Jul 31, 2018

Vocational training and job placement

Vocational Training
Strengthening the independent will of children and preparing them for a life of their own forms the key component of SBT's work. SBT's philosophy has been to encourage dreams and help transform them into reality –dreams of a job; a monthly salary; four walls to call your own and above all a future. Vocational training, job placement and rehabilitation become the major instruments to lead the minds of SBT children forward into ever-widening thought and action towards fulfilling their dreams. 
Vocational training SBT imparts vocational training for employable skill development and capacity building of growing children. Children above 16 years of age or ththose who clear their 10 board exam qualify for vocational training. Choice of vocational training course for a child is made keeping in mind the child's interest and realistic assessment of his/her abilities by a career counsellor and staff members. A measured attempt is made to match the child's skill and ability with the training course he/she opts for. The SBT team makes concerted efforts to enrol children in quality training courses in reputed institutes. The popular choices of courses have been Master Desk Top Publishing, web and graphic designing, multi-media animation, film editing, C++ software, care-giving, house-keeping, puppetry, karate, theatre, macramé and photography. Some of the institutes which provided training were ITI Pusa Road, NIIT, MAAC, Arena Multi-media, Crown Plaza, Taj Mahal Hotel-Mansingh Road, Vivek Sahni's Design House, The Ishara Puppet Theatre Trust, YMCA, Triveni Kala Sangam & Ramakrishna Institute of Computers.
“Education is not the answer but education linked with livelihoods is the answer for street children.” Ms. Praveen Nair, Chairperson and Trustee
Job placement and rehabilitation 
SBT has conceptualised an effective job placement and rehabilitation programme for reintegration of children who have grown-up/turned 18 into mainstream society. The programme not only has a definite goal to develop dreams and visions but also looks at dream modification and correction. Many a times, children develop unrealistic expectations which may not correspond to the skill sets they possess. It is common to hear children say 'I want to become an actor or a film director or a cricketer' though achievable these aspirations require inherent talent that all children may not have instead they may have abilities to excel in other professions. To address this aspect, as soon as a child turns 16, staff members strike up a conversation with the child around his/her career, regular meetings with the career counsellors are organised and a rehabilitation plan is drawn to prepare the child to step out of the protective auspices of residential centres. The implementation of rehabilitation plan includes interaction with the child steered by the career counsellor and the centre coordinator on a monthly basis. The focal points of these interactions are strengthening a child's resolve towards the career path he/she has chosen and whether the rehabilitation steps are panning out as per the plan or not. Preparation for rehabilitation of a child may be fraught with challenges for him/her as children are sceptical and scared about leading an independent life outside the centre; they may also become angry and hostile or may distance themselves from the staff members. These negative emotions and insecurity of young boys and girls at the threshold of maturity are understandable and staff members help them overcome these emotions by recurrent talks and assurances that SBT team would be a 'call away'. Role model interaction is another important aspect of SBT's rehabilitation programme. Role models are young adults rehabilitated by SBT, who have established themselves as successful professionals. They visit various residential centres periodically to interact with children who are soon to be rehabilitated and share their stories of 'doing well' in the outside world. These interactions offer a platform for young adults who have scores of questions about starting a life of their own in the outside world to get a measure of understanding. The most outstanding feature of these interactions is that they leave children with a feeling that 'If they (role models) can do it so can I' rousing them to work hard and make a mark of their own. 
Follow-up post rehabilitation 
Once a young adult finds a job, SBT staff arranges for basic requirements of the young adults to start a new life such as rations for a month, utensils, bedding etc. Even after the over 18 child is rehabilitated SBT team maintains contact with him/her to ensure that he/she finds stability and enjoyment in the work. The team also keeps in touch with the employers for a minimum of six months to ensure that rehabilitated persons have adjusted to the new work environment. Due to some unforeseen circumstances if a rehabilitated child quits his/her job, the team begins a process of placing such persons in new agencies. The process of replacement of a young adult is carried out again in cases where he/she expresses dissatisfaction with the second set-up as well. Thus,  efforts are put in to make a rehabilitated child self-reliant. In addition SBT also supports young adults who want to study further by incurring 50 percent of the course expense apart from facilitating the admission process. Similarly youths who look at upgradation of their vocational skills through advance courses are encouraged by SBT by making a contribution of upto 75 percent of the course fee. In cases of medical or other emergencies when rehabilitated youth need assistance, SBT provides them immediate succour till five years after their rehabilitation. The of age youth are introduced to a new life with a message that SBT team would be there with them till however long needed. It is because of this reason many children passing out of SBT keep coming to meet the staff members and trustees of the organisations forming a lasting relationship.

Jul 18, 2018



The report provides the half yearly progress update of girls supported by global giving donors at Arushi Children’s Home/Residential Centre for Girls of Salaam Baalak Trust (SBT). The report brings out the progress of girls in education and extra-curricular activities and elaborates upon on how access to health, vocational training, career counselling and skill development services have improved their overall well-being.

