Sep 3, 2021

Scholarship Student Places 2nd in Reading Contest

Carmen is 2nd place winner in Reading Contest
Carmen is 2nd place winner in Reading Contest

Carmen is a seventh grader in Hector Orlando Gómez Cisneros high school, in Magdalena, Intibucá. She is one of the many students who is able to stay in school, thanks to the assistance she receives from the StS Scholarship Program. As the coordinator of the Reading Competition, I had the pleasure of meeting Carmen and listening to her read to me. Of the 75 students who participated in the Reading Contest; Carmen came in 2nd place.

Here, in her own words, Carmen explains how being a scholarship recipient, and receiving a computer tablet, have impacted her life.

I did not read before entering this Reading Contest, because I did not know reading was a thing l liked to do. More than a hobby, reading is becoming my passion.

While school was great, the rest of my life was not very easy. I am the child of a single mother so while mom worked, I had to stay at home with my grandparents and my siblings. They encouraged me to be a good student because they said it would bring benefits to my life. And so I did my best at school.

When I got the computer tablet for being a part of the scholarship program, I learned something really important. I learned that I love to read! Now I read to my little cousins, to my grandparents, to my siblings, and to all of my family. 

I am working hard to accomplish all the goals I have in life. My grades have improved a lot and what gets me motivated is knowing that my future matters to me.

Aug 20, 2021

My Recent Trip to Honduras

Marela likes the daily egg she receives.
Marela likes the daily egg she receives.

Dear Friend:

Greetings from Honduras.  I just returned to the US from a two week trip to Honduras.  I had a busy, but very enjoyable, time.

I was excited to go and visit two of the women who are raising hens, and two of the families who are recipients of the daily egg program.

  • Gabriela used the micro-loan StS provided to purchase hens and build an enclosure for them.  She currently has 30 hens.  With these hens, she provides 30 eggs per month to 20 children in the program.  Gabriela is not selling eggs to anyone else.  The extra eggs are eaten by her family (her husband and 5 daughters).
  • Reyna used her micro-loan to build an enclosure for her hens.  She currently has 150 hens, and has room to raise 300 hens.  She provides 30 eggs per month to 25 children.  Her husband takes the extra eggs and sells them to local stores.  He does not have a car, so he puts the eggs in cartons, and carries them on the back of his horse. 
  • Wendy and her daughter (in the photo above) are very grateful to be part of the program.  Her husband works in the fields, and they have very little money.  Wendy feels that her daughter is healthier, now that she eats eggs every day.
  • Sarai is a 24 year old mother.  She has a 1 year old daughter, and they live with Sarai's mother, grandmother, sister, and niece.  The family is very grateful to receive the 30 eggs/month.

We are in the 6th month of the program, and are very pleased with how it is going.

Thank you for your support,

Laura Manship

Jun 3, 2021

Elvin's Passion For Reading

Second grader, Elvin
Second grader, Elvin

Little by little we are seeing the results of the seeds we are planting in our reading program.

Meet Elvin --  a student at our bilingual school.

Two years ago, I was the teacher's assistant in the preschool classroom.  There I met Elvin -- who had such a desire to learn. In every conversation we had I was impressed because of the vocabulary words he was using. And if the conversation contained a word that was new to him, he would always ask for its meaning. I saw his enthusiasm for books, but he always said, ‘’I am a Mathematics guy, teacher’’. He had developed many skills in all subjects he was taking at that time, but for sure he had more inclination towards Math.

In February 2021, at the beginning of the 2021 school year, I saw Elvin (now a brand new 2nd grader) standing in front of the garden, looking at the flowers. I greeted him and with enthusiasm he answered back:  ‘’I now know how to read Miss."  With that, we went up to the school library together. With excitement, I observed him as he looked for a book and then he read it to me.  He looked for a second one and once again, he read it to me. I was amazed! For a second grader it was a lot, I thought; especially because they did not spend enough time at school last year due to the pandemic. And that is when I understood the role that a responsible parent can play in the education of their children.

His mother helps him on his reading projects at home, and every time he reads she is with him. They have worked on how words with accent marks are pronounced in the Spanish language, and he also does intonation for sentences that require it. Although his mother does not speak English she always listens to him when he reads.  When he was done with reading, that day in the library, he asked if he could take a book home. I said, “Sure,” and so he did. In about a week he brought it back, and since then he has been taking books home.

Seeing kids coming to school is always going to be an exciting thing for me; but seeing kids coming to the library and asking for books is powerful; so, this is a moment I will forever keep in my heart!

Elvin reading in StS school library
Elvin reading in StS school library
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