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Made By Survivors creates empowering opportunities for women worldwide to build an independent, safe and rewarding future. Made By Survivors educates and trains survivors of poverty, abuse, human trafficking, and slavery in high skill jobs, business and leadership skills. Upon graduating from Made By Survivors' training programs, survivors earn a good income, enabling them to permanently escape poverty and exploitation. All profits from product sales fund programs for survivors and their children, including: rescue, aftercare, healing arts and school sponsorship.
Mar 2, 2015

New Jewelry Center is Completed

Celebrating New Shelter Build
Celebrating New Shelter Build

Thank you for your continued support of Made By Survivors Jewelry Centers.  The last shelter build and jewelry center construction has been completed.  

For the past three years, we have been raising funds to build a shelter in Jalpaiguri, West Bengal, India in partnership with our dear friends at Women's Interlink Foundation.  We broke ground in late 2013, finished the exterior in September 2014, and just this month, finished the plumbing and electrical and bought beds, so that the first 50 girls can move in later this month.  View the video at

Our exquisite new  jewelry collection - Sacred Garden - was designed by survivors at the new shelter in Jalpaiguri.  The designs are based on the flowering vines that grow near the workshop in Jalpaiguri.   According to the survivors, 'no matter how much you cut back a vine, it only grows back stronger', so the vines in these dramatic sterling silver and 22 karat gold-plated pieces are a beautiful metaphor for resilience. 

The Made By Survivors Jewelry Centers are selling their jewelry through Relevé This has become a successful model, as a social enterprise to sustain the Made By Survivors Jewelry Centers and pay the designers and manufaturors above fair wages.  In fact, most of the women who have been working in the program since 2010 are now making wages comparable with a college educated woman in India. 

Thank you for helping survivors have a future that is strong and hopeful.

Sacred Garden Collection
Sacred Garden Collection


Nov 18, 2014


Saturday Training
Saturday Training

India's first conceptual artist and jeweler is mentoring the artisan survivors at  Made By Survivors Jewelry Centers.  The creator of Breathing Space is working with our artisans to teach them how to use design to express themselves.  She comes to the jewelry center on Saturdays to improve their design abilities, refine their process, and encourage the ladies in the program.  

Through this process she is also coaching the artisans on managing personal problems that can affect the work envirnoment. She emphasizes resolution and creative expression through art as a way to deal with pain and conflict. This has lead to an explosion of creativity; with designs that are reflective of our ladies hearts and experiences.  Some of the pieces tell their story:  Two Worlds Collide, DreamCatcher, Learning To Trust, Open Heart and Badge of Courage.  Look for these designs in our online store in 2015.  

From working with a world renown jeweler, to discovering ways to heal from their trauma and everyday work frustrations, Saturday's have become a favorite day at Made By Survivors Jewelry Centers.

Two Worlds Collide
Two Worlds Collide
Sep 1, 2014

A Design Explosion

This has been a bit of a transitional year.  We re-branded Made By Survivors Jewelry, as Relevée, which means to rise up, and increased the women at Made By Survivors Jewelry Centers responsibilities.  They have risen to the challenge.  

We have given the India staff the reigns to design and produce the new styles for this coming holiday season.  Wow, have they amazed us!  There are over 30 new designs that will be released this holiday season and beyond.  The creativity and style are beautiful and trendy.  There are some pieces I can't wait to get my hands on.  Check out their new jewlery at

In addition to new designs they have also taken responsibility for meeting production and packaging needs.  They ladies are running the administrative details like champs and learning new skills that can be transferable to almost any job, should they so choose.  Hopefully, they don't though leave us anytime soon.

According to Kelly Services (an employee services organization), in India college graduates employed banks earn on average a monthly salary of about 36,000 rupees. Last month our top earning artisan earned just under 38,000 rupees!!! Over half the women in our program, who have been working for at least 3 years, are earning a wage at least 5 times higher than a person with the same education level! It's YOUR support which makes this all possible! 

Thank you for helping the survivors at Made By Survivors Jewelry Centers rise up:

  • from abuse and trauma
  • to meet new challenges
  • to expand their talents
  • to excel at their jobs
  • as advocates for women's rights
  • and out of poverty.

Watch for more growth as these ladies are more than survivors.  They are conquerors.