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Jan 13, 2020

Education is changing my life!I too can succeed!!

Education is changing my Perspective. I feel I have chances now to succeed!  

My name is Alupu. I am 12 years old, currently in primary seven at Ireda Primary school. I would like to thank PLA so much for paying my school fees.  I am very happy and soon completing my primary level this year because of PLA`s support.


I aspire to become an English teacher. I was voted the best pupil from the Northern region for spelling Bee and I am waiting to Go to Kampala to represent Northern Uganda in the competition which will take place in October 2019. I am happy to report that I am  the only child at our family who reached the highest Level of Education, My Elder brother stopped in primary 3 and the rest did not go to school. We are four in numbers, 3 girls and one boy and I am the 2nd born in our home.

We grew up in a single parent home. My father died and left us with our mother

I want to be a teacher teaching English. I want to see people who pay our fees and if God allow, I wants them to come and I eat with them on the same table.


Thank you so much for your support. It has made me realise I can have a future different from my current life. Thank you PLA thank you GlobalGiving.

Jan 13, 2020

quarterly report September to December 2019






Platform for Labour Action with support from GlobalGiving is implementing a project entitled “Educate 100 War and HIV/AIDS Orphaned Ugandan Girls”. PLA is implementing a GlobalGiving program entitled Educate 100 War and HIV/AIDS Orphaned Ugandan Girls whose overall goal is to empower female children through education in Lango Sub region. This project was started as a response to the 21-year-old LRA war that left many children orphaned and destitute. There is a pressing need for rehabilitation and empowerment of female children through education. Lira district is no longer affected by war and the communities are in rehabilitation where there is need to better the future for all children especially the female children through providing the girl child with education.

Platform for Labour Action (PLA) through the GlobalGiving Donors is providing support for a better future to 23 girls currently leaving in Lira district 3 in primary five, 5 in primary six, 15 completed primary seven and all these children are girls. The project provides support to war and HIV/AIDS orphaned girls and those girls living with HIV/AIDS positive status with school fees, Lunch fees, counseling, scholastic materials such as books, pens, pencils, rulers, rubbers and school uniform, Toilet paper and mathematic sets and sanitary pads.

For the discussion shared with class teachers for these pupils, it shows that, these children are performing well and those who completed primary seven will all pass  

School monitoring visit were made , PLA staff went to schools for checking the well fare of these children, provide them with psychosocial support, checking on their performance though all the schools who were demanding for fees balance were not ok with the organization, however PLA staff promised to them that, school fees will be cleared if the organization raise some fund by the beginning of next year.


The PLA staff appreciated all schools which the organization has not completed clearing their due fees for this year; for not sending these children away from school. He said that it is also one way the school has contributed towards their passing examination through enabling them to attend all classes hence reduction on their vulnerability..

The PLA staff communicated that the organization is working very hard to see that fees balances are cleared and that the schools should not worry that the organization may default and fail to pay following the student’s completion of Primary Seven examinations, the last primary Level class in the country. Recommitments were made to the schools to enable them support the children complete their education.


The PLA staff had gone with scholastic materials and sanitary towels for the beneficiaries   which were given to their School Administrators to be given to them on Saturday as they will be coming to arrange their examination seats the Primary Seven Candidates who were to undertake Primary Leaving Examinations which are national level examination before the children can join secondary school/High School.

The schools which were visited are Sir Samuel Joe Nursery and Primary School, Ireda Primary School, Otim Tom Primary School, Omito Primary School, Erute Primary School, King James Primary School, Lira Model Primary School, Railways Primary School, Lira Army Primary School, Ojwina Primary School and Ober Primary School in Lira District, a total of 23 all females school beneficiaries were met, provided with psychosocial support and their teachers were also met and shared with on their performance.

He also requested all School Administrators to be kind to these children especially those whom their fees are not being paid, but he assured to them that school fees will be cleared.


Reaction of school Administrators towards distributing scholastic materials and sanitary towel to school beneficiary.

