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Apr 3, 2014


Dear our Donors, supporters, and our friends,

The Darfur Women Network wishes the best to all of you! We shared our fundraising plan that started yesterday and continue to the end of the year via our last report. We meant to share our first newsletter with you yesterday to support our new project called Food Security & Agriculture and provide us with your feedback. You will find our newsletter in this link:

Dear supporters, we have been preparing our fundraiser, we have a professional to help us by exposure via Face book, LinkedIn, website, and newsletter.  Couple months remain for rainy season in Chad and our refugees are depending on us for producing their food and for cooking their food by using safe stoves.

Since March 22, 2014 to present, we, the Darfur people in USA have traumatized by the sad news from Darfur.  The Sudanese army and Arab militia known as (Rapid Support Forces) RSF attacked the innocent civilians in 15 villages indiscriminately at unarmed civilians, using various kinds of weapons, including air force 300 pick-up trucks, equipped with machine guns, some of attackers on horses, and some on camels, and vehicles.

As a result, some of our beloved family members were killed, some were injured, and the survivors fled to hide in the mountain without food, water, or medicine, unfortunately, the government bombed the survivors which resulted in injuring kids (our blood relatives).  The Sudanese Government denied and refused the access of UNIMID and Red Cross to the area to help the victims –the majority is children, women, and elders.


The Darfur Women Network’s board joined a team from Darfur to gather information, connect the survivors with groups to stay in contact via cell phone, and insure their phone have credit. Please, help us with get the Sudanese Government allows the organizations to rescue our relatives. Please, help us to demand Obama Administration, Secretary of State (John Kerry) to pressure the Sudanese government to allow the humanitarian organizations to reach out the survivors of genocide to rescue them.  Delivering of food, water, medicine and doctors are significant to be on the ground very soon.   However, UNIMAD with their current mandate is waste of time and money.

Yesterday, the operation team in New York were able to connect with some survivors and informed about 100 people were killed, 60 were missing, and uncountable people who were injured.

 Here are some pictures from some villages that were burnt down to ground.



Mar 6, 2014



Thank you for supporting our project to provide 7000 Safe Stoves for Darfur Refugee Mothers in Darfur Refugee camp, Touloum in Chad. You have support Darfur Women Network to secure its partnership with Globalgiving to help the refugee women and girls from Darfur by providing safe stoves to enable them to cook for their families without costs them their lives, poses great health, security, and environmental risks. We believe that without your support we cannot stop the safety risks associated with gathering firewood or provide practical, efficient, and safe stoves in the Touloum Refugee camp.

Feel free to check our Gifts for Good on our partner, Globalgiving’s website to support your project( Safe stoves ): At, at, at, and on Women Empowerment Project store on Etsy: These products will provide you with finely crafted products in tandem with the opportunity support Darfuri women in their struggle to create peace, stability, and a livelihood for their families, provide unique gifts to your loved ones, and provide safe stoves to the refugee women and girls to protect them from rape. The greatest miracle is the bridge created between our customers and our artisans in Darfur.

In 2014, the Darfur Women Network’s(DWN) staff “volunteers” decided to visit Touloum camp to implement our project “7000 Safe Stoves for Darfur Refugee Mothers”.

We believe it can happen with your support. How can you help us to raising $3000 during our three fundraising events below?

You can help by purchase gifts for International Women’s Day on March 8th, 2014 You can donate to our online fundraising from April 1st to April 30th.

You can donate on the Mother’s Day on May 11th, 2014.

You can share our projects with you friends and your contact.

You can host fundraising for Darfur Women Network You can join our Advisory Board You can sponsor a family by providing safe stove On March 7th, the President and CEO of the DWN, Mastora Bakhiet, visiting Fort Wayne due to YWCA Northeast Indiana’s invitation to attend The event that honor women who have been fighting for equality for women and standing in solidarity for equality. She will meet some friends and donors and supporters.Those who are in Fort Wayne and would like to meet her , contact her on 260-602-2607260-602-2607 or email:

On March 8t, the Strategy and Program Director, Suad Mansour, will be at MT Airy Art Gallery Adress/ 11 west MT Airy Ave,Philadelphia, PA, 19119' to celebrate International Women’s Day. Those who are interested in meeting her and learn about our cultural products, our activities, and support us can email her at or call her:215-917-8887215-917-8887.

Dec 12, 2013

7000 Safe Stoves for Darfur Refugee Mothers

Dear Darfur Women Network’s Donors and Friends,

Thank you so much for supporting the ‘7000 Safe Stoves for Darfur Refugee Mothers Project.’ You have inspired us, and you have inspired others who initially hesitated to help others before deciding to take positive actions for change.  We thank you for helping us to secure our permanent partnership with GlobalGiving to raise the necessary funds needed to implement our projects!

We are now prepared to provide safe stoves to refugee mothers from Darfur.  However, we still need your donation to enable the volunteer staff to implement the final stage of the project. The volunteers, with your assistance, will then be able to help the displaced survivors of genocide in Darfur and women and girls in refugee camps in Chad.  

Furthermore, we invite you to visit our ‘Gift for Good’ fund at  This site offers our donors and friends a chance to make a donation by purchasing a gift through Darfur Women Network.  

One of our Gifts for Good, called “Mahafaza,” means “savior” or “protector,” appropriately named since most people around the globe would claim that mothers, who love, feed, and care for their children, are our primary protectors. With your help, mothers in Darfur’s refugee camps will be better enabled to protect their families, as they naturally yearn to do.  Your donation of $60 or more (Includes shipping cost) will bring you this finely hand-crafted, leather Mahafaza purse, while providing fuel-efficient cooking stoves for Darfur’s mothers so they can properly feed and protect their families.

With your purchase, you will not only obtain valuable gifts for your loved ones, but critically assist our programs, which will help the displaced feed their families, help young Darfurian immigrants further their medical education and return to strengthen their communities, and help provide safe stoves to Darfurian refugee mothers and their children living in camps.

Our gifts are handmade by displaced people living in the camps; they are traditional, cultural, and symbolic. Mahafaza has two pockets 5 inches deep, L.5.2 Inches and W.5 inches.  They would make great gifts for holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s, or simply gifts for friends.  They also make great gifts for you, yourself, as you support disadvantaged women and girls, helping you remember your participation in this Gift for Good fund, which is vitally significant to give hope to those who have little.

Finally, our Shell Bracelet Gift for $30 includes shipping will support our new project.  Our new project is called “Medical Career Scholarship.”  To help young Darfurian immigrants become doctors and strengthen their communities, these scholarships will go to outstanding Indiana high school students from Darfur who have been selected by the Envision Program to attend early training and skill preparation for a Career in Medicine.  For more information, please see:

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