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Jul 9, 2020

Girls Can Code online: our response to COVID 19

Food parcels distribution to schools' communities
Food parcels distribution to schools' communities

Due to COVID19, the start of academic year, which usually is at the end of March in Afghanistan, did not happen and students were left home with limited possibilities to attend online /on television regular classes.

In this context, Womanity was able to quickly move all its vocational training courses online providing students with internet connection, a laptop (if not available at home) and more importantly with the possibility to continue some form of education.

Although the classes had more limited capacities than the in-person one to allow for interaction and sufficient internet bandwidth, we were able to support about 150 students divided in our English, computer literacy and coding classes. 

In parallel, Womanity identified families (in the schools’ communities we support) who, due to lockdown measures, were not able to provide for themselves and distributed to them food and sanitation equipment for one month. A second distribution is planned at in August/September 2020.

Mar 11, 2020

2019 Academic year, successfully completed

GCC coding training in Al Fatah
GCC coding training in Al Fatah

“At first, when I came to this course, it seemed very difficult. I did not think that I would learn all lessons and all these codes but after some time, the lessons became interesting and I was able to assimilate all the content. Now I have finished HTML and I can design basic HTML pages and giving style to them. I am really happy that the Womanity Foundation gives us this opportunity to study coding in a safe area and to have female teachers”. a student from the  Coding class.


Thanks to your wonderful support, the program completed another year with the following results:


  • A total of 564 students completed a high-quality training (206 studying English, 210 studying ICT and 148 studying Coding);
  • 6 role models talked to our students in person or via conference calls about their experience as women working in the IT sector in Afghanistan and across the world;
  • 6 university students are continuing successfully their higher studies in computer science thanks to our scholarships;
  • 81 students completed an entire cycle of the GCC course, by studying English, ICT and Coding
  • 14 internships for GCC graduates in various sectors such as Web Design, Finance, IT, Marketing or Administration were carried out;


An external evaluator has confirmed that students have expressed increased feelings of self-worth, self-efficacy and self-confidence. Also, more and more students wish to enter the Tech sector after having completed one of the courses.


“Becoming a professional web-developer is one of my dreams; I saw some of movies about it. I thus wanted to know how to code. I started to code in GCC project. Now I can build a simple website page by my own. I am very thankful for my teachers and Womanity’s preparation of this great opportunity for Afghan Girls.” Coding student


“I am very thankful from Womanity and its team for the great program implemented in this school. As a father it is my responsibility to support my daughter in her education. However, due to our unfavourable financial situation, my family isn’t able to take full responsibility for her education. This program is therefore is a big help our daughter since I am confident that my daughter studies in a safe environment and has a polite and good female teacher.  I am glad the Foundation extended the classes to a winter program.” Father from an ICT student


Womanity thanks you for your precious support to contribute to a vocational training enhancing young Afghan women’s education in the Tech field!

Dec 17, 2019

I Always Wanted to Know How

Coding class in Khabul
Coding class in Khabul

“I always wanted to know how to code. There were times when I was watching my cousin, who had done his BSC in computer sciences, making a website for a client. When I asked him to teach me, he made fun of me by saying girls can't code. At that time, I promise myself that one day I’ll learn how to code, and I did. It is all because of Womanity and my lovely teacher”

The Womanity team thanks you for your support on the Girls Can Code project. Thanks to you your contribution we have:

  • Continued and ended another year of high-quality training for approximate 438 high school girls in Kabul (212 studying English, 211 ICT and 150 Coding) [data up to November 2019];
  • Introduced women role model working in the Tech Sector in Afghanistan and internationally;
  • Organized 13 internships for former GCC students in various sectors such as Web Design, Finance, IT, Marketing or Administration;
  • Provided scholarships to 6 motivated GCC alumnae now students in a Computer Science university faculty.

Girls Can Code builds the skills and confidence for young Afghan women to enter the labor force:

“In the future, I want to have my own hospital or clinic so I can help people. Through the skills obtained through GCC, I can connect to hospitals around the globe. Using computers and the internet, I can conduct research on different diseases.” Coding student

“Participating in ICT classes is the great opportunity in my life. Before this class I couldn't turn on the computer, now I can learn new things on computer related subjects and hope to learn more, thanks Womanity for creating this opportunity for Afghan girls.” ICT student

On behalf of the Womanity team we thank you for supporting young Afghan women to accomplish their potential to study and work the growing IT sector.

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