Aug 29, 2016

It's nearly that time of year!

The promise of STEPS
The promise of STEPS

What time of year is that you ask?? SoSAvember!!

Yes, that right – It’s August, nearly September. Do you know what that means? Wheels are a-turning!

What do we have in store? Year 4 of STEPS! Can you believe it? We are now in full preparation to receive our 4th cohort of STEPS students, who will become science ambassadors to their schools, a majority of which have very limited resources.

Not only are we bringing even more kids into advanced laboratories to gain exposure to cutting-edge science using everyday materials, getting them excited about their future, and the promise it holds –  BUT….we are gearing up to outfit our first science laboratory at a primary school that’s much in need!

Your support, yes – Your support has helped us to reach over 1000 students so far. Can you tell we are excited?

As we approach our biggest time of year, please tell your friends about SoSA’s work! Thank you for your continued support.


May 31, 2016

The SoSA Experience....from our first intern!

SoSA Intern and elementary school students!
SoSA Intern and elementary school students!

Life changing, inspiring and impactful are a few words that describe my experience with SoSA to say the least. To start, my journey with SoSA began two years ago when I became involved with the organization as an intern. Through months of planning, fundraising and networking, the pieces fall together for an outreach trip filled with learning. From my experience, the most memorable part of my journey would be the daylong science workshops provided by volunteers to the local elementary/middle school students. Students throughout Kingston are exuberant and fill the room with their presence, ready to conquer science! The smiles and excitement that glow on the student’s faces when they see something under the microscope for the first time or watch in amazement after creating a chemical reaction are priceless. It is the joy of learning and exploring the wonders of science that enlightens them to pursue a degree, to one day become professionals. Captivated by the excitement they have when learning, as a volunteer my heart fills with joy. It is a reminder why I chose the career I did and the difference I can make in others. To me, ‘blessed’ would be the word I choose to describe being given this opportunity. 

I grew not just as a student, but also as a person. Knowing I was capable of teaching and enlightening students about the wonders of S.T.E.M. careers keeps me longing for the year to come when I can once again teach science.  

A special thank you to the wonderful ladies that created such an amazing organization. You didn’t only change the lives of the students you help, but you’ve also changed the lives of those who volunteer. Thanks to you both, new doors have been opened up for those involved and minds have been filled with creativity. To me, this is only the beginning. With the years to come, SoSA will become more than you both dreamed of. Thanks again for being such beautiful souls and great mentors!

Mar 1, 2016

It's spring, plans for the year are in full swing!

Oh yes! Budding scientists!!!
Oh yes! Budding scientists!!!

We often report the impact our programs have on students in Jamaica. This time around, we thought we would share the impact on some of our volunteers - who happen to be undergraduate students themselves! 

When asked - Overall what did you take away from the overall experience?

“I took away the idea that we can all make a difference in this world whether it is big or small. Something as simple as doing a science experiment with the elementary school kids made such an impact on them and gave them something to look forward to. I believe that because of this trip, I have become more grateful for the opportunities I have been given and have seen a new aspect of the world that I know I can continue to impact as I grow up,” – KW 

When asked - How has the experience impacted your career outlook?

“This experience has only strengthened my goals of working to care for people,” – ES 

When asked - What impacted you the most?

“The children’s personalities and expressions throughout the workshop impacted me the most. Seeing how excited they were about science was what we were waiting for, and really was amazing to see come to life!” – MD 

When asked - How did the workshop experience complement your area of study?

“Being that I’ve studied Biology and Health Sciences teaching and explaining the experiments with the students was a test of my knowledge. I had to think back to previous education of when I learned the water cycle and about microbes in pond water. Putting my knowledge about blood typing was rewarding because of how fascinated the students were to learn about it, the experience reminded me of how fascinated I was when I first learned about it too,” – AM 


We are thrilled that STEPS is impacting not just the initial intended target audience, but these young volunteers too! Reaching GenerationNEXT across the board! 

We look forward to your continued support so that we may continue to do this work. Thank you & Stay tuned for more updates!!!

Together we can!
Together we can!
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