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Apr 16, 2018

16,800 bags of Chispuditos Travel Over Dirt Roads

Delivery truck trying to enter Clinic site
Delivery truck trying to enter Clinic site

Ana Gisela, the Coordinator of Shoulder to Shoulder's Micronutrient Program (MANI), waited anxiously for a week.  Everyday, she waited for the phone call that would tell her that the Chispuditos were on their way.  Why so much anxiety?  Well, when you have 16,800 bags of micronutrients traveling by truck from Guatemala to remote Honduras, over dirt roads, you tend to worry about whether they'll arrive or not.  But, finally, they did arrive!  Then, there was the challenge to get the huge truck through the gate at the clinic.  Challenge was overcome, and the bags were finally at the clinic site.

Next, there is the challenge to distribute the Chispuditos.  These 16,800 bags will be enough for 2 distributions -- in  April and July.  All through the month of April, 18 Community Health Workers will be distributing 1/2 of the truck load (that is, 8,400 bags) to the 2,800 children in the program.

It takes lots of organizational skills to ensure that all these bags get into the homes of 2,800 needy children.  But, Gisela and her team are up to the task! 

16,800 bags of Chispuditos
16,800 bags of Chispuditos
Gisela carrying sacks of Chispuditos
Gisela carrying sacks of Chispuditos
Feb 6, 2018

First day of School!!

The new school year began yesterday (February 5, 2018).  How exciting to see 150 smiling faces!  

Everyone is excited to begin learning again.  Highlights for this year include:

-- New teachers for 4th and 5th grade

-- A new School Director

-- 4 American volunteers assisting at the Bilingual School

-- Computers and tablets in all classrooms, so children can learn mathematics using the KA Lite program.

-- Mathematics textbooks that the children can actually WRITE IN and TAKE HOME.  (In other pubic schools, the teachers make copies of the pages, and the children use that.)  You should see how excited, and proud, the children are to have their own textbooks and be able to take them home to do their homework.

It will be an exciting school year.  And, we have YOU (our faithful donors) to THANK for that!! 

Jan 18, 2018

Thanks for the Smiles

Smiling Nutrition Children
Smiling Nutrition Children

There is something so right, welcoming, and warming about being met by a child’s smile. It is also seemingly so natural for a child to smile. I suppose it is because life is so fresh and wondrous for a child. Each new moment and new encounter is the opportunity of discovery and joy. It is promising, hopeful, a moment of trust, and a time of engagement. Perhaps as we grow older and experience disappointment and even betrayal, we lose the capacity to be fully engaged. But somehow a child’s smile touches anew upon our hopes and our dreams. But some children simply don’t smile. I’ve found them among those who are malnourished. Their willingness to trust, their openness to engage, has already been lost to life without joy. This is such a tragedy. If anyone should smile, it is a child.


I am told by those who first encountered these two children on their first visit to begin the nutrition supplement “Chispuditos,” that they weren’t smiling. In fact they were distant, hidden, fading away from life. But on a future visit, when this photo was taken, they were in the forefront. How easy it is to restore hope, to inspire engagement! All things can be overcome when you can be engaged with your world, and a child knows this innately. How much good we can do for our world simply by investing in the birth of a smile.


We are fortunate this year that our nutritional program is up and running. It is funded until the end of this session. We have managed to bring some costs down and we have wed the nutrition program to our clean water program. We are helping to keep more children healthy and free from retarding, chronic diseases. Unfortunately, it will only last while we are able to fund it. We so greatly appreciate your assistance. If you can find us others, we can continue to make these smiles flourish.



Paul and Laura



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