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Nov 13, 2017

Additional training for teachers of Girls Can Code

In recent months Womanity has successfully trained 32 teachers as part of our Girls Can Code programme in Afghanistan. The programme focuses on vocational training opportunities which enhance leadership, professional and academic careers of female students in grades 10 to 12. Girls Can Code provides girls with the knowledge they need to pursue their chosen professional and academic paths and encourages them to pursue career in STEM related fields. 

In order to achieve this kind of life-changing training at scale, Womanity builds the capacity and skills of local teachers. In addition to core subject training, we run sessions on Disaster Risk Reduction and Children’s rights. Afghanistan is a difficult environment in which to live and operate, as such, additional trainings like these give teachers access to information unavailable elsewhere. They help the teachers to understand pupils’ rights better and to prevent, as much as possible, harm and damage to their students should any disasters or dangerous incidents occur during their classes. Sadly this is a necessity in today’s Afghanistan. The 32 women teachers trained in these topics at Malalai Shahid girls high school are now implementing the lessons they learnt and are better equipped to both teach Girls Can Code and protect their students from the volatile environment. 

Jun 16, 2017

Training teachers in Pashto Language

From May 7th to 17th, Womanity in partnership with Afrane organized a training for 24 teachers of fours schools (Spin Kalai, Abdulah Ben Omar, Khoja lakan and Wahdat) in teaching methodology for the Pashto language.

Afrane is a French-Afghan NGO specialized in teachers training and in particular on teaching methodologies for the Afghan official languages (Dari and Pashto).  This type of training is very important as often teachers might not be native speakers of one of the two languages that they have to use and teach in school.

Afrane has developed very useful training modules to simplify ways for teachers to communicate easily with students in early grades the key rules and features of their languages with an interactive mix of grammar rules and innovative teaching methodologies.

Feb 14, 2017

The Class of 2016 is Out

The end of 2016 brought the end of the Afghan academic year and the break for our teachers in their training. While the teachers and students take their winter break (starting again at school in March), the Womanity team is preparing training for the 2017 - in particular the science training to be held in 2 locations; the National Science Center in Kabul,  and in Panjshir Province).

In 2016, Womanity organized training for 380 participants in total. Pre- and post- tests showed that the average score improved by 44% in their knowledge-levels in the subjects taught with the average post-score results at 70% pass rates. This is indicating a great improvement in knowledge and professionalism that allows teachers in Afghanistan's girls' schools to teach better, and improve the learning and livelihoods of their students. At Womanity, we are delighted by their progress.

The activities for 2016 are were as follows:

- 15 training modules in science in three locations (in the premises of the National Science Centre, in the Malalai-Shahid School in the district of Char Asyeab and in the Gholam Haidar Khan School in Panjshir Province) for a total of 540 hours of training including a total of 244 teachers.

Each training course included 180 hours of teaching divided into five subjects (chemistry, physics, mathematics, biology and environmental science), and each training program spanned 5 workshops;

- four computer science teacher training sessions in Sardar Daud Khan (2), in Spen Kalai (1) and in Malalai-Shahid (1) benefitted a total of 86 teachers;

- one training module in the English language in Spen Kalai School benefitted 24 participants;

- one training module in teaching methodologies and good practice in primary school, including 26 teachers in Wahdat School.

Additionally, Womanity conducted:
- seven workshops on the Convention of the Rights of the Child (CRC) and teaching methodologies for 133 teachers in Al Fatah, Abdullah Bin Omar, Mer Bacha Koot, Sardar Daud Khan, Spen Kalai, Malalai-Shahid and Gholam Haidar Khan Schools;

- seven workshops in Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) for 153 teachers in Wahdat, Malalai-Shahid Schools, Abdullah Bin Omar, Mer Bacha Koot, Sardar Daud Khan, Spen Kalai, and Gholam Haidar Khan Schools which help girls and staff to stay safe during earthquakes and other emergencies;

- six workshops on First Aid Interventions for 105 teachers in Malalai-Shahid, Abdullah Bin Omar, Mer Bacha Koot, Sardar Daud Khan, Spen Kalai, and Gholam Haidar Khan Schools.

Finally, as in previous years, to complement the science training, Womanity offered one-to-one mentoring sessions in schools. The mentors from the National Science Center visited science teachers directly in their classrooms and labs to address any specific problems or questions related to their daily tasks. This proved an effective method for keeping abreast of the results of the science training and embedding good teaching practices within the schools. A total of 65 sessions (about 520 hours) were organized and 188 teachers mentored in 13 schools Al Fatah, Sardar Daud Khan, Spen Kalai, Wahdat, Khauja Lakan, Naswan Paghman, Abdullah Bin Omar, Qala Malik, Malalai-Shahid, Malalai, Gholam Haidar Khan, Mer Bacha Koot and Paenday Schools.

Womanity could not conduct this work without your great contribution. We look forward to furthering this work in 2017, and conducting more ICT, English and coding training in line with the needs of the schools and opportunities for enhanced livelihooods for high school graduates in Afghanistan. We hope that we can count on your continued support for this work.


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