, as she describes, “to have more hope that there was a way out, and that the nightmare would end”. Little by little she began to have more confidence in these Social Agents, until one day she decided she wanted to come to the Care Center to receive help, as the Social Agents had informed her. So, Maria came to APRAMP’s Care Center, and began her recovery process. Months passed and Maria was doing so well in the training courses, was processing her trauma during therapy sessions, and most importantly, she began to dream again about the future.

Maria was recovering and learning fast, showing a lot of improvements and capabilities to work, so APRAMP was able to incorporate her into the Project “Survivors Rescuing Victims of Trafficking”, providing her the opportunity to be trained professionally to become a Social Agent. Thanks to the $115.00 we earned since our last report, Maria has been provided with all of the training material she will need over the next year to become a Social Agent and help rescue other girls like her who are going through exactly what she went through.

Maria is so excited to help others. She mentioned the other day to her new co-workers, “I cannot wait to help women just like you all helped me. I had lost hope, and once I met you guys, I knew there was still hope, even if it was just a little.”

On behalf of Maria and APRAMP, we appreciate your donation and willingness to help support our project. It truly makes a difference in the lives of women and girls who have suffered tremendously. Maria was rescued because of your commitment and dedication to rid society of the violence against women. So, THANK YOU!

The team of Social Agents
The team of Social Agents
Aug 2, 2016

New awareness-campaign inspired by the survivors!

Still foto from the short film, Loveth
Still foto from the short film, Loveth

Since our last report in May, APRAMP has been able to raise $346.00 thanks to the generosity of all of our project’s donors! Every dollar we receive helps change the lives of individuals who have suffered human trafficking and/or sexual exploitation. These individuals are not just statistics, each one is a real person, a daughter, a sister, maybe even a mother to young children, and the money given to the project helps offer them REAL alternatives so they can begin a new life, free from exploitation. The money received over the past 3 months will help pay for the training materials for 2 new survivors, as well as 1 month’s transportation to training sessions for 1 survivor.

Over the past 3 months, APRAMP has had some very exciting events occur which have helped raise-awareness on the issue of human trafficking in Spain. Recently, APRAMP launched a new campaign, “Loveth” which shares first-hand the story of a Nigerian girl who was trafficked and sexually-exploited in Madrid.

This campaign was launched inspired by the proactive work which the Mobile Rescue Unit carries out on-the-ground. This team of recovered survivors, who have been trained through the exact project which you all, our generous donors, have helped to fund, and the work they do has prompted us to launch this campaign as a reality that needs to be addressed and responded to in a holistic manner.

Through the work of these trained survivors, APRAMP has been able to identify and attend to women and girls from 39 different nationalities. The work these brave individuals do not only has an effect on Spain, but also has a tremendous impact on an international level. These campaigns, like “Loveth” and “Chicas Nuevas 24 Horas”, directed by filmmaker Mabel Lozano, have helped make a huge difference in the recognition of the trafficking phenomenon, allowing APRAMP to help more and more individuals who have had their dignity and freedom stripped away from them, simply to be treated as an object.

We share all of this with you all so you truly understand the impact your financial support makes. The money you graciously give our organization, goes directly towards saving women and girls who, as we speak, are being sexually-exploited.

Along the same lines, showing this important work which you all are supporting, we would also like to share that a representative from GlobalGiving came to APRAMP in July to visit our organization and to learn more about the project and the work we do. This site visit was extremely beneficial for us, and we are even more excited to be a part of such a wonderful platform such as GlobalGiving. The representative shared some comments with us, which have helped us know how to improve our presence on the platform, as well as congratulated us on the great work we do. More specifically, she mentioned:


“I can't say enough how humbled I was to be in the presence of all of the staff members, but particularly the former victims who now work for the Mobile Rescue Unit. I'm grateful that they were willing to come and speak with me about the work that they do, and I will forever be impressed by their willingness to relive their stories (through the documentaries and testimonials) in order to help other victims.”

We are very proud of the progress we have made and are excited to continue our work and presence on the GlobalGiving platform. It is our hope that you all will continue to help us so we can keep rescuing women and girls who are suffering not only in Spain, but in all parts of the world, and most importantly, so we can fight against this grave human rights violation and ensure more women and girls do not suffer what too many have already suffered and are currently suffering.

Once again, APRAMP extends its sincere gratitude to each and every donor who has helped us get one step closer to our goal. Please help us to continue spreading the word about our project!

If you would like to watch the “Loveth” film, check out the link below:

For more information on the project, “Chicas 24 Horas”, click on the following link:

Lastly, be sure to check out APRAMP’s website, Twitter, and Facebook page, which give more detailed information on the work we do to fight human trafficking, as well as the most recent news and presence in the media!

Do you have any thoughts or ideas on how to get more financial support? We’re open to however you might want and be able to contribute! Your partnership makes a huge difference!

Pictures from the premiere of "Loveth"
Pictures from the premiere of "Loveth"
"Loveth" brings together important stakeholders
"Loveth" brings together important stakeholders
GG rep. speaks with Mobile Rescue Unit members
GG rep. speaks with Mobile Rescue Unit members


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