Sep 13, 2019

Innocence Restored

Two siblings whose mother is a sex worker in the red light area of a small town in Ahmednagar district were admitted about 6 years ago in our Rehab Center. Initially when these children stayed with their mother, they  had nowhere to go especially in the evenings and late hours of night when many women in this area were engaged in sex work.

Snehalaya’s social workers who worked in this area often saw these kids. Their school and studies were getting hampered and the boy was gradually getting attracted towards some bad vices due to peer pressure. Their mother was also worried for the little daughter. She talked with the social workers about her troubles. She was informed about our residential center for such children; she agreed to send the children there to ensure their safety. 

Both of them came to us and started their life anew. Kiran continued his studies till standard 10th. After which he expressed his desire to learn some trade so that he could become financially independent and help his mother. He started his training at a well-known Unisex salon chain in Pune about 6 months ago. Kiran seems to be a born artist and he took to the art of haircuts & hair styling just like a fish to the water. He has very creative hands. The owner of the chain is amazed at how quickly he is picking up and tells us that he will be an expert in this profession soon. Meanwhile the Snehalaya team has also convinced Kiran to continue his studies simultaneously.

Kiran’s sister, Suma got admission in one of the well-known schools in Ahmednagar. The sports teacher recognized her talent and advised us to encourage her to take up ‘Judo’, a type of martial art. She has been playing since last 4 years in the team. Just a few months ago she won the district level championships and was selected for the state level matches. She has recently represented Ahmednagar at the state level. She is in 9th std now and aspires to continue her studies and sports simultaneously. Suma dreams to be in civil services in the future.

Snehalaya can help children of Sex workers like Kiran and Suma to explore new opportunities by providing the much need shelter, food, clothing, counseling, education with safe and secure surroundings only because of the precious support which we have been receiving from you all. Join us to rescue such children from the vicious cycle of sex trade and trafficking and ensure a great future for them. Help us stop second generation prostitution!

Snehalaya wants to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and for being part of our family. You are making the difference by helping us to continue with our life changing work. If you are interested in volunteering please visit the relevant page of our website as linked below.


Aug 23, 2019

Freedom to education

freedom to education
freedom to education

In our earlier report, you joined us for celebrating the success of the 12th standard results of our children. This time we would like you to join us in celebrating the freedom to be educated. Let’s celebrate the freedom to think, freedom to make the decision, freedom to learn and freedom to soar high. We believe in giving equal opportunity for girls to be educated just like a boy. And this time our girls have made us proud. And as proud parents would, we boost their success with head held high.  

On 12th July we celebrated ‘Malala Day’ where we had a get together of our girl beneficiaries who participated last year. And now they have become peer mentors. With the guidance and counseling they have received here, they are now confident enough to offer the same support and help to many other girls who are in need. We are strengthening their dreams by giving them the wings of education.

With you support we are able to provide equal opportunities all our girls. After completing their school and junior college, they now look forward to higher education. Out of 11 other girls who participated in the selection process of MM (Marathwada Mitra Mandal) Polytechnical College, Pune; two girl beneficiaries from our rehabilitation center, Sarita and Vidya have been selected for pursuing a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. After clearing a written entrance examination they qualified for the oral interview round. After clearing the interview, they have been granted a scholarship for a Mechanical Diploma by the SNS Foundation. , They have defied all the odds, inspite of their vulnerable background. One of the girls was sent to the organization as she had a single parent while other one was abandoned only because she was a girl child.

We believe in empowering women and only education can give them the power to break down all the barriers of gender inequality, poverty, violence and enlighten the paths towards a better society at large.

Thank you so much for believing in our girls and helping them to dream big and soar high, this couldn’t have been possible without you. Their futures were in your hands and you delivered! Our deepest gratitude for supporting us and believing that together we can!

Malala Day (12 August 2019)
Malala Day (12 August 2019)


Aug 6, 2019

Hello! New LIFE

new beginning; new life
new beginning; new life

Thanks to your support, our Snehankur adoption center has been helping abandoned children and their mothers for the last 15 years. Our support goes beyond the safe birth of the babies as we counsel and support mothers to take their rightful place in society, with or without their babies. We never know what each new day will bring, facing a range of challenges while rescuing and rehabilitating innocent infants and / or young mothers.

With the start of the monsoon season here, they say without rain nothing grows, it marks the beginning of new life as so it is with our Snehankur beneficiaries; they too are bringing in new lives. To begin with we would like share the story of our beneficiary, Shilpa.

She was a minor (below the age of 18) who was pregnant and came into contact with our Childline and Snehankur teams when doctors told us about her after she visited the hospital for her pregnancy. Our teams rushed to help her at her home town, Rajur. After having a talk with her and family they came to the conclusion that she had been sexually abused and raped. Both our legal (police investigations) and medical teams decided to help her out. Exhausted mentally and physically with this situation she went into labour and delivered a baby girl. Due to her critical health she and the baby were moved to Sasoon Hospital, Pune. Unfortunately, her baby girl did not survive. Our teams knew that she was in need of special care after such incident and we were pleased when the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) puther in our ptotection and she is ow living with us at Snehalaya, where we can give her the care and support we believe that will help her find her new beginning.

They say you need to go through rains to see the rainbow. We are helping girls like Ashwini to see through the clouds to the rainbow, which brings new color into their life. One Diwali night, our phone rang with a call from Ashti Rural Hospital, where a woman just delivered a baby girl. The woman did not want this baby and was ready to give her up so our teams sped to the hospital and completed all the formalities and then rushed the baby girl to the district hospital as she looked very pale. At the hospital they found out that she was HIV+ and so was the mother, which is why she chose to giver her up. The doctors started her HIV treatment as soon as possible. Our Snehankur team tried to counsel the mother and offered the support for her to keep her child, but she was determined and legally relinquished the baby to Snehalaya. After 18 months of care and love, Ashwini had developed better health and the best news - her blood reports showed that the medication her mother had taken before her birth meant she was now HIV negative.

Our healthy baby girl was free for adoption and listed on the government agency, CARA's website. Unfortunately due to stigmas and lack of knowledge about HIV, she was rejected by Indian adoptive parents. She was sheltered at Snehankur till she was adopted by a US-based couple. Ashwini has now travelled to America and started her New LIFE.

Both were baby girls, one could start her new life and other couldn’t even open her eyes to see the world. We are sad to report that this is all too common and a girl’s life here in India is full of hardship, right from birth. Until we can change the mindset of people to improve sexual equality and society at large, we will continue to provide our support and Snehankur will stand firm to offer help whenever needed.

We couldn’t do it without your support. We would like to take this moment to thank you for supporting us to help girls, women and their innocent babies to help start ANEW.


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