Nov 28, 2014



Dear our donors and our friends,

On behalf of Darfur Women Network (DWN) and the refugee women and girls who received safe stoves in August 2014, I would like to express my appreciation for your generous donation and your commitment.  THANK YOU SO MUCH, SHOKRAN, JAZAK ALLAH KHIAR, Gracias… IN  ALL LANGUAGES.  

Your support helped us to form production group of refugee women to produce safe stove to sell to us in order to distribute the stove with no cost to women in the camp. The group of women strive to collect the raw materials to build stoves. They have to search for mud, donkeys’ feces, and water, then, they transfer the ingredients to the production location on their heads and their donkeys.

 Your support to this project have positive impact on the survivors of Darfur genocide in their refugees’ camp in Chad in much way.

Please check this video: to see how you make difference, I recorded when I was in the refugees came with safe stoves production leader. I will send the whole video on December 1st: During December, Also, I will send weekly report to discuss your impact on the cause that you passionate about and supported.



                                                           THANK YOU AGAIN

Oct 19, 2014


Dear supporters of Darfur Women Network,Inc.,

On behalf of Darfur Women Network, I would like to share with my expeience, my observation, and news from Inside Darfur Refugees camp, Touloum during my visit in June 2014.


The Darfur refugees in Touloum camp in Chad were native farmers in their home of Sudan before they crossed the border into Chad due to increase of violence and instability in Darfur in 2003.  The refugees depend on World Food Program (WFP) on their food. Redio Dabang reported in 2013 about sever reduction of food rations and delayed the distribution by the WFP program in 2013.


Therefore, the refugees contacted Darfur Women Network, Inc. ( DWN)  immediately and asked for help . The DWN investigated the needs and designed the Food Security and Agriculture to help transfer the refugees from dependening on WFP to self-sufficiency.

Fortunately, our project, Safe Stoves for Darfur Refugee Mother, “received fund, so, I visited Touloum refugees camp in June and returned in August 2014. We are able to start our project, distributed over 200 safe stoves, and met with refugees to discuss their needs and the solutions based on their own prospective. I had discussion with local leaders, service providers, women, girls, an youth in the camp.


As eyewitness, the children are hungry, girls, mother, and all refugees are hungry and myself I experienced huger while I was in the refugees camp.  I was there, no access to food, jobs, or any sources of income. The education administration and teachers told me that students fell every day during school assembly and tests because they are hungry. Huge number of children with malnutrition that affects their intelligence and their immune system. Youth, women, elderly, men stated that the shortage of food has affected their health –physically and psychologically because they feel that they are unable to provide their family with food due to unexcited of job or any income sources, but they still have hope. I felt powerless as refugees there because DWN have no fund for our Food Security and Agriculture to provide little.  Despite the situation in the refugees’ camp, the refugees said that they could not return to Darfur, Sudan, because of ongoing genocide because of arrival of new refugees from Darfur due to violence directed against the African tribal groups there.

The DWN appeals to you and calls on those who believe in protection of women, girls, elderly, children, and voluntarily refugees from hunger to help the survivors of genocide in their camps.  It is not late; the irrigation farming is on the way. Establishing small-scale farming and home gardening projects to produce their own food will save lives.

Sep 10, 2014

Report for Inside Darfur Refugees Camp in Chad.

Dear our donors and our friends,

On behalf of Darfur Women Network (DWN), I would like to express my gratitude for your generous donation and your commitment.  I am grateful for your support that enable DWN’s project leader to visit the survivors of Darfur genocide in the refugee camp, Touloum, in Chad, this year (July-August 2nd, 2014). Your commitment and donation help DWN’s project leader, Mastora Bakhiet, and local staff to achieve their trip goals, which are needs assessment, investigating and determining efficient stoves that reduces the rape and violence against women and girls during firewood collection.

Furthermore, I am enthusiastic to share with you that with your donation, 202 refugee families received Safe Stove on August 25th,2014, two weeks ago , and , now , the project is continue to cover entire 7000 families in the camp , with your support the refugees’ dream will be real, together will protect them.

likewise, we started income generating project which is Soap Production Project, four group of  20 women is in place, now, and we are in need to six more group of 30 women to ensure hygiene’s material is available in the camp, your support is necessary to achieve this  goal. our report from inside the camp is here:

Finally, thank you again for your contribution. I would like you to know that the DWN relies on the generosity of donors such as yourself and is grateful for your support. Your feedback is necessary for improving our performance.  You would kindly find our flyer  here: please share our information with your contact.

Thank you again for your support.

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