Dec 9, 2019



Women inspiration Development center at the end of each year always extend Love to the women we are working with by giving them house hold utensils gifts and food items for the to have a wonderful celebration of Xmas and the New Year. WIDC move from villages to villages to do this every year.

Though this year giving of gifts was in a low key due to the fact that the organization has been struggling for fund for the past 2 years to do our programs but we still felt that this must be done no matter how small. Our women always look forward to the time they will receive the end of the year gift and gift for best performance during their activities in the year.

There are gift for women with largest savings, women with the best thriving business and the best in the attendance of their support groups. All these helps our women to strive to do better in the coming year.

Sep 16, 2019



Most Nigerian girls have access to limited resources to support their dreams because of their inability to use computer and have access internet. This year WIDC made it part of our year projects to organize 6 weeks media training for 35 girls.

This project was organized for girls that are just coming out of high school after their final examination. WIDC first took these girls through our 4-day Agency-Based Empowerment workshop where the girls were able to be rooted in personal empowerment and spiritual consciousness.

The 4-day empowerment model, developed by the U.S.-based Empowerment Institute, teaches participants to shift their patterns of thinking from pathology to vision and equips them with tools to develop belief in themselves and their own agency, to set goals, and to create the support systems that will enable them to reach those goals.

It was after this empowerment workshop that the girls were divided into four groups for the media training because we could only provide 4 Laptops for the training. The media training becomes necessary because for these girls to reach the goals they have set for themselves during the workshop, they need to have access to resources that could help them to achieve these goals. Therefore, learning how to use computer which they were all handling for the first time becomes germane. Also access to internet and communities of women and girls like World Pulse becomes important for these girls to actually create the lives they want for themselves.

Within two weeks of our training 9 of these girls have created emails for themselves and they have joined world pulse communities. At the end of the eight  weeks training, 38 young girls was able to create emails for themselves, joined the social media, started posting stories on social medias. 11 of these girls have started accessing vocational training online. We are hoping to target 100 girls in our next training and we are hoping to get more laptops for the training. 

Jun 24, 2019



The vision of Imagine initiative brought to Nigeria 9 years ago is to develop the agency of the disenfranchised women in the developing countries so that they can create their lives the way they want it and then they will have these:


·         Improvement on their lives

·         Improvement on their health

·         Improvement on their Finances

·         Improvement on their self-responsibility

·         Improved self esteem

·         Better view of life


This was what we set out to achieve and this was what informed many of our population. In the last 9 years that we have been doing this work, we have been targeting the population that have been in compromised and challenging situations and the result that we have been seen in their lives have been the driving force to continue the work.


In 2018, WIDC worked with 550 village women with zero source of income and victims of wife battering. At the end of the year, 90% (495) are no more having violence in their homes and a solid source of income ranges from Cash crop farms, food crop farms, Vocation like Photograph, Tailoring and Bead making and then small scale business and petty trading.

The remaining 10% (55) are also on the way to perfect their small business and the violence they are facing in their homes. When we first went to these villages we were the ones taking food and clothing to them but when we visited them after 12 Month, they were the ones that filled the booth of our car with food crops and fruits so much that we had to leave some of the food behind when our booth could no longer carry more.

5 of the village women we worked with have also been appointed as part of their village council due to the sporadic change that has happened in their lives.


These are women that when we got to their villages were jobless and not sure of where their daily meal were coming from. When we talked to them about this workshop they were not aware that the workshop was going to change their lives the way it did, they attended the workshop because their village heads convinced them that at least for 4 days they will be sure of having lunch.


These same women when went back to see them 12 months later welcomed us with singing and dancing and filled our car booth to the brim of food stuff when we were living them.


Where we are now

Where we are now which is my own excitement as the program Manager of this Initiative in Nigeria about the work is that we are recording great success in reducing Gender Based Violence and poverty in our country which has woman’s face.

  1. Impact:

·         Trained: 4,726 people

·         Direct impact: 93,150 people

·         Indirect impact: 931,500 people


2. Focus:

·         Gender Based Violence 

·         Economic Development

·         People with Disability

·         Community Based organizations

 3. Places covered: 

States: 4 out of 36


·         Osun

·         Lagos

·         Rivers

·         Aka-Ibom


4. Partners: 5

·         VGIF (Virginia Gildersleeve International Fund)

·         AWDF (African Women Development Fund

·         Global Giving Foundation

·         IMAGINE Initiative, USA

·         World Pulse


5. Funding: 

·         Crowd funding

·         Grants

·         Individual sponsorship

·         Economic Empowerment programs


6. Country Team Capacity:

·         Geographical distribution: 4 states

·         Imagine Master Trainer Certification Program (IMTCP) Leadership: Four Empowerment Workshop Certified Trainers

·         IMTCP training. 1 certified Trainer of Trainers

·         Apprenticeship Capacity: 8 apprentices from 5 NGOs

·         Founder/CEO and Board leadership

·         Staff: 6

·         Volunteers: 15


Where we want to be (Our Vision for the work)


  1. Empowerment Institutes: Established in major cities across Nigeria for implementing the IMTCP so that trainers of Imagine workshops will be in all the cities.
  2.  Partnerships: Partnering with 7 national networks of development organizations (NNNGO, INGO, World Pulse Nigeria, NCWS, NYSC, Religious groups and bilateral organizations) by the year 2020
  3. Geography: All 36 states
  4. Funding: $1,500,000 from multinational CSR programs, Global Giving, AWDF, plus other funding sources that might be open to us. IMAGINE Nigeria's ability to build the capacity of NGOs in women empowerment and upgrade the development capability of the country enables it to receive substantial and sustainable funding from national and international partners.
  5. Talent Development: A visionary, empowered and skillful transformative leadership team with quality staffing to support the scaling of IMAGINE to NGOs nationwide.
  6. Technology and Communication: State of the art technology and communication tools to support the delivery of the Empowerment Workshops, follow-up support groups, and the documentation of results.
  7. Agency: Has reached a tipping point and is diffusing throughout Nigeria on its own momentum.
  8. Policy: Systematic transformation has reached a tipping point and is diffusing throughout Nigeria on its own momentum at the local, regional and national government levels.

 Beliefs, behaviour and Cultural Values


  • Team work
  • Peace and justice
  • Inclusion
  • Women Leadership
  • Mutual respect


Youth Leadership, Crime Reduction, Thuggery Reduction

Self-responsibility and an empowered culture

Transparency and accountability

Goal oriented

Environmental responsibility and green living

Innovation and creativity

Gender equity

Unity in diversity


Social systems:

·         Increased literacy

·         Reduced crime

·         Reduced Thuggery

·         Peaceful co-existence

·         Gender equality and equity

·         Enhanced leadership

·         Green living and environmental stewardship

·         Improved standard of living and well being



·         Improved infrastructure

·         Accountability and transparency among decision makers

·         Patriotism

·         Safety and security

·         Freedom of expression

·         Religious tolerance


Citizens and government relationships:

·         Open dialogue

·         Trust

·         Mutual love and respect

·         Peaceful Co-existence


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