Details of some of the Girls Supported
With the financial support by GG donors  under the project 50 girls are being supported at Arushi Centre. 
We would like to share few of the case studies 

Name : Preeti
Age : 19 years
Class: Enrolled in class 10th (NIOS)
Progress Update: Preeti has interned at a salon in Gurugram and has also completed beautician course from SNS Foundation in 2017.
She was rehabilitated in April 21, 2017 and is working in a parlour as a beautician. She is satisfied with her job and feels that her self-confidence has boosted because she is employed and financially self-reliant. Her overall personality has also improved.

Name : Rani
Age :18 years
Class : Pursuing graduation
Progress Update: Rani has passed Class 12 with 84 percent marks, now she will pursue graduation from Delhi University in Journalism and Mass media. She is doing well in studies. She is a very good artist too.

Name : Raunaq
Age : 19 years
Class : 12
Progress Update: Raunaq is currently enrolled in Class 12. She is presently doing Advance Make up training at VLCC. She suffered from learning difficulties, however, over the past few months she has shown considerable improvement in her learning capacities.

Name : Surbhi
Age :19 years
Class : Not Applicable
Progress Upadte: Surbhi completed her training and internship at a salon. She was studying in Class 10. Her family was traced and she was restored in April, 2017. Her reunion with the family was a major achievement as living in one’s own home with family is in the best interest of an individual.

Name : Yashmin
Age : 18 years
Class : Pursuing graduation
Progress Updtae: Yashmin has passed Class 12 with 84 percent marks now she is pursuing graduation from Delhi University in Journalism and Mass media honours. She has been a part of the Editorial team of SBT’s e-newsletter. She has a flare for writing and hopes to become a successful journalist one day.

Name :Jyoti
Age : 18 years
Class : Pursuing graduation
Progress Upadte: Jyoti has passed Class 12 and has opted for commerce as a discipline. She wishes to work in a corporate house. She is a hardworking and sincere girl. She is presently pursuing her higher education and staying in a hostel.

Name :Roma
Age : 18 years
Class : Pursuing graduation
Progress pdate: Roma has passed Class 12 from St. Crispin's Sr. Sec. School with 84 percent marks. She is pursuing Bachelors in Journalism and Mass communication from Banasthali Vidhyapeeth, Rajasthan.

Name : Lovepreet
Age : 16 years
Class : 9th
Progress Update: Lovepreet is a fun loving child; she came to Arushi Residential centre in April 2016. She is extremely talented and is good at dancing, drawing, and singing. She has been doing well in academics. She is currently enrolled in Class 9 in St. Crispin’s Sr. Sec. School.

Name: Manisha
Age:   17 years
Class: 11th
Progress Update: Manisha came to Arushi Residential Centre in April, 2016. She is a brilliant dancer and an extremely hard working student. She is a very sincere and hardworking student. She has opted for Humanities stream in Class 11 in St. Crispin’s Sr. Sec. School.

Name: Monika
Age: 16 years
Class: 9th
Progress Update: Monika also arrived in Arushi residential centre in April, 2016. She is an average student. She has a pleasant demeanour and gets along well with other children. She is currently enrolled in Class 9 in St. Crispin’s Sr. Sec. School. She is making efforts to perform better in studies.

Impact of Infrastructural Support
The computers installed at the center are being used by the girls to complete their school assignments, increasing general awareness and knowledge on current affairs. A proper computer classes schedule has been adopted to help children learn and use computers. The girls have also become more technology savvy. The girls feel that increased digital know-how will help them in their professional lives.

Project Impact : 
As indicated in the individual update of girls, the grants made under the project have significantly helped in increasing their access to education and vocational training. This in turn has helped in their personality development, instilling self-confidence and boosting their self-esteem. Various services provided to these girls at the Arushi Residential Centre has significantly brought a difference in their quality of life and set them on a path of brighter future.
One of the biggest achievements of the project has been to enable girls to pursue a career of their choice.

May 4, 2018

update of a girl child


With the valuable funds from the donor a girl named Kajal residing in Arushi Children’s Home of Salaam Baalak Trust has been supported. At the Home Kajal has bene able to access education, health, medical and other facilities. The caring and nurturing environment provided at the home has brought in visible positive changes in Kajal.

Family Background

Kajal hails from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. She is 16 years old. Her date of birth is  June 20, 2002. She has been living in Arushi since 2009. Her family occupation is Farming. Both of her parents are HIV positive, thus they were incapacitated to look after her. According to Kajal, her family was not well off and could not support her education and higher studies. This was the reason she decided to leave her home and she was happy that she came under the protective ambit of Arushi Children’s Home.

Academic and Overall Progress

In spite of very trying personal times (she lost her father to HIV and her mother is very critical), Kajal continued her good performance in class, she scored 60 percent in Class 9. She is currently studying in Class 10in Rotary public school.

Kajal is a very creative girl. She plays keyboard and is good at drawing and dancing. She has participated in SBT’s annual play.She has good command over English and often participates in various SBT plays and activities. She now intends to learn swimming and Arushi team is in the process of finding swimming classes for her.

Kajal is a very confident and highly ambitious girl. She strives to learn new skills constantly.She aims to work in Multinational Company.

Future Plan

The team at Arushi is encouraging her to perform exceedingly well in her studies as she has the potential to do much better.


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