May 4, 2020

Planting the Fields in Hope of Rain

Live & Learn in Kenya Int'l parents planting seeds
Live & Learn in Kenya Int'l parents planting seeds

There is always a risk when it comes to investing in seeds for planting maize and vegetables. The amount of sunshine in Kenya is fabulous for growing crops as long as there is enough rain to go with it.

Sorry to say, during this season we were only able to rent one single acre of farmland to grow maize and vegetables for our Live and Learn in Kenya International children. The usual 3 acres were too expensive for us this year - but we are hoping for funds to be able to rent more farmland and for seeds to be able to plant more. Because of the coronavirus food supplies are down and we will really need a lot of financial support to fill our food stockroom before the children return back to school again.

The Live and Learn in Kenya International parents' groups work hard to do their share by clearing the farmland - planting - weeding and harvesting. They are a diligent group of people wanting to pay back what is being given to their children in the best way that they can - working the fields - cooking and cleaning at the Center.

Asante sana - thank you so much for your kind and generous support!

Hoping for Rain
Hoping for Rain
Social Distancing - planting at the LLK Center
Social Distancing - planting at the LLK Center
Apr 8, 2020

In the midst of Corona...

Coronavirus Emergency Relief
Coronavirus Emergency Relief

The coronavirus is taking its toll all over the world. A friend of mine commented that we aren't stuck in our houses - we are safe in our homes. And that is so very true. We can complain about toilet paper and bananas and having to sit around at home not knowing what to do with ourselves all day long after binge-watching some silly TV series or playing the same video games for hours on end and searching the internet for something else to buy to pass the hours. But at the end of the day, we are virtually safe with our disinfecting medical soaps and gels, rubber gloves and masks to protect us when we sneak out into the big outdoors to go grocery shopping or walk the dog. We are protected everywhere we go because there are rules and even laws that make us keep our 6 feet away from each other "better 6 feet away than 6 feet down". Of course, the sickness and the deaths that we read and hear about - and the pain of the loss of friends and loved ones is excruciating. It's a difficult time all over the world.

But sitting in our homes knowing that if we were to become ill we would have medical care is a safety net that is not there for millions of people all over the world. The poverty-stricken living in crowded slums do not have this safety net. Most likely their governments are more interested in saving the rich and sometimes even literally beating the poor into their shacks and huts to keep them off the streets and spreading the virus.

This is where organizations like Live and Learn in Kenya International come in to help in all ways possible. The children on the Live and Learn in Kenya International project - based in Nakuru, Kenya - are no longer able to attend school. The schools have been shut down for weeks already. No school means no school breakfasts or lunches. Parents and guardians have lost their jobs - albeit low-paying jobs - at least they were able to earn 2 or 3 dollars a day. Now they have no income at all! 

We cannot distribute food because the parents cannot come to the Live and Learn in Kenya Education Center for it - and we are not able to buy food in bulk as we usually do. Mind-boggling problems and sleepless nights - just imagining how the children and their families are stuck in their shacks and huts - hungry and thirsty and unprotected from the surge of the virus.

It took us a couple of weeks - but we have found a way to assist the parents and guardians of our 480 children. Sponsors and generous individuals have answered our first pleas for donations so that we are able to send money to the Live and Learn in Kenya Int'l office in Nakuru - and it will be distributed via MPESA to all of the LLK families. What a relief.

But we've only just begun. We need to transfer funds to all of the families on a monthly basis as long as the pandemic continues to ruin the existence of the families and our Live and Learn in Kenya children.

Please go on helping us to help.

Asante sana - thank you so much.

Feb 27, 2020

The LLK Education Center Kindergarten is Finished - Now On to build the Vocational Training Building

LLK Kindergarten
LLK Kindergarten

What a fabulously happy day February 24th was at the Live and Learn in Kenya Education Center in Nakuru! After only 4 months of intensive building, the Live and Learn in Kenya Kindergarten was completed and after the 1-week school break, the big day arrived. 90 happily singing and chanting little girls and boys marched behind their teachers into their gorgeous new classrooms. Thirty little 3-year-old nursery school children sat on a carpet - their furniture is to be delivered 4 days later - and listened to their new teacher in their bright Sunshine Yellow classroom. Thirty 5-year-old kindergarten children sat at their beautiful wooden desks designed by the famous German designer, Sebastian Herkner and glowed with the wonder of it all in their Sky Blue classroom. Thirty 5-year-old preschool children sat at there somewhat higher desks and sang happy songs with their teacher - amazed at the warmth and beauty of their Forest Green classroom.

The idea that children coming from the poorest of poor families living in the Rhonda and Baruti slums was beyond comprehension for their parents, guardians and even the village elders until now.

These children have the right to learn their way right out of the slums - out of poverty - and be all that they can be!


The LLK Kindergarten will be ceremoniously dedicated on June 6, 2020, when the LLK chairwoman, donors, and guests will be visiting from the USA, Germany, and Qatar to do the honors.

So - and now on to the next construction - the vocational training building where our children will learn to be mechanics and autobody repair people, hairdressers, tailors, and carpenters. We still have big plans and we need you!


Asante sana - thank you so much!


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