Ms. Grace,  Senior woman Teacher Omito Primary School

Mr. Grace a senior woman teacher Omito Primary School appreciated PLA so much for supporting her pupils given that the supplied materials were needed to make the girls comfortable during Examinations. She requested PLA to advice parents to start periodically giving pads to their children to curb down the drop outs during school times. She further noted that the guardians to these children should also provide necessary scholastic materials.

The Deputy Head teacher Otim Primary school Mr. Ocen appreciate PLA so much especially Administrative Associate for being kind to these children.

He said that PLA has distributed scholastic materials at a very right time when these children are beginning their primary leaving Examination due next week 04th November 2019.

He said that distributing scholastic materials to these children will encourage them as well as motivate them to pass  primary examination since they will be having working tools like mathematical sets . He noted Goreti will now be very happy.

 He emphasized the essence of providing sanitary towels which provide comfort to the girls as well as give them confidence to move in public without fear of ridicule. He prayed that God blesses PLA for her generosity.

The senior woman teacher Sir Samuel Joe said that it is Gods’ mercy that has made PLA to take scholastic materials and sanitary towel to their beneficiaries. She noted that, Isabella went to her in the morning requesting her for Pads claiming that she is likely to begin her period on Sunday yet she does not have money to buy pads. As she was looking for means to help Isabella , PLA delivered the same in addition to scholastic materials.

She thanked PLA so much for knowing what could affect girl child Education and addressing it.

The class teacher Mr. Okeng in the same school appreciated PLA so much for their support to these children. He said that providing his school pupils with Mathematical sets is a sure deal that his pupils will pass mathematics very well since they will not be borrowing mathematical set instruments like rulers, and rubbers during Examination.

He said that, he is sure that Isabella is going to get first grade since she has never gotten second grad in any internal and external examinations they have been testing with them. He said that Isabella got 5 aggregate in the pre- PLE they did last week and it was the last test given to them.

He said that, PLA should Just get ready to pay her secondary Education because she has already passed with good grade waiting for her result only to go for secondary Education.

Appreciation from Beneficiaries


My name is Isabella, 13 years’ old. Am waiting to seat for my primary Leaving Examination Board next week 4th November 2019.

I am very happy with PLA for paying my school fees, which has enabled me stay in school as well as seat my final Primary Level of Education.

I want to appreciate PLA by passing very well with Aggregate of not Less than 7 in this coming Primary Leaving Examination results. I am ready for the examination papers and I am sure that I am going to get a distinction one in mathematics, Distinction one in English, Distinction One in Social Studies and Distinction Two in Science.  I want to be a nurse.

I appreciate PLA for providing me with a mathematical set and sanitary towels as I did not have the same. I intended to borrow from my friends during examination. I was also from requesting teacher Vicky with Sanitary pad since I am going to begin my period on Sunday as my Guardian told me that she does not have money to buy for me pads. It was the only thing, which was making me unstable at school but now I am very ok waiting for examination.

Challenges faced by children

  • Some guardians are over working these children during these holidays and they are not providing them with food. The children are developing ulcers due to taking long period without food.This being a long holiday the children were anticipating to suffer from hunger and heavy work load.

Jan 13, 2020



Musenoro is a 19 year old hair dresser working at a saloon in Kafunda, Sub County in Wakiso district. On a good day Musenero makes between 6000 Uganda shillings – 8000/= a day depending on the clients that come in at the saloon.

She is very grateful to PLA for the great work that they did by enrolling her in school because her life completely changed, she shared with us that now I cannot go hungry, i pay for my rent and that of my brother and also save 1000/= per day in a saving group and I agreed to get her money when it accumulates.  Musenoro plans on starting her own saloon after her savings accumulate and she believes that she can start small with the capital of 400,000shs.

Before Musenero was enrolled at Nile vocational Institute by PLA she was doing domestic work at home and also washing clothes for neighbors to earn a living. She used to stay with her father in Kawempe since the father separated with mother, however the mother also does not have a constant source of income; she is a substance farmer in the village.

Musenero’s father had many children so he could hardly meet any of his children’s basic needs that’s why she dropped out of school in her primary seven (P.7) without completing it. So during mapping in Kawempe PLA identified her and later enrolled her in school at Nile vocational Institute in Ntinda for six  months and later took her for internship in Ntinda for more two months.

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