Dec 21, 2014


 Dear friends, 

I am so glad to share with you our update repost. first, let me thank you for your generous donation and support that allows us to serve the survivors of Darfur genocide in their refugees camp,Touloum , Chad. 


DarfurWomen Network (DWN) is a 501c3 tax exempt, US based, Darfurian-led non-prot organization, whose mission is dedicated to working collectively with immigrants and survivors of genocide from Darfur in refugee camps to determine their needs and work together to fulll their needs for recovery and transformation, based on the principle of education, awareness, and economic empowerment. Together we CAN make a difference!

The Darfur refugees in Chad were farmers before they ed Sudan in 2003.They are depending on theWorld Food Program for food, which hardly

covers their need. Rations are low because the food distribution from theWorld Food Program used

to feed 4 people. Now it has to feed 12 people. Malnutrition is a tragic epidemic among children

that live in the camp due to them being located in the desert.


During my visit to theTouloum refugee camp, I witnessed numerous children with malnutrition.The food that is distributed within the camp is sorghum, lentils, and oil, with the absence of any income generating sources in the camp. It is hard to find something to purchase in their market. I went to the market in the camp, and I found very few commodities.What commodities I did nd were outrageously priced.  For example, there was only one display selling goat meat. I experienced hunger eating the sameAsida (made from the sorghum) as the refugees because they have no other choice.As a result, we call on you for your urgent assistance to establish small-scale farming and home gardening projects to allow these refugees to produce their own food.The project will provide over 1,000 refugee families with rented land, seeds, equipment, and the investment to grow their own food and to empower themselves.

Farming and cultivating their own crops is a powerful mission to transfer the refugees from hunger and dependency to self-sufficiency.


  • We have already transferred some refugees to one of our ongoing projects, Safe Stoves for Darfur Mothers, an economic empowerment project that started early in 2014.
  • Chadian authority supports and encourages agriculture sector to connect with the local people to raise their awareness about the benet of sharing or renting their land to the refugees from Darfur.



Together we will make a difference!

Dec 17, 2014

Sharing impact of Safe Stoves project

Dear donors and friends,

On behalf of Darfur Women Network (DWN) and 29,000 survivors of Darfur genocide who are living in the refugees’ camp in Chad, I would like to thank you for your generosity that protect 202 women and girls from rape and other risks and generate income for 50 refugee families in the camp. Today, we to call upon you to support the refugee women to transfer themselves from dependency to self-sufficiency while they are produce safe stoves to protect their sisters in the camp. We call on you because we believe that you are:

You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.

 Through our report on December 1st ,  we share with you safe stoves making process by our production groups in their camps. It was beginning with mixing of ingredients to make dough, building stoves and shaping it, and opening of two windows, the bigger one for firewood, and the smaller window for air. The 7000 Safe Stoves project designed to empower refugees with skills training in Income Generation Activities to enable them to become self-sufficient both in the camp and upon return to their home country.

Let us walk together through the impact of your contributions make on 202 refugee families, one impact during each report:

There are four main impacts:

  1. Giving away safe stoves for no cost
  2. Forest preservation
  3. Economic empowerment and self-transformation
  4. Capacity building


The first positive impact of “ Giving away safe stoves for no cost” on the survivors of genocide is about protecting women and girls, reducing physical assault and fatigue, decreasing health risk, and increase safely, 202 MOTHERS who received safe stoves with no cost by August 25, 2014, are now:

  • Protecting women and girls: Protect them from rape and physical assault by reducing their frequency trips to the forest to collet firewood to 70%.
  • Reducing physical assault and fatigue: Reduce the fatigue of walking long distance for big wood. Safe stove is efficient and consumes little amount of firewood and small branches.
  • Decrease the health risks of 202 families who used to use traditional stoves that consume enormous amount of firewood and produce huge smoke during cooking process. are now living in healthy shelters
  • Increasing safely:  Increase the safety by eradicating the danger of children and houses burn by replacing 202 traditional stoves that always cause burning.

Here are links to our project and to the video if you would like to watch  it again Please visit the website below to donate




Dec 2, 2014


Dear donors and friends,                                                             December 1st,2014

On behalf of Darfur Women Network (DWN) and the refugee women and girls who received safe stoves in August 2014, I would like to invite you to join our year-end-campaign to raise money to protect and empower more refugee women and girls.

Your support helped us to form production groups of refugee women to produce safe stove to sell to us in order to distribute the stove with no cost to women in the camp. The group of women strive to collect the raw materials to build stoves. They have to search for mud, donkeys’ dong, and water. Then, they transfer the ingredients to the production location on their heads and their donkeys.

 Your support of this project positively impacted the survivors of Darfur genocide in their refugees’ camp in Chad in many ways.

Please watch this video ( to see how you made a difference. During December, I will send weekly reports to discuss your impact on the cause that you are passionate about and supported.

We are also thankful for our partnership with GlobalGiving for their great service and connection.

GlobalGiving organized a Year-End–Campaign that we are a part of.

Information about the Campaign:

v  The Campaign runs through December 1 – 31

v  Raise $3,000 from 30 donors

v  Bonus awards for the top 9 projects that raise the most money

  • 1st place: $3,000
  • 2nd place: $2,000
  • 3rd place: $1,000
  • 4th place: $1,000
  • 5th place: $1,000
  • 6th place: $500
  • 7th place: $500
  • 8th place: $500
  • 9th place: $500

Our projects’ links are:



Weare also thankful for GlobalGiving and Microsoft # Giving Tuesday campaign.


More information about the campaign is below:

Microsoft Youth Spark #GivingTuesday on December 2nd,2014

  • There is $350,000 available in matching funds from Microsoft
  • Matching is applied at 100% up to $500 USD

Matching funds are going to release as follows:

  • $175,000 at 06:00:01 PST/09:00:01 EST/14:00:01 GMT until 11:59:59 PST

or until funds run out

  • $175,000 at 12:00:001 PST/15:00:01 EST/20:00:01 GMT until 23:59:59

Our project’s link is 



                           Thank you